Monday, June 18, 2012

Multi-Culti Child Snatchers

As reported in last night’s news feed, social workers in the northern English city of Durham intend to seize a baby from its mother as soon as it is born, for the sole reason that the expectant mother is an active member of the English Defence League.

Like many of his fellow Britons, Paul Weston is outraged at the totalitarian behavior of the British welfare state.

Multi-Culti Child Snatchers
by Paul Weston

Multicultural Britain is becoming an ever more sinister country in which to live. I am pretty much immune to the totalitarian ideology of multiculturalism, but having said that, even I must confess to being shocked that the British state can now kidnap babies and children simply because their parents question the dictatorial and wholly unnatural orthodoxy of the ruling elites.

Paul WestonAccording to a recent article in The Daily Express, social workers want to seize a baby as soon as it is born because they are concerned about the mother’s links to the English Defence League.

Durham County Council has told Toni McLeod she poses a “risk of significant harm” to her baby because social workers fear the child would become radicalised with EDL views.

To be fair, Ms McLeod is clearly not a graduate of the Cheltenham Ladies College. She has a bit of previous, as it is known in the argot of the criminal fraternity. Assaulting a police officer, setting her dog on an ex-boyfriend and alleged problems with drink and drugs are variously quoted in the article.

All in all, not the best qualifications for motherhood, but these are not the reasons behind the state sanctioned child-snatching. Ms McLeod has been presumed guilty of a far more serious crime than simply living her life as a result of liberalism’s catastrophic progressive policies.

Ms McLeod you see, is deemed a racist — and quite possibly a fascist to boot — both of which are ranked nowadays as the ultimate evil by the promoters of multiculturalism, who are trying desperately to hold together Britain’s rapidly fragmenting and fantastical multicultural Utopia.

The social worker’s report states: “Toni (Ms McLeod) clearly needs to break away from the inappropriate friendships she has through either the EDL or break-off groups in order that she can model and display appropriate positive relationships to the baby as he/she grows and develops.”

Snatching children from parents who hold “inappropriate” political views is nothing new, although it normally requires a fully totalitarian state such as Nazi Germany or Communist Russia in order to be effected. I hope I am not alone in recognising how deeply sinister and frightening multicultural Britain has become when it seeks to emulate the ideology of such dictatorships.

Polls conducted in the 1960s and ’70s suggest the overwhelming majority of British citizens were opposed to mass immigration. Recent polls in Britain and Europe suggest the indigenous citizens have a very rational fear of Islam, despite the ruling elite’s dictatorial attempts to portray this violent and supremacist political ideology as a fuzzy and moderate religion of peace.

Multicultural Britain is now at a very dangerous crossroads. The liberal/left have implemented the wholly unnatural act of diluting the cohesive native population with an imported population which comes from a society completely at odds with the religion, tradition and culture of Great Britain. This alien society is then actively encouraged to retain its barbaric culture rather than assimilate.

Not content with simply causing social division and facilitating religious terrorism, the liberal/left then engage in persecuting and criminalising any member of the native population who dares question their perverse and treacherous ideology. The problem here is that there are tens-of-millions of people who do question their ideology, so multiculturally Apartheid Britain is set to become increasingly dictatorial as our liberal elites move to quash the dissidents.

The sheer insanity of multiculturalism throws up any number of contradictions and ironies. Ms McLeod’s partner and father of the soon-to-be-snatched-baby is a serving soldier in Afghanistan. The state will reward him with a campaign medal for doing his bit in fighting Islamism abroad, whilst the self-same state will steal his child because the mother is fighting Islamism at home. If this is not insane then I don’t know what is.

Contradiction number two is that the child-snatchers are representative of the very people who allowed Baby P to be slowly tortured to death in their full and open view.

Contradiction number three is that the majority of the victims in the recently revealed Muslim (sorry, “Asian”) rape epidemic were children in the purported “care” of the Social Services.

Contradiction number four is the refusal by the Social Services to remove children from favoured religious/racial groups. One can only assume that many of the recently convicted Muslim gang-rape paedophiles are fathers themselves, yet not one of their children is being considered for state sanctioned snatching.

It would thus appear that a gang-raping and racist Muslim paedophile is acceptable as a father in the eyes of the multicultural liberal/left, but drawing attention to gang-raping racist Muslim paedophiles is in itself “racist” and therefore not acceptable when protested by a white indigenous mother.

Multicultural Britain is a truly horrible place. It is almost impossible for those over a certain age to understand how people can lose their jobs and their livelihoods for vocalising politically unacceptable views, but snatching babies from politically unacceptable mothers marks a new low for the depraved and morally obscene liberal/left that must surely be impossible to understand by everyone?

