Friday, June 15, 2012

Paul Weston: British Freedom’s 20 Point Plan

In the video below, Paul Weston, the Chairman of British Freedom, discusses his party’s twenty-point platform for setting Britain back on the path to fiscal and social sanity.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this clip:

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Anonymous said...

We need a party with this platform in the USA

Anonymous said...

I can't disagree with any of the 20 points.

If the BFP ever wish to form government though they will need solid policies, not just 20 points, and covering other areas especially including economic and social policies.

Paul, you need to practice your autoscript reading and not be afraid to re-shoot all the little stumbles. They became annoying after a while. Keep at it, practice makes perfect!!!

Madpiltzer said...

Where have we heard this before?
Britain already has a Nationalist party - the BNP.
I agree with every point Mr. West has stated.
However, the BFP is fallowing the set dialogue by the very "Far Left" he proclaims to appose.
It seems to be a modus operandi that a Nationalist party becomes popular and gets good numbers. Then, it's attacked, attacked, attacked with name calling such as "racist", "xenophobic", "antisemitic", bla bla, bs. bs.
Then, a new "non-racist" party pops up and proclaims the former Nationalist party (the BNP in this case) to be "truly racist".
This pattern defeats the ultimate goal - Nationalism.

The BFP will only split the already paltry nationalist vote.

Also, by using such terms as "racist" and "Nazi" only strengthens the anti-White psychopathic agenda.

I'd like to think Mr. West is a very bright man. But, considering I am of mediocre intelligence and can see the destructive nature of this party why is the BFP doing exactly what will defeat what they claim to stand for?

john in cheshire said...

Well, Having watched Mr Weston's broadcast, what's to object to. Concise and eminently sensible. Of course the socialists/communists/greens/marxists/progressives, whatever they might call themselves, know this as well as I do. But they have ulterior motives. The objective of such a party is not to convince these socialists of the error of their ways. It is to reach to the majority of normal people in our nation and show them that they are not alone, when they privately sense that their world is being changed for the worse by forces on the left. Mr Weston and the British Freedom party can bring a renewed hope to our nation, that we can free ourselves of this wickedness, if only we work together to do so. Long may Mr Weston and his friends continue the struggle.

Jay said...

@Anonymous 4:03am - you took the words right out of my mouth. This 20-point plan is great, but it takes more than a great idea to start a political party that could potentially run the country.

And yes, Mr Weston should really have edited this video a little better to cut out his errors and pauses.

Otherwise this is was brilliant, and I want to see more from the BFP!

Anonymous said...

Overall I think he's made some great points and I'd agree with him on most if not all of them.

Still this is the kind of party that Britain desperately needs right now to save itself from the destructiveness of the left.

And although Mr Weston is clearly a Christian with some ideas as an atheist I'd disagree with, I think he'd make for an excellent PM. He could become Britain's Geert Wilders or Churchill.

Sol Ta Triane said...

The bit on centrism is surly the way to go. Stick to this verbiage, repeat ad infinitum. You are hitting the sweet spot, Paul Weston, you are a beam of intelligence in contrast to the political animalism and treason. I thank you.

The deal is only this: The left wants power and will do what they need to get it.

This message took YEARS for even GOV listeners to comprehend, so we need to patiently continue the presentation while more and more people join in.

Repeat, what few still understand:

Leftists are feigning to help, all the while taking power! Wake up people!

ALSO, as you, Paul, have clearly noted, the purposes of the centrists ARE benevolent. And that centrists are not right wingers! Let's take down this lie.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the BNP have people high up like Griffin who in the 1980s were worried about Jews, afro caribbeans etc and denied the holocaust and so have a tainted history. That is why the BNP have not and never will get far hence the need for the BFP. The BFP are not against any background joining them. They also don't deny the holocaust which Griffin did. The BNP should disband and turn over its resources to the BFP.

Anonymous said...

You guys are a step, a step, in the right direction.

Just some criticisms:

It's not a "US" style first amendment, it's an American style first amendment. If you're committed to ending political correctness, you may want to stop using the nonsensical gentilic "U.S.", which is nothing more than an attempt to deculture me as an American.

You also still seem committed to a redistributionist welfare state, but just for the British. You're still a bunch of socialists.

Nilk said...

Anon at 11.37, to us out here in Not-America, and speaking for myself, 'US' and 'American' are pretty much interchangeable and not intended to cause any offence.

As for deculturing you as an 'American', you don't need to worry about us - you've got your own Commie-in-Chief doing just fine.

Anonymous said...

I hope the fact that you can't see the distinction between the two illustrates just how much you need to overcome.

baldmosher™ said...

Isn't it a little hypocritical to want to disassociate Britain from Europe, but to also refuse to disassociate Britain from the parts of the world we've claimed for our own that are still worth something to us? Surely if we leave Europe, we should also leave India, Canada, Australia, Africa, the Antarctic, and hand the seas around the Falkland Islands to South America?