Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/17/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/17/2012Members of parliament for parties in Angela Merkel’s governing coalition say that the German government should offer so-called “sun-vouchers” to German citizens — subsidies for anyone who wants to vacation in formerly popular tourist spots in Greece and other troubled southern European economies. The proponents of the vouchers see them as a way for ordinary Germans to have a holiday away from the chilly wet German summer whilst helping areas that have been badly hit by the economic crisis.

In other news, the Australian Council of Churches objects to the name of the new “Australian Christians” political party. It says that no party should be allowed to use a name that purports to represent an entire faith.

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Anonymous said...

Merkel's plan - didn't the Nazis do that?

(Really, I'm not kidding, they had state sanctioned holidays for workers etc.)

Nemesis said...

On the Australian Christian political party. Well I guess this news item is one of the reasons I keep reading this blog. This is news that has totally escaped my wide net of news gathering. If not for G.O.V. I would be none the wiser on this development.

Although I am on the national committee of the Australian Protectionist Party I wish the Australian Christian Party well. I believe we are on the same wave length and the eve of a big awakening to what is really happening in our country. Maybe one day we might even join forces in defeating the evil that has taken hold over our land.

And as for that Anglican idiot who believes that no political party should be based in religion, particularly the Christian religion he is paid to represent, what does he believe the Muslims he so readily acknowledges and promotes in place of his own Christian values are really aspiring to in a Christian based society?