Friday, June 15, 2012

Paul Weston: Transcript of the 20 Points

Paul Weston has kindly sent the transcript for last night’s video of the British Freedom 20 Point Plan.

Paul WestonBritish Freedom is accused of being a far-right extremist party, but this is not the case. Fifty years ago we would simply have been considered Conservatives, but the far-left have so successfully moved the political goal posts they now feel they can accuse us of extremism from their establishment positions within the State.

Our 20 point plan encapsulates the politically central core beliefs of British Freedom, starting with point

1: Introduce a US style First Amendment guaranteeing Free Speech.

Now, I’m puzzled why the liberal left find this right wing or extremist. I appreciate they never favoured free speech in the countless totalitarian countries controlled by the hard-left over the last century, but a free and democratic nation must have freedom of speech if it wishes to remain free and democratic. There really is nothing right wing about wishing to preserve democracy.

2. Leave the profoundly undemocratic European Union.

Politicians are granted legitimacy via the electoral process. Yes, we can vote for MEPs but we cannot vote for the Commissioners, the people who really control Europe. I did not vote for the far-left President Barroso and I cannot vote him out, so when The European Union passes the majority of our legislation these days they have no democratic legitimacy to do so. There is nothing right-wing about leaving the EU but there is everything far-left, totalitarian and extremist about not granting us the right to vote on a matter of such democratic importance.

3. Abolish the Human Rights Act, which benefits only foreign criminals/ terrorists.

Why the liberal/left should find this right-wing is baffling. Allowing convicted foreign terrorists to remain in Britain, often at the tax payers expense, is madness when one considers they still remain a threat to us. If the liberal/left wish to continue this insanity then it is a mark of their political extremism rather than ours.

4. Halt any further non-Western immigration for a period of five years.

Britain is the most densely populated first world country by a huge margin. We have to build 2 million new homes, despite a decline in the indigenous population, and build 2,000 new schools at a cost of 100 billion to the taxpayer. We are quite literally swamped at the moment, our public service infrastructure cannot cope and even worse the indigenous British are set to become a minority in their own homeland within the space of just 2 generations. I believe this deliberate dilution of an ancient and native race of people to be one of the greatest racial crimes against humanity that has ever been committed. The liberal-left promoters of mass immigration are anti-white racists and extremists and resisting their warped ideology of incremental genocide is neither right-wing not extremist. It is politically central and it is basic common sense.

5. Deport foreign criminals, seditious dual nationality Islamists and illegal immigrants.

What on earth is right-wing about this? Why should we pay huge amounts of money to lock up foreign people in our overcrowded prisons? Why should we allow dual nationality Muslims to work against us courtesy of just one of their passports? Why should we not deport illegal immigrants, after all they are here illegally? There is nothing right-wing about this but there is everything left-wing and extremist about wishing to keep in this country people who want to damage us at worst, or simply use us at best.

6. Abolish all multicultural and equality quangos.

We have equality before the law in this country and have had so for centuries. The ideology promoted by these quangos is not about equality, it is about pushing for quotas based on race religion and gender and is therefore divisive and intolerant and discriminatory and it is not right wing to oppose such things.

7. Halt and turn back all aspects of the Islamisation of Britain, including Sharia finance.

Islam in its most fundamental form can only be compared to Nazism. Both ideologies have a shared hatred of democracy, women, Jews, homosexuals and all those who do not share their supremacist faith. It saddens me that the liberal/left have chosen to side with what in effect are the new Nazis in this civilisational confrontation. To then accuse those who resist this horrible, intolerant and supremacist ideology as being far-right extremists would be comic were it not so tragic. The liberal left are backing an ideology that goes against all of liberalism core tenets. Wishing to oppose this ideology is not far-right or extremist but apologising for it and defending it most certainly is extremist and left-wing.

8. Drastically reduce crime — criminals should fear the consequences of their behaviour.

What is right-wing about this? Law abiding citizens, particularly the elderly and the vulnerable should not be frightened of criminals but criminals most certainly should fear the consequences of breaking into their homes and terrorising them. I don’t think that taking measures to protect the vulnerable is a particularly right-wing thing to do and the fact that the liberal/left are against this says a great deal about their extremism, not ours.

