Monday, June 25, 2012

Sweden Explodes

Ummah Sweden

The article below about Modern Multicultural Sweden (and Denmark) was written for yesterday’s print edition of the Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet by Bent Falbert, the retired editor-in-chief of the paper. Steen sent us a pdf of the piece, so I don’t have a URL for the original. But our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc has kindly translated it:

Sweden explodes

Sweden is becoming a great nation. Her population recently passed 9.5 million. During the past seven years it grew by 500,000 persons, among them almost 400,000 immigrants, mainly Somalis, Afghans and Iraqis.

The explosion goes on. A new Swedish ruling implies that immigration and family reunions are facilitated substantially. Hitherto the authorities could reject foreigners without papers, but the new verdict forbids that, because people in chaotic countries might find it hard to obtain sufficient authentication.

Young pathfinders

Asylum-seekers tend to send unattended children ahead to Sweden. Insofar they are under 18 they have a legal right to public housing and a new life in Sweden. The authorities try to sort out cheaters who are probably 18-20 years old, and accordingly should be rejected right away, but exact determination of their age is tricky without papers. The Swedes have to accept their claims. Confidence is better than control.

Supporting these young people at institutions costs up to 5,000 SKr. per day. The municipalities get their costs refunded by the state, but cannot refuse to accept the ‘children’.

In the next phase the bigger children’s families in e.g. Somalia follow in order to obtain family reunion in Sweden. Such family reunions are expected to increase by 15,000 persons annually, which brings the total to something like 50,000-60,000 per year.

Everything surges

Swedish taxpayers’ expenses to all their new compatriots from warmer countries are surging. Just food, housing, administration etc. until they are granted asylum will amount to eight billion DKr. in 2012.

The generous Swedish subsidy rates and sabbaticals for families are also in themselves expensive, and they were not intended for asylum-seekers without jobs but with many children.

“Daily care for one asylum-seeker costs Swedes up to 5,000 SKr. per day”

The total influx of asylum-seekers is expected to be 90,000 persons annually. The prognoses are constantly adjusted, especially since rumors in for example Somalia and Afghanistan now say that becoming a Swede is easy. One need not even work, which half of them do not anyway.

Criticism forbidden

Incredible as it is, the enormous immigration from distant countries all over the globe has not has not resulted in any Swedish debate worth mentioning. Among politicians, it is considered racist and inappropriate to air concerns, let alone to criticize Sweden’s rapid transformation into the world’s proportionally greatest immigrant country. Well, there is plenty of room in the huge forests…

Likewise, Swedish media are dominated by pious, cowed editors, who carefully remove any criticism of immigration and its consequences from their dailies, websites and broadcasts.

Danish numbers

It’s not like that in Denmark, where discussions of a fair asylum policy is permitted in public. Then, how are things in Denmark?

“Every month 100 rejected asylum-seekers are given a new reception center”

According to the Danish Bureau of Statistics the population has grown by 163,000 from 2004 to 2012. We are now 5,561,000 Danes. Of these, 445,000 are immigrants (2012) and 140,000 their descendants.

As far as asylum-seekers are concerned we are not even close to Sweden. The Asylum Board expects 5,000 asylum-seekers during 2012, 800 of those from Somalia, which is the fastest-growing nationality.

But Denmark has great difficulties getting rid of rejected asylum-seekers. Their numbers grow by 100 each month, and they must be housed while waiting to be ferried home — or for improved conditions in their homelands…

New neighbors

Accordingly, new asylum centers have to be erected on a constant basis. Recently the citizens of Juelsminde discovered that the entire Hotel Juelsminde Beach close to Kattegat had been rented to 134 asylum-seekers from Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries. The locals can expect to see a lot of new neighbors who demand all kinds of facilities, such as leisure activities, schooling and work. Other centers are established in Ringsted, Hilleroed, and on the islands Langeland and Lolland. Every month a new one. As of writing some 5,000 asylum-seekers inhabit such centers.

