Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cultural Enrichment? None For Me, Thanks!

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends this brief account about an enthusiastic proponent of Multiculturalism on the Oslo city council who talks the talk, but is unwilling to walk the walk:

As reported in NA24, an MP for the FrP (Progress Party), Christian Tybring Gjedde — the author of the op-ed ‘A Dream from Disneyland’ — offered Oslo council leader Stian Berger Røsland the chance to live rent-free for a year in his in-laws’ apartment in Tveita, an area with a high immigrant population in Oslo east.

Your readers may remember that Røsland was featured in the ‘demographics of a doomed city’ post at GoV recently as a promoter of cultural enrichment in Oslo.

The headline on the NA24 article reads: “There is no ethnic Norwegian who lives in the block”.

Gjedde’s in-laws have decided to move out and Tybring Gjedde generously offered Røsland the opportunity to live in their apartment for a year so that he could really become part of the multiethnic society which he speaks so highly of. Tybring Gjedde’s in-laws are the only ethnic Norwegians remaining in the apartment complex.

Røsland, however, declined the offer. He apparently doesn’t want to leave his nice home in Slemdal, a very affluent ‘white’ neighbourhood in Oslo West. I suppose it’s unproblematic to be a proponent of Multiculturalism when one doesn’t have to mingle with the ‘newcomers’ and ‘the common people’.


Anonymous said...

This is typical of 90% of these radical anti-nationstate leftists. The cure for the multicultural delusion is unfortunately to experience it firsthand - I'm sure I'm not the only one who came to see the light through this "school of hard knocks" route.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be 99.9%? Lefties are never prepared to deliver.

john in cheshire said...

Extirpation. The only solution. Socialism is a disease and needs the same treatment as one would give to a life-threatening disease.

Anonymous said...

Ever hear of the label "limousine liberal"? It's meant for people like Røsland.

It means these people are frauds and hypocrites. They say one thing and do another.

This is why you see elite Leftists living in the same neighborhoods as the wealthy conservatives.

Mind you, they have no qualms about inflicting a lower standard of living and ruining entire neighborhoods and cities to impose their mulitcultural agenda on the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Tybring-Pike shouldn't give up, but should make the same offer to Thomas "Hypocrite" Hyland Eriksen and Oeyvind "I Love Multiculturalism But Live in 100 percent White Rural Norway" Strommen.

He should keep going down the list until he finds one multiculturalist leftard who is willing to walk their talk.

James Boom said...

Great article and great comments. When there are desperate times the Leftards will hide behind behind us and they will look like cowards and clowns.

The following is a quote from Australian outlaw Ned Kelly " when the white man becomes desperate there will be desperate times".