Thursday, June 21, 2012

Norway Expresses its Love

Breivik at the microphone

The trial of Anders Behring Breivik is now entering its final phase in Oslo. Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated a bizarre coda to the whole ugly and murderous affair, as described in an article from Nettavisen.

The translator notes:

This concerns a very nutty Norwegian professor who sincerely hopes that Anders Behring Breivik will be given the chance to return to society at some stage.

Notice also the dishonest reference about Norway having dealt with the attacks in a ‘loving’ manner, whatever that means.

The fact of the matter is that the only one the authorities have shown any concern for is the psychopathic lowlife who committed these acts. He can now look forward to a nice cushy stay in a five-star accommodation with three meals a day, TV, and possibly internet in his cell. The authorities are actually in the process of custom-building a wing just for him where he will have access to a gym, a study, and a games room.

Others who have no culpability in the actions of this madman whatsoever, such as Fjordman, have not been treated in a very ‘loving’ manner at all. Fjordman has practically been run out of the country and stigmatized as a terrorist ‘mentor’. Numerous others have been labelled as Breivik admirers and mental cases.

The really sad thing is that this professor and others like him are indoctrinating young people in Norway to see the world through their very biased goggles.

God help us all. And I’m not even a religious person!

The translated article:

My hope is that Anders Behring Breivik eventually will return to society

The professor is hopeful that mass murderer Anders B. Breivik (32) will get the opportunity to lead a normal life again.

On July 22 terror finally came to Norway and Utøya: 77 innocent people were killed. Most of the victims were young people.

The man responsible for the attacks was 32-year-old Oslo native Anders Behring Breivik. He is the only one that has been charged with the atrocities.

Professor of criminology at the University of Oslo Nils Christie tells Nettavisen that he is hopeful that Behring Breivik eventually will be release back into society.

“My hope is that he will return to society,” Christie says.

Could you elaborate on that?

“It is a basic instinct to want to show people who have completely turned the rules of our society upside down the craziness of their actions, and to eventually see them return to society as ordinary citizens,” Christie tells Nettavisen.

Forgiveness for everything

He points out that Norway has neither capital punishment nor lifetime prison sentences.

“I cannot wish for Breivik to be trapped forever. It goes against my basic values that there should not be some form of forgiveness, even for the most heinous acts.”

The professor sees it from a long-term perspective:

“At the moment everybody hates this man. I hope that this will eventually change. We don’t have lifetime sentences in Norway and therefore we are spared the horrors that we see in other countries, namely, adult prisoners who have no hope of ever being released.”

Proud to be Norwegian

“It is important to guard our basic values even when we’re dealing with the most atrocious crimes,” Christie says.

These days he’s proud to be a Norwegian:

“It looks like we are going to get through this.

“I believe that we will get through this incident with a deep sense of sorrow for what has happened, but also with a sense of happiness for being able to do so, realizing that Norway could become a better country for all of us.”

Together in love

What are your thoughts?

“What we have witnessed in the aftermath of the attacks is a great manifestation of love. Just to give an example: ‘If one man can exhibit so much hate, imagine how much love all of us are capable of showing’,” Christie says, citing a female AUF member who impressed CNN and the rest of the world with her perspective.

“It is a beautiful thing to see so many people come together in love. I receive inquiries from abroad from people wondering how we are able to cope with it all. It is very important as a message to the world that we get through this.”

Should realize what he has done

Can Anders Behring Breivik ever become a normal human being?

“You and I have probably similar views, and by that I mean that we’re both able to see the errors of our ways. If Breivik is unable to see his, our system will see to it that he is not released.

“I sincerely hope that he will be able to see his mistakes, and when he does it will be horrible for him,” Christie adds.

We should tolerate him

So who should forgive the mass murderer, the next of kin of the 77 victims?

“No. I don’t think it’s important that we forgive him,” Christie says, and adds:

“But we should tolerate him and be happy if he returns to society.”

One step at a time

What do you believe should be done with all the anger and all the rage that this man has caused?

“If I’m upset or angry, I have to work on it slowly and methodically. I believe that Stoltenberg and the victims have helped to calm us in an extraordinary mature way by not appealing to hatred,” the professor says.

Get some kind of life

He believes that it helps to see mass murderers in a loving light:

“We can only hope that he will become such a person and that he can get some type of normal life. It is easier to denounce him like that rather than denouncing him from a hateful viewpoint.”

Christie has expressed similar views about those who committed the most horrific acts during the Second World War.

Should be easy for Christians

“We should be looking for the human inside him. It should be unproblematic for Christians to do so.”

Christie cites Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa:

“No future without forgiveness.”

“What would society look like if we were consumed with hatred?” the professor asks.

In isolation at Ila prison

Anders Behring Breivik will spend another eight weeks at Ila after the trial, of which four will be in isolation.

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Martin Baldan said...

They are using this expert to rise Breivik's blood sugar until he dies. That's cruel and unusual punishment, Norway, shame on you.

Anonymous said...

So he's standing up for Norwegian values?

Anonymous said...

I'm betting Norway will be an Islamic
state by 2040 AT THE LATEST. Poor

Nemesis said...

Hmmmmmm.....embrace and love your enemy, even as he is slaughtering those around you. Sounds like the wrong person is on trial here!

Anonymous said...

I'm betting Norway will be an Islamic
state by 2040 AT THE LATEST. Poor

I imagine that the average Norwegian's complacency comes not from indifference towards Islam and other immigrant-brought maledictions but from ignorance. Remember that Norway is still considerably whiter than many Western countries; and, as has been posted on GoV before, Norwegians rarely live in the same communities as their invaders. It is easy to minimize the affects of immigration when one has minimal contact with immigrants. If, however, current trends continue and Norwegians become a minority within their own land, then I expect the "spirit of the Norse gods" shall stir again to repel the threat.

Let them be outnumbered: the Norwegians are a great enough people to defeat their oppressors.

Sol Ta Triane said...

Doctrine of leftist will-to-power:

If one submits, all shall be forgiven.

But if anyone should retain conservative values, even that which they have shall be taken away.

Georgina said...

This is not a question or love or hate ... but of justice.

Locking a man in a cell, however comfortable, is cruel.

A single bullet in the head, fired without rancour is the more humane answer.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that they also will hire in people to play football, basket and volleyball with him!!!
It is true! They have stated that he is entitled to diverse activities and socialize with others. Now, since he is not allowed to talk to any random person, all hired personell must be guards, psycologists, red cross personell and whatsnot. All getting top dollars, of course!