Little children are terribly vulnerable and terribly easy to psychologically damage for life. Their main requirement is to be granted love and the only reason for removing them from a loving environment into the arms of the unloving state is if their physical well-being is in question. It hardly needs to be stated, really, but their removal should most certainly not be because their parents are political dissidents.

What a dreadful state of affairs. I have said it before but in needs saying again: Multiculturalism is a wicked, treacherous, totalitarian ideology and the liberal/left its wicked, treacherous and totalitarian practitioners.

Durham Social Services provide an email address for compliments and complaints. Assuming you wish to complain about their Gestapoesque child-snatchers rather than compliment them, they may be contacted at I fully encourage readers to drop them a polite line.

Note from the Baron:

I am reminded of Christ’s words: “And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.” (Mark 9:42)

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

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Nick said...

We all remember how few steps it took for Bouhler and Brandt to get Aktion T4 up and running.

Laurence Rees writes in "The Nazis: A Warning From History" that Bouhler, while "working towards the Fuehrer", managed to have an individual case approved, and from that, eventually doctors throughout the Third Reich were engaged in the murder of children.

Ian Kershaw discusses one of the problems in Nazi Germany, the notion of individuals "working towards the Fuehrer" (doing things they thought Hitler would like) but because the Nazis had done away with all democratic measures in Germany pretty early on, there was no capacity within the German political system for any brakes to be put on any schemes that were proposed.

So things would inevitably only go in one direction, and become more radical as time went on.

You think if the British state gets away with this once, they won't take that as a green light to do it again? Like Phillipp Bouhler and that first case ... because there appear to be no brakes here in Britain either ...

Anonymous said...

Here I find Pope apt,

See skulking Truth to her old Cavern fled,
Mountains of Casuistry heap'd o'er her head!
Philosophy, that lean'd on Heav'n before,
Shrinks to her second cause, and is no more.
Physic of Metaphysic begs defense,
And Metaphysic calls for aid on Sense!
See Mystery to Mathematics fly!
In vain! they gaze, turn giddy, rave, and die.
Religion blushing veils her sacred fires,
And unawares Morality expires.
Nor public Flame, nor private, dares to shine;
Nor human Spark is left, nor Glimpse divine!
Lo! thy dread Empire, CHAOS, is restor'd'
Light dies before thy uncreating word:
Thy hand, great Anarch! lets the curtain fall;
And Universal Darkness buries All.

Or, as one of our modern poets has it,

An abyss that laughs at creation
A circus complete with all fools
Foundations that lasted the ages
Then ripped apart at their roots
Beyond all this good is the terror
The grip of a mercenary hand
When savagery turns all good reason
There's no turning back, no last stand

Nemesis said...

Whenever government deems to interfere in anything other than small, therefore logically restricted government, then the perceived problems which receive government's attention snowball.

A prime example of this would be here in my home state where police are no longer charged with being the body that oversights reported abuse of children, and can no longer remove children from those places where they have been deemed to be at risk. Department of Community Services (DOCS) now oversees this area of society and the problems associated with child deaths, neglect and abuse, has skyrocketed in just over the two decades that DOCS have had this power. More children now die, are abused or neglected per head of population, than has ever been the case.

DOCS is mostly staffed by women who have little or no experience of the lower classes and no answer for dealing with basic criminal families or neglectful mothers, who only consider their children to be their next meal or drug ticket.

DOCS track record for saving young lives from a disastrous life is appalling and continually lurches from one needless child death to another. Yet government after useless government continues to throw more money at DOCS in order to 'improve' its service.

DOCS has become a bureaucratic monster that no government can effectively control. The police had a much better track record of dealing with the undesirable elements of society and the subsequent mistreatment of their children. Time for a re-think and hand it all back to the police, at least they knew how to effectively handle the issues.

On another point, and one that Mr. Weston has raised concerning a totalitarian state. My wife and I visited London in 2008. The single most stand out notable thing about London was the amount of security camera's or CCTV, which is mounted almost everywhere. I found walking or driving in London intimidating, but not by the crowds or the traffic, but from the constant awareness of being under surveillance. In a word, chilling!

Anonymous said...

I am not too fond of the fanatical Evangelicals, ther pre- or post-Millenialists, the ones who read Rapture like it's a reliable professional forecast etc. Yet I find that I am in agreement with much of what they are saying and so, in my opinion, could even a rational atheist. The Evangelical activist-writer Joel Rosenberg has recently published his book "Implosion," which he synopsizes as, "Is there a point at which God can no longer show us grace and mercy as a country, but will remove his hand of favor or actually set in motion judgment?"