9. Repair the damage wreaked by the progressive educational establishment.

It has been some years since Tony Blair publicly stated comprehensive education had failed, but it was not comprehensive education that has failed, it is liberal progressive education that has failed and the children it has betrayed are overwhelmingly from the poor and the working class whilst the promoters and defenders of this educational tragedy hail from the affluent middle class intelligentsia. It is essential that discipline and competition are restored to our curriculum if we are to halt and turn around this betrayal of our children. The liberal/left should be ashamed about the dreadful lifelong consequences they have inflicted on so many of our children. It really is not right-wing to give schoolchildren the key to future success, but it does appear both left-wing and extremist to wish to deprive them of such a basic human right.

10. Promote British values and assimilation, rather than multiculturalism and division.

Do I really need to argue this point? British values built much of the modern civilised world so asking foreigners invited into our country to abide by our ways does not seem right-wing or extremist to me. Multiculturalism however, is very much a left-wing orthodoxy, yet it promotes division and apartheid which in turn lead to ghettoisation and all the social problems that go with it. I appreciate the hard-left always looked upon social breakdown as a prerequisite for their taking power via revolution, but the liberals really need to understand that downplaying our values whilst promoting the non-liberal and tribal values of Somalia or Pakistan can only make our society a more fractured and unhappy pleasant place to live within.

11. Rebuild Britain’s Armed Forces to 1980 levels.

Britain is a small Island alone in a potentially hostile world. Our armed forces may not be necessary in times of peace, but history tells us the world is not always peaceful. It is quite possible that the decimation of our armed forces is being carried out in order for Britain to be part of a European defence force. Well, thanks, but no thanks. We are an island nation and we need a strong, independent military presence.

12. Diminish the public sector and government interference in the private sector.

Britain is bankrupt and the main reason for this is the sheer size of the public sector. There are tax providers in Britain and there are tax eaters. When the tax eaters outnumber the tax providers then the country is lost. This situation has to be turned back and if it is not it will again be the most vulnerable of our society who will suffer. The left-wing love the big state because it provides them with power, but it is not right wing to seek to reduce a situation that can only bankrupt us.

13. Withdraw troops from all areas where we are not directly threatened.

I don’t think this needs much of argument.

14. Cancel foreign aid to countries which do not deserve or need it.

Why are we giving billions of pounds to other countries when we can no longer afford to do so? Quite apart from the fact that our money goes to countries with their own space programs a lot of it just goes to the Swiss bank accounts of any number of tin-pot dictators and their paid off entourages whilst their people continue to starve.

15. End welfare payments to immigrants; they must pay for their housing and children.

Again, I don’t think I should need to argue against the insanity of allowing people into our country who cannot provide for themselves, which takes me to point number 16. Ensure no elderly person lives in fear, and can afford both heat and food in the winter.

Every year, thousands of our elderly die during the winter months because they cannot have food and heating and whilst this is happening large foreign families are imported into Britain and housed at the tax-payers’ expense. Is it right-wing and extremist to favour our elderly over and above ungrateful Somalis? I don’t think so.

17. Abolish destructive Political Correctness, promote Common Sense.

Why does political correctness even exist in a democracy? Democracies allow a variety of political opinions, none of which should be considered correct or incorrect. Only totalitarian regimes promote an ideological conformity of thought, so overthrowing the doctrines of PC is not in any way right-wing. Political Correctness gone mad is a common cry precisely because so much of it is not just mad, but sinister. It should be obvious by now that broadly speaking, PC works against the very people who built Western Civilisation - white, Christian males, in other words the very people the politically correct left liberals appear to hate with a vengeance. It is not extremist or right-wing to wish to defend your civilisation, but it is extremist and far-left to want to tear it down.

18. Promote morality, marriage, the family, the community and the nation state.

Anyone who opposes this must be insane. Without all of these basic foundations anarchy will ensue and the country will eventually be destroyed. I say eventually, but Britain is partially destroyed already precisely because the liberal-left have spent the last five decades deliberately undermining the basic requirements for a peaceful, cohesive democracy. It is they who are political extremists, not us.

19. Allow pubs the freedom of operating as smoking or non-smoking establishments.

It might just be a small thing, but what is wrong with this? Peoples lose their freedoms in two ways — outright revolution followed by a new order, or the incremental erosion of personal freedoms and liberties which over time gradually remove peoples will to resist. As I say, it sounds almost trivial, but pettifogging state regulations amount to the death of freedom by a thousand cuts.

20. Live by Christianity’s Golden Rule: “Do as you would be done by.”

We all know what sort of society the Godless Communists brought about over the last century when they utterly destroyed their countries and their people, yet we see the exact same sidelining and sneering at Christianity by the liberal/left today. “Do as you would be done by” is a worthy ideal and to accuse those of wishing to promote this as right-wing extremists says a great deal about the sheer immorality and extremism of the liberal-left.