The increased pressure from Somalia is felt in Denmark as well, especially after a verdict in the European Court of Human Rights. The verdict stated that England could not expel two Somalis, even if they were criminals, because life in Somalia is considered dangerous. It has been so for 17 years, and today 17,000 Somalis who are extremely hard to integrate live in Denmark.

According to this new verdict some 200 formerly rejected Somalis have already been granted asylum. The same thing goes for Iranians and Syrians who cannot be sent back to their violent dictatorships.

Rejected Afghans can be sent home, but most object and the process can last forever.

Why do I write all this? — Well, I imagine that although I can’t solve Denmark’s problems it is important to realize the numbers — and what we are doing.

One can only preserve freedom of speech by using it on sensitive matters.

Besides, it’s a special schadenfreude to mention the crazy situation in which the stupid, lunatic Swedes have created for themselves. Good Sunday!


Anonymous said...

The day when good news comes from Sweden will be the day when the anti-Europeans, their clay wings having melted, plunge into the sea.

"Besides, it’s a special schadenfreude to mention the crazy situation in which the stupid, lunatic Swedes have created for themselves. "

Come, now! Curse the stupid, lunatic pols; feel sympathy for the brilliant, alienated Swedes who wanted none of the invading hordes. Put aside the auld rivalries: we're all Europeans now.

Malcolm Smith said...

"Asylum-seekers tend to send unattended children ahead".
We have the same problem in Australia, and nobody seems to have noticed the flaw in the practice: strongarm governments which produce genuine refugees seldom persecute children directly. They persecute adults, and the children suffer. A father might have to run from the secret police, and leave his family to follw later, but the secret police are not likely to hunt down the child, and leave the father alone.
As far as I can see, if parents can send their children ahead, that it prima facie evidence that the claim for persecution is bogus.

Hermes said...

Israel seems to be the only western country realizing that something must be done if they don't want to disappear by being washed away by the black tsunami. It is the only sane developed country in the (wide) west, and an example to follow. Israel will prevail and flourish, and not by chance, but because they have a common sense and a responsibility towards their people of which not even the slightest shade is to be found in this doomed bedlam called Europe. One almost begins to think about learning hebrew.

And no need to care about how much the MSM remains silent and/or tricks about what happens in Sweden. Sooner or later the whole structure will come crashing down, the state will run out of money, and chaos will unfold. And no MSM will be able then to hide the truth anymore. It will be a very tragic, but somehow also a very "relieving" doomsday.

Anonymous said...

We know the young New Swedes are laughing at the naive and spineless Swedes who are handing their country over so fast that they will be in a minority in 30 years and muslim shortly afterwards. Sweden never took part in either World War and I wonder just how equipped they are to fight a civil war in 30 years' time. Will they just quietly pack their bags and leave or will they, hope against hope, suddenly rediscover the guts of their Viking ancestors and find the will to fight rather than continue to lose the will to live.

Anonymous said...

To Anon of 4:00. The Swedes will undoubtedly disappear off the radar
without a whimper. They simply
haven't got a clue and are too physically and mentally weak.Those
with money will get out, those
without will hope that life under Islam will not be as bad as all that.
They will find as the Chinese did
circa 1937, in the Sino-Japanese War,
that it is going to be far worse than their worst nightmaes.

Hythloday said...

I don't see how you can refer to the Swedes as "physically and mentally weak." The Swedes are a tall, vigorous, intelligent, hardy people. They are pacified now but they are more than capable, genetically, of defeating their enemies.

Free of PC guilt, your average Swede could crush your average Arab or Sub-Saharran, sans doute.

Anonymous said...

Swedes need to work more to keep up with
supporting these job-seeking new Swedes

Will the Swedes succeed?
Will these job-seekers succeed?

Anonymous said...
To see what the MSM don't mention

This site is in Swedish, but with photos so you can get an idea of what it is all about

Anonymous said...

Nine year old stole car in Sweden
It's loaded!

Threatened with a gun when adults tried to stop him from stealing the car near Göteborg Tuesday