Friday, June 29, 2012


I’d planned to surprise the Baron by putting up several posts today, but the Karma Dude had other ideas. Whadda joker he is…

In addition to living sans air conditioning in this wilting 96 F degree heat (supposed to be 100 tomorrow and for many days running), plus a non-working webmail page for hours (spam storm perhaps?), the final straw was the sudden onset of a full-blown and severe gastric attack. I don’t know what causes them, but the more severe ones leave me feeling drained for a right good while. They come, they go – assisted out the door by acid blockers and Bentyl and Pepto-Bismol. Perhaps my old h. pylori ulcer has returned? It was an awful six hours but it's over. As Isaak Dinesen said, there are only three ways we really know happiness and one of them is the euphoria that arrives when pain recedes. Ah, yes, definitely an animal pleasure.

At any rate, I apologize for the silence. I had several things in the hopper about Germany and Norway, but the news in the U.S. is big today, at least as far as Americans are concerned.

Definitely nothing to do with foreign policy - unless you count the fact that our government failed to tell the sovereign nation of Mexico about our swell plan to run thousands of guns down there in an on-going effort to break out with gun control laws here. We have only to look at Chicago, where owning guns isn't legal to know the consequences of that scheme.

I will deal with that tomorrow, health willing and electricity running. I say that because we were without any power for some houts on Wednesday. Never did find out why but I suspect these new, consumer-unfriendly 'sustainable' fuels are going to make our connectivity less reliable. Oh well, we can't say Obama didn't warn us he was determined to kill fossil fuels. A foolish man whose bright ideas are making life worse for us all. Though not for him, of course.

Meanwhile, thanks for your patience.

Oh, wait. Tomorrow is already here. Sharp pain does that - one loses track in the transitions. So that is amended: I will deal with our Attorney General later on today.

Stay cool, y'all.


Anonymous said...

ChristianInfidel says:

Sorry, Dymphna. I'm praying for you, exercising faith as well as I can. God bless you and the Baron.

Nemesis said...

Keep hangin' in there Dymphna...I'm a patient person who can appreciate your predicament.

Salome said...

Blimey, Dymphna! First there was King Canute trying to turn back the waves, and now we've got President Obama trying to kill fossils! What next?

I do hope you're soon disposed again.

Nick said...

h pylori - triple therapy

2 x combined antibiotics, together with Omeprazole

Been there, done that.

Damon said...

Dymphna -- hang in there!

The term "Indisposed" always brings this up in my memory (I'm an '80's boy from Oz, and Austalian Crawl were right there, right then...

Anonymous said...

Get well soon! And don't worry about the silence, we're not going anywhere. :-)

Marinco said...

I hope you get well soon.

I currently reading and really like the book "Wheat Belly". I am eating less wheat, grains, sugar and processed foods and feeling better than ever. Here is a link to their blog.

Your friend in Christ,


Findalis said...

You take care of yourself dear Dymphna. Your health is more important than a blog.

You are in my prayers. Get better soon.

PatriotUSA said...


Listen to Dr. Nick!

Hope you are feling better and I do not envy your weather at all. We RARELY suffer such stuff here in Central POORegon, in the high desert, in the shadow of the Cascades.

Maybe we need an A/C fund for you all? I will be the first to send a bit in?

Anonymous said...

Try "Georges's Aloe Vera" water. I used to suffer with stomach related issues and was told about this remedy. It takes a few weeks of using it to really make a dramatic difference that should bring about the aforementioned happiness.

Anonymous said...

lanzaprozole,domperidone and zantac will help. Also use gaviscon.And quit smoking!!

1389 said...

Get to a doctor ASAP so that you can start your antibiotic therapy for H. pylori. If you've had it before, it tends to recur, and it can do damage to your stomach.

Continue taking the Pepto-Bismol for now. It helps to some extent.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Marinco above. The book or the blog.

Wheat Belly by Dr. Davis, YES! Check it out Dymphna. Lots of people with fibro saying their symptoms improved dramatically when wheat was eliminated from their diet.

Highly recommend giving it a try for a few weeks.

I hope you try it and hope it helps.

Kyra said...

Hi Dymphna
could you possibly be lactose intolerant? try eating/drinking dairy with the "lactaid" type pills and see if that helps.