Our 20 point plan stands for democracy, freedom and all that is good, moral honest and decent. To accuse us of far right-wing extremism as a result exposes the left-wing accusers as the promoters of totalitarianism, treason, evil, wickedness and political extremism of a huge magnitude. If you feel we are correct in this analysis then please consider joining the British Freedom party and help us to change this country for the better.


ChrisLA said...

I was a little disappointed when I read the 20 point plan because the proposed policy changes are all over the map -- from heat for seniors to allowing pubs to have smoking sections. There is an acronym K.I.S.S. -- keep it simple, stupid. The Freedom Party should identify its primary objectives and really sell those. If they win seats, then they can push for lesser improvements, too.

Anonymous said...

What an excellent plan.

Can any of the GOV readers give some insight on how well Paul Weston’s 20 point plan is being received in the UK?

Most of his points could be applicable to the US.

Bob Smith

Anonymous said...

All sounds good to me. Candidates in Scotland please.

Harry the Horrible said...

Poor guy doesn't have a chance. He simply makes too much sense!

Heck, he would make too much sense for an American politician. I wish we running him instead of Romney...

Findalis said...

They should add the return of gun ownership. I can assure you that crime will decrease by 1/2 if citizens had private ownership of guns.

Anonymous said...

19 of those 20 points are in good old small minded conservative/nationalistic tradition.

good luck finding your place in the future world my friend. we can only hope you do not pass this separatist mindset on to your kids. you know, it’s your duty to prepare them for the real world out there.

Sol Ta Triane said...


Yeah, it's all about the children and conservatives are bad. Sure.

Maybe you don't have what it takes to make a point. It's traditional here at GOV to try to make some sense of things.

Perhaps you could pick one or two of Weston's ideas and actually give us some reasons why you don't like them. Besides them being conservative.

Anonymous said...

Generally I am in agreement with this 20-point plan; except for 6) we have not seen equal rights before the law in this country for centuries - until 1882, women were not entitled to their own property or inheritance. Upon marriage, rights over her property went to her husband. Until the 1950s, women had to have their husband's signature (i.e. permission) to open a bank account. In 1991 (yes, you did read that correctly), it was permissible in law for a husband to rape his wife.
17) White, Christian males built this country? Please prove. Where were the women? If they were at home cooking, cleaning and raising children then presumably this wasn't being done by these fine, upstanding gents and thus freeing up their time to be conquerors. I wonder how much more women would have achieved if they hadn't been burdened with the endless chores of childrearing and domesticity? Men, women and children have contributed to the building of this nation. Credit where credit is due, please.
18) Morality and family. I have to say this worries me a bit. Whilst I am Christian and believe that children should be borne in wedlock, I rather think that the promotion of morality would rather fall too heavily on women's shoulders again, as it has always done - even though it has traditionally been men who have kept mistresses, had sex before marriage, left their saggy and homely but faithful wives in favour of the pert, young secretary (and of course it was her to blame for being the homewrecker. He was just a poor defenceless man). I bet it means also that schoolgirls would be prepared for motherhood and domesticity and "strongly discouraged" from pursuing fulfilling careers in public life.

I think I would need to clarify these points a little more before I would vote this party in.

Tiedar said...


you think Weston isn't openminded, that everybody should welcome the (possible) future that if you're asked one day: "Where do you live?" You can answer I live everywhere because of multiculturalism my home is everywhere.
Come on aren't you proud of your country, won't you keep its traditions and things like that alive so you are able to identify yourself with YOUR country?

Pat said...

Your biggest problem will be public apathy. Hardly any body votes any more as corrupt politicians do as they want once elected anyway. Also the population has been so cowed with propaganda and threats of 'racism' accusations that most people just keep their heads down and hope for the best. Have to agree with ChrisLA in keeping it simple. We have to get the country back before other reforms can be put in place. I am totally with you on getting rid of the EU, stopping immigration, scrapping the mediaeval sharia and restoring education. I also like No. 11 - you can stand on Plymouth Hoe all week now waiting for a 'warship'! I wish you luck.

babs said...

I'll ask again, as I did the last time Mr. Weston had a post at GOV; how widely is his writings being distributed? Is it only the BFP web site and Gates or, are other media picking it up?

Anonymous said...

