Monday, June 11, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/11/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/11/2012Despite the fact that I deserted my post here for more than 24 hours, not many new tips accumulated while I was gone. Perhaps our usual tipsters were so preoccupied with the European football championships that they neglected to follow the news.

The most significant news item I noticed is that the German media outlet FAZ has published a report confirming that Syrian rebel fighters, and not forces of the Assad regime, carried out the massacre at Houla. This comes as no surprise to most of us, but it may discomfit the spinmeisters for the Obama administration, who have been using the massacre to further discredit the Syrian government.

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Anonymous said...

From Backwoodsman :

This should interest you, from The Commentator, the iranian nutters going for a spot of state sanctioned anti-apostate online gaming. Quite a frightening article really !

Iranian state terrorism? A shot at

Anonymous said...

The only reason why i have sympathies for the Syrian Rebel Army, is because most western lefties are puppets for the child-killer Assad.

But... let's think in a perspective. No matter what SRA say, they are most likely front-group of Al-Qaeda. Unlike Assad who kill his own people, Al-Qaeda have the goal of creating Global Caliphate

Road_Hog said...

Please could we have a link to the FAZ article about the Syria massacre. I've tried to find it, but no luck.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what has happened to the interesting and informative International Civil Liberties Alliance website

There have been no posts for nearly two months which is a shame as it was a very useful resource.

Anonymous said...

Your sudden tilt toward supporting the despotic, Baathist Assad, is sadly misguided.
The rebels may not be any better, but Assad's particular misalliance with Iran, and the financing of terrorism worldwide shouldn't make him a ward of yours, whom I have always identified as rational, cogent individuals.

Baron Bodissey said...

Anonymous @ 9:29am --

If you think I support the murderous Assad regime, you are sadly mistaken.

However, that does not mean I back the rebels, as do so many Americans, even conservatives. With last year's events in Libya we had a preview of the likely outcome in Syria. It will be even worse there once the Salafists gain control, since there are more Christians to be persecuted, killed, and driven out of the country.

Our government is actively supporting forces allied with the Muslim Brotherhood, and that is most likely intentional. The MB is considered by much of our national security apparatus to be the "moderate" alternative to Al Qaeda.

God help us all.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

@Mr. Baron,
I completely agree with you, and dare I say it, I have not once disagreed, because I am well aware that I am addressing a cogitating, sensible interlocutor.
But regarding Houla, I think Assad's forces have committed atrocities before, and will continue to do so; so staking the claim of the Rebels' culpability on a German publication, is still rather sketchy.
Furthermore, the fact that Assad has suddenly become the darling of the Left should also be adumbrating that there's hide about the Rebels' intentions and composition; the only positive thing I could add is that the Syrian Opposition have elected a Kurd to head them, something that's never been done in the Middle East, and could prove to be instrumental in the battle against Iran and Turkey's increasing Islamization.
And, I believe an Israeli PM(Shamir) once said: "I wish success to all parties" :D.

Anonymous said...

Yes lets support the "rebels" in Syria whom we know nothing about except they like to kill Christians en-masse and probably every other minority in Syria as well.

Just look what happened in Libya and Iraq when we "liberated" them. Lots of bloodshed, if you were Christian, Sufi or Yadzi the Sunnis and Shia started killing your people off.

Look at Egypt, another liberated state. What was the first thing the people did? Kill Christians and start pushing Shariah.

What wonderful examples of the Arab Spring and liberation.

laine said...

When it comes to Muslims killing Muslims, there's seldom any white hat in the mix. Too bad both fighting sides can't lose.