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Sharia for Molenbeek

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We’ve reported in the past on Sharia4Holland and Sharia4Belgium, and also on recent culturally enriched violence in Molenbeek, a district of Brussels. The two stories have now converged in this latest report on trouble in Molenbeek, as reported at Vlad Tepes.

From a Dutch news website:

Sharia4Belgium expands to Brussels

Now the Sharia4Belgium Moslem extremists try to expand their action territory from Antwerp to Brussels. This is being stated by police and justice, after several days of disturbance in the Brussels municipality Sint-Jans-Molenbeek. Last night new fights erupted when police wanted to control the identity of a number of suspects.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for translating this video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Hermes has kindly translated an article from Minuto Digital on the same topic:

Sharia4Belgium: “We Muslims have not even a gram of respect for you infidels”

Joelle Milquet, the Belgian federal interior minister vowed to punish the “unacceptable and utterly astonishing” declarations of the representatives from the radical Islamist group “Sharia4Belgium” made in a press conference, in which they justified the behavior of one of their members who injured a female police officer after having refused to unveil herself. The Molenbeek neighborhood in Brussels, which is populated by an major Muslim immigrant community, has returned to normal after the severe incidents which took place there last Thursday, and which made authorities declare a curfew.

Minister Milquet declared that “beyond these unacceptable events, the unbelievable declarations made during the demonstration, the press conference and in the video made public are unacceptable and deeply condemnable”. Fouad Belkace, the spokesperson for this extremist organization ,declared that he was proud of Stephanie’s attitude, a converted Belgian who refused to unveil herself when asked to do so by the police officer, because the wearing of the niqab or any other article of clothing covering the face of a person is forbidden.

Belkace even said that “given the fact that Western women want to show themselves as mere objects of desire, the agent with the broken nose could take advantage of the situation and undergo plastic surgery,” and “she would have broken her spine if God had willed it.” The organization’s press conference was sprinkled with declarations such as “we Muslims have not even a gram of respect towards you infidels nor your way of life, because our religion is superior to yours.”

According to Milquet, these statements “will have consequences”, for “justice is doing its job”, and meanwhile the security forces “will strengthen their fight against radicalism”, for which she foresees the introduction of a “specific plan.”

The problem is that the incident could have political implications intertwined in all directions. A socialist deputy for Brussels of Moroccan origin, Jamal Ikazban, has declared in the press that the happenings are “due to provocations from both sides”, but in fact liberals, who are in the opposition in Molenbeek, have blamed socialists for their failed integration policies. On Thursday, rumors about a Muslim woman who had allegedly been raped began to circulate during the incident with the police, and this created a sudden demonstration against which five police squads, two water cannons and a helicopter had to be deployed in order to contain the crowds.

Transcript of the video:

0:00 Last night around 10pm, police got an emergency call from this teahouse in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek
0:05 There was a group of partisans present from the extremist Sharia4Belgium Moslem group.
0:11 We sent various units to this place. At the cafe, about 30 Sharia4Belgium people were present. Then, probably during the identity control,
0:18 a brawl broke out. Our cops were all busy defending themselves against having the café furniture thrown against their heads.
0:25 One Sharia4Belgium partisan who had suffered a head injury had to be brought to a hospital.
0:29 Police arrested 13 people.
0:31 One of them is still remanded in custody, because he acted as an agitator.
0:35 Police recognised several people implicated in last week's riots.
0:40 Then, extremists had appealed to demonstrate, because checking a woman wearing a face veil had derailed.
0:48 Molenbeek wants now to get rid of as many sharia partisans from inside its town limits as possible.
0:53 These people really disrupt Sint-Jans-Molenbeek. But we know what we have to do; we have taken a number of photos.
0:59 Now of course we need to attach a name label to them, so that the matter then can migrate into a control of these individuals.
1:05 Recently, the extreme Sharia4Belgium has done its utmost to get a foothold in Brussels [of which Molenbeek is a part].
1:10 I think that they primarily are an Antwerp-based group, and that they now of course try to be present in some other towns,
1:18 and that they also have plans to be present in Brussels, and maybe also in Wallonia.
1:25 Is this worrying for you?
1:27 Let us say that we are following this matter very closely.
1:32 Now the Brussels public prosecutor has launched an investigation into Sharia4Belgium.

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