It's a start. I am slightly further
to the right than Weston, even so he has perhaps harped a bit too much on an anti-immigrant/nationalist ticket.
The British public have been subject to constant intimidation for years on these issues and it is better to approach them on a milder ticket with say 5 or 10 points. For example,
No welfare until you have paid 10 years tax.
Withdrawal from the EU and the Human Rights law 1948.
No more immigration into UK for
10 years, for a start.
No more foreign wars.
National Service for 1 year for
16 to 35 year-olds.[ Male and female]

And so on. People need fewer topics
otherwise they will not remember
what we stand for.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Paul.

I think the Smoking Ban is a little out of place, albeit is certainly an issue of restoring liberty to the people.

Im with the other poster who is pushing the right to bear arms but attached to the right to self defense, which should be restored immediately.

Whilst the smoking ban issue is symptomatic of the disease that infects, the right to self defense and the means to it are more critical issues to restoring liberty (and the means to defend/protect it from infringement/abridgement).

I think that the courts should be addressed as well. Being a US citizen, Im not sure how your courts operate, but their needs to be a focus on removing the Leftwing yahoos and placing Sensible Conservatives on the bench.

Keep up the good work! Im rooting for you!


Anonymous said...

I would like to make a remark on point 6 of Westons list:
French social scientist Malika Sorel,
of algerian descent,by the way, is fervently opposed to affirmative action.In her book: "The Immigration Puzzle"(french) she dedicates about 100 pages to the topic.Conclusion:If you are ,say, black, and your dad is a dental surgeon of means, do you still have privileges on a working-class white just for the colour of your skin?If there is a coloured person to be in a city council, per quota,will there be a problem if it is a Hutu, not a Tutsi? Or vice versa,or member of any other ethnic or religious group hostile to each other? This policy will abolish the notion of citizenship in the philosophical sense of "citoyen" in favour of a fragmentisation of society into millions of subgroups.

Johnny said...

Instead of a giant standing army, the army - and the police - should be abolished and a Swiss-style general militia should be used. Anything else leads to dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

I will concur with the poster who rightly expressed the desire for some British Freedom party candidates in Scotland, in particularly in Glasgow and its environs that comprise of approx 50% of Scotland's population, and the majority of the UMMAH's prescence in North Britain,as well as being blighted by a plethora of Marxist councillors, some of whom are Muslim and who are bolstered by the Block Muslim vote in the South side of Glasgow. Scotland has more Muslim's per capita than England,Wales or Northern Ireland.

Anonymous said...

"Halt any further non-Western immigration for a period of five years."

Does this include foreign students coming to study in universities in UK?

What about high-skilled professionals like scientists or mathematicians?

Anonymous said...

"Does this include foreign students coming to study in universities in UK?

What about high-skilled professionals like scientists or mathematicians?"

Because, of course, the neither England, nor Scotland, nor Wales has ever produced scientists or mathematicians of their own. Isaac Newton and Bertrand Russell were Indian immigrants, right? And all of those figures from the University of Edinburgh and Scotland and general, you know, those guys who invented stuff like the telephone, the steam engine, the television, cloning, and stuff, all of them came from Nigeria, correct.

Until Britain was discovered in the mid-20th century by non-Europeans, it was a backward place. No, Britain could never survive without the immigrants.

Anonymous said...

"Because, of course, the neither England, nor Scotland, nor Wales has ever produced scientists or mathematicians of their own. Isaac Newton and Bertrand Russell were Indian immigrants, right? And all of those figures from the University of Edinburgh and Scotland and general, you know, those guys who invented stuff like the telephone, the steam engine, the television, cloning, and stuff, all of them came from Nigeria, correct."

I never claimed that there were no scientists or mathematicians from Britian. Did I?

Of course, they were many scientists and mathematicians from Britain.

But they are many great mathematicians and scientists who were of non-European.

Two of the greatest mathematicians of this century, Terence Tao and Ngo Bau Chao are of Asian origin living in United States.

The guy who deciphered the genetic code was an Indian guy named, Hargobind Khorana, The 2009 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry was also an Indian living in Britain.

People like them have been immigrating to western countries since a very long time.

Any, my first two questions still stand.

And btw, almost every country in this world has immigrants. What differs is their numbers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.47:

Well, perhaps my response was not the best.

My point was that, when times are desperate, as they are indeed today, there is little point in worrying about things that are comparatively trifles. There is enough native genius in England to brave a moratorium on immigration, all immigration, especially for a period as small as five years. Moreover, I would find it beneficial if the United Kingdom were to cease courting non-British people and start focusing on developing the talents of the real British, the ethnic English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh.