I believe that there is such a point, it's near and it's real even if there is no God in the sense that conforms to our beliefs. Great Britain may have already reached it.
I also believe that through some special grace, the United State has been given Great Britain as an advance preview of its own fate, should it persist in its madness. Essentailly, what we see in GB in 2012 is the preview of the U.S. in 2014. The question is whether the U.S. will avail itself of this unique opportunity to correct course before it's too late.
Great Britain does not have such an advance lanterna magica, so those who advocate for a radical change, like EDL, have a much tougher job there.
Takuan Seiyo

Gerry Dorrian said...

Here's mine, which I've forwarded to Christopher Booker, the crusading Telegraph journalist who specialises in social-services fascism regarding removing children from their parents for inappropriate reasons.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I was very concerned to read a report that Durham County Social Services are considering taking a baby from Mrs Tony McLeod when it is born because Mrs McLeod is a mamber of the English Defence League.

Having been a psychiatric nurse for many years I understand that there can be many reasons for putting children on the at-need or at-risk registers. However, to do this to a child because of its mother's beliefs raises disturbing questions about the extent to which social services are prepared to tolerate parental freedom of conscience and freedom of association.

If this is why the parents are being threatened with having their child taken, I would be grateful if you would tell me who decides what beliefs are unacceptable to Durham County Social Services and on what grounds, what other parental beliefs are deemed unacceptable and what the criteria are for deciding that a belief is unacceptable.

I would like to add that I am myself a member of the English Defence League. This is something I have never hidden, and as the father of a minor I would like to state on behalf of the many parents in our organisation that this is a worrying development in policy that social services were never set up to deliver. I find it interesting that Mrs McLeod's MP, an opponent of the EDL, has taken up her case and I hope you will reconsider your decision.

Given that this case will be of great interest to members of diverse pressure-groups, political organisations and faith-groups in Great Britain, I look forward to your reply.

yours etc

Nick said...


I' m just reading Peter Hitchens' book (Rage Against God) and he describes the Soviet system as "inquisitive evil" - the state interfering in people's lives in the service of their own officially sanctioned ideals. He talks about the hallmark of a totalitarian system being the state's effort to replace God in people's lives, by undermining and supplanting such forces as conscience and self control - a citizen's own sense of right and wrong. This is a perfect example of such "inquisitive evil".

Nick said...

@Takuan Seiyo

The more I look around and think about what's happening, the more I realise that there is no rational explanation for what's happening in the world.

I too have been looking for a biblical explanation, reading guys like Joel Rosenberg etc. What has surprised me somewhat is how Satan is actually depicted in the bible, as the prince of the power of the air, the god (little "g") of this world, as a being prowling around looking for people to devour, and so forth.

I used to be a pretty hard core atheist. An engineer with a philosophy degree! Then a series of events happened in my personal life that woke me up to the possibility that evil is a real and active force in this world. I could come up with no rational explanation for what I had encountered.

I opened my mind up to the possibility of going beyond how I currently tried to understand reality. You'll recall the lines from Nietzsche about condemning or judging the whole, but there is nothing but the whole - I suddenly understood that this was an error, that there was something abroad that went beyond my former way of understanding reality altogether.

I bought a bible, started reading, & I'm still reading today.

Anonymous said...

The most incisive exponent of the ideas you relay in your preceding comments is Eric Voegelin. What the Progressives, who rule the West, do is destroy the order of being and that, in EV's words "requires that the transcendent origin of being be obliterated."
The Bible is the greatest work of historiography and of wisdom tracing the divine order through history, ever written. I have read it too, in three languages including the original. But it's not the word of God but of men. Men interpreting God. The failure to distinguish between the two leads to what I would define as mimetic Musulmanism, except it's the opposite: Musulmanism is the mimesis of fanatical, backward Judaism such as existed in 1st century AD, and Christianity as it was in 7th century.
Our understanding of those things greatly progressed during the Enlightenment and was salutary -- for those who remained Christian. The problems we have now develeoped though the agency of those who ceased to be so, militantly.
Takuan Seiyo

Anonymous said...

To my British "cousins," just two words my forefathers once uttered in 1776: "To Arms..." We overthrew your oppressive government back then, it's time for you to overthrow yours, now.

Gerry Dorrian said...

the Durham county social services email bounced back with a message that the inbox was full, so I've sent a letter to them, substantially the same, at:

Customer Services
Durham County Council
County Hall
County Durham

The Sunday Telegraph

Refugee Racket Webteam said...

Koran 47:38 ... if you turn away, He (Allah) will replace you with another people; then they will not be the likes of you.

Got that? If you don't buy into Islam 100%, you will be replaced.

At least Islam is upfront about it. Do as I say without criticism or you will be destroyed.

The left hides their plan by propaganda - multiculturalism is beautiful, diversity is strength. From this viewpoint, the left is even more evil than Islam.

john in cheshire said...