Anonymous said...

My apologies for the double post, but, in my response when I said Britain and included the Irish, I meant Britain not in strict geographic sense but as a synonym for the UK, which includes Northern Ireland, and thus the Irish.

Anonymous said...

That was meant to be a genuine question, not an opinion or something else.
I really wanted to know how the policies of BF is going to affect the scientific community.

Science knows no races or geographic boundaries; for science, the cultural world is one country.But scientific community constitutes a very tiny proportion of the human population.What they do is hardly going to affect the common people directly. So, it is in the best interest of everyone to notinterfere with its internal affairs.

But I agree with you the times are very desperate now.So, why not ,instead of attacking harmless people, do something really effective like deporting the muslims back?

Anonymous said...

Just a point or 2 in refining your message Paul.

You might shy away from using the term "US Style 1rst Amendment" just as to avoid pushing any lurking Anti-Americanism buttons amongst the subjects of the UK you are trying to persuade. I dont know exactly how you would do this, but it is worth considering.

Likewise with the 2nd Amendment. Use UK terminology and focus on the right to self defense....which is necessary to the right to life and liberty. The UK has attrocious laws regarding the ability to defend oneself.


EV from the States

Cowboy Philosopher said...

Love it! Hope some Freedom Party candidates pop up in Wales! I'm American but my heritage is Welsh and I love the country. Land of My Fathers!

This is more or less a traditionalist platform and not extreme at all. Anyone who calls this extreme needs to have their head examined. If you haven't read them, I recommend G.K. Chesterton, Hilaire Belloc, and Edmund Burke. These men are quintessential Britons, much the way Churchill is. Their ideas are needed now more than ever!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:05 PM:

I understand your intention now. Often when you see people, of whom Alex Salmond is a good example, rebutting immigration arguments with concerns about "students," those people are using red herrings. When they say it is imperative that Britain seek immigrant minds, a spurious argument in itself, they're not really referring to scholars like Nabokov and Wittgenstein. They want, rather, to bring in every Chadian, Indian, and Pakistani with the requisite cognitive capacity to complete a colouring book, put them in the University of London, and shrug when the immigrant becomes another hostile anti-English element.

I assumed, wrongly, that your questions prefigured such an argument. That the students about whom you are concerned are actually highly capable is evident.

Britain is, or was, my home, just as it was my ancestors' for age upon age. Few things could affect me as do the afflictions of Britain and its indigenous people. My affects can dominate my reason, causing me to write caustic and poorly edited things like my original response.

Though the measures I would take to cure Britain be more stringent than yours, I agree that your questions are pertinent, and know that you have every right to ask them.

Dymphna said...

So, why not ,instead of attacking harmless people, do something really effective like deporting the muslims back?

Really effective?? Really??

And if those ppl are citizens, what then? And if Britain made a deal with its former colonials, what then?

Who chooses which citizens get to stay?

And I presume you're volunteering to be the first one to start the round-up? Or are you just saying "someone should do that" without giving any indication of how this plan could EFFECTIVELY be carried out?

Unless you're up at the front and center, right where we can see you, of those who will implement this inhumane and illegal scheme - sure to make Britain more lawless than it already is...please...enough already.

Since you said it, I'd like to see your detailed plans, pls. Our email is at the top of the post.

I need dates, lawful criteria for deportation of each of your detainees, countries who have signed on to accept these ppl, and a time line. IOW, the usual metrics involved in planning for Displaced Persons.

Surely you have more in mind than simply "deporting the Muslims back"? If you don't have a plan, then let's see your magic wand.

Sersly, do you know how many times that 'suggestion' has been made on these comment boards?

Clue: it hasn't improved with use. Please don't use it anymore here.

Anonymous said...

Grouchy, Dymphna! There are harsh but workable alternatives. Of course, what's more harsh than civil war?!

1. Cease ALL employment of non-citizen workers with hard prison time and forfeiture penalties for employers who violate the terms.

2. Cease ALL forms of welfare to non-citizens including housing, medical care, schools, food, etc.

3. Cease ALL foreign aid payments.

4. Cease ALL publicly-funded foreign language translation services except for repatriation services.

5. Close all mosques and Islamic community centers for sedition.

6. Offer to pay immigrants a lump sum to return to the land of their forefathers - a land now suffering from no foreign payments, welfare payments, or foreign aid.

How's that for an initial plan?