Any chance that the social services will be taking away children from parents who are communists/fascists/marxists/green environmentalists? I don't think they will but if it's good for the goose?

bewick said...

For my sins I once had to deal, professionally, with the Department of Social Services of a major Local Authority not 15 miles from Durham CC HQ – a place I know well.
There were SOME good social workers but in the main they were lazy and total “no-hopers”.
I once, as part of my job, challenged their work-rate and was told that they simply couldn’t manage more than 3 face to face contacts a day because it was “too emotionally draining” Tell that to any Police Officer – or me come to that since I had at least 10 such per day. They much preferred writing pointless essays about their 3 visits when, that is, they actually bothered to work instead of shopping or gossiping during work time.
One Christmas Eve I was duty officer for the whole Authority, in loco Chief Exec. A social service crisis arose – as they do. Guess what – the duty social worker was totally un -contactable so MY Christmas was totally spoiled. My then wife was not best pleased. Rightly so. The social worker was paid a premium for the “duty” role whereas I was entitled to nothing but had to do his/her work.

On another occasion I suffered complete shock when a committee I was servicing was observed by social work students from the next door University. One of the students was an attractive divorcee from my village. She had something of a reputation which included, inter alia, complete inability to control her own kids. Yet SHE planned to advise others and “exercise the rules”. Beggars belief.

So bottom line is that I have little respect for most social workers. Give ANYONE a rule book and the sense of power will always overrule common sense particularly if they never otherwise have power. I always operated on the maxim that “rules are for the quidance of wise men and the obeyance of fools”. I often broke the rules when common sense dictated that they were wrong. Fortunately never caught and worth the risk. SO many matters were resolved that way.

I’m totally with Christopher Booker.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think that Durham social services are just "leading beyond authority" in classic Common Purpose fashion. What, you haven't heard of Common Purpose, the Frankfurt School change agent masquerading as an "educational charity" and inserting its "graduates" into key institutions (the police, the judiciary, the NHS, the print and broadcast media, education (at all levels), national and local government, etc.) and holding secret, unminuted meetings under the Chatham House Rule? In that case, watch the videos on the subject by Brian Gerrish, who makes frequent references to officially-sanctioned child-stealing.

Lisa Beth W. said...

@Takuan Seiyo,

"The Bible is the greatest work of historiography and of wisdom tracing the divine order through history, ever written. I have read it too, in three languages including the original. But it's not the word of God but of men. Men interpreting God."

It doesn't matter how many languages in which you can read it (not sure why you felt it necessary to put that in there), you are totally and completely wrong about the Bible. The Bible itself contradicts you.

Anonymous said...

@ Lisa Beth W

Hi, I find it interesting to see someone so well-read as our good friend Takuan, who has an excellent understanding of the type of problems we're facing, fall back on biblical premises in order to make his argument. If memory serves, old Takuan has done this a couple of times recently.

I take the subsequent assertions re. the bible with a pinch of salt. They are not assertions to be disproved, or to be accepted. They are merely one guy's opinion (and as I said, that guy is employing biblical ideas within his essays - make what you will of that.)

I just find it all very interesting. As I said my background was in engineering, which is a pretty unforgiving discipline, and I went and studied philosophy by distance learning, ending up with a degree, mostly because I was arguing with theists on the internet so much, I was real hard core man!

Now I'm more concerned with whether the Psalm 83 war precedes the Gog & Magog invasion, LOL ...


Tarbock said...

Interestingly the newspaper removed the ability to comment,no doubt anticipating the uproar from ordinary people who are fully aware of the double standards and rank hypocrisy being enforced by ideological zealots and their brainwashed minions in their determination to stamp out dissent
These blinkered zealots persecute the native English who dare exhibit any pride in their own national or personal identity, and do so in complete ignorance of any notion of justice, fairness, balance, or free speech, and delude themselves into thinking THEY are the good guys.

The reality of life in England is that people are not allowed to hold negative views about certain policies such as multiculturalism or mass immigration or to criticise the negative aspects of any minority culture or belief. Any that do are immediately accused of racism and risk prosecution and now, having your children removed.

The left and our elites will appease and advance any minority cause against the interests of the majority and silence opposition with accusations of racism. They appear to view the EDL as worse than any Islamic radical or fundamentalist. The silent majority feel differently and thanks to the EDL, a growing number feel empowered to voice their own opposition.

How typical of the reverse racism we now face from our own elites, in our own country. English parents threatened with having their children removed for daring to oppose totalitarian ideology or backward cultural practices, yet none of those elites appear to give any thought to removing children from the homes of convicted muslim terrorists or paedophiles.

Anonymous said...

Multi-culti is a tropical disease
like dengue fever.