Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/12/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/12/2012The EU bailout of Spanish banks has had a ripple effect in Italy, where the stock market dropped and the bond spread rose. Markets are also nervous in Asia and the USA, due to concerns that the Eurozone may collapse. IMF head Christine Lagarde warns that the EU has less than three months to save the euro.

In other news, twenty churches in Aceh Province in Indonesia were forced to close after violating government building regulations, and will almost certainly be demolished.

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bewick said...

British Mosques to Host Ramadan Iftars During Olympics

JP commented "One more reason to boycott the London Games".
Don't need another reason JP. Living 300 miles from London the Games are already of no interest to me, or of no effect except the totally fraudulent progress of "the torch". NOT the torch which started in Greece but many torches and even those get regular "lifts" from 21st century vehicles - except that is the £14bn? which the Games have cost partially paid for by me - a taxpaying pensioner.

Greek civil servants apparently retire at 50 or earlier and few greeks actually pay tax. Didn't the Olympics start in Greece?
ANY economic advantage to the UK will fall entirely to the mass of immigrants in London. They were rather strangely absent from the Jubilee. The BEEB really DID try to find them but were seriously at a disadvantage since they just - these "British citizens" -thought the "ummah" was more important. nI have a brutal answer. Don't ask.

Didn't the Muslim hordes once overcome the Byzantine ( Greek) empire. Is it possible that muslim values (koranic values) of stealing from the vanquished and not paying your own way still influences Greece? May well be so.

Is this an attempt to stamp Islam on the olympics? Changing recorded history is already well established in the west and often the whitewash of the barbarian muslim history. History? Well the barbarianism still exists here and now in the 21st century but the history books no longer admit.

OK rant over - I could go on for days -

bewick said...

Euro 2012: I Want to be an England Fan and a Muslim. Why’s That So Hard?
The seriously left wing guardian JP (oh for the days of the Manchester Guardian which was relatively neutral) demands registration. A step too far for me so cannot comment.Guardian "moderation" would almost certainly exclude my comments.

Nooruddean Choudry claims to be English. He may well have been born in England, he may well think he is English, but, in reality, he can NEVER be indigenous English. His roots are almost certainly the corrupt ,racist and oppresive islamic State of Pakistan.
If push came to shove I would guess that he'd support the Ummah and not the English or British.
If I, an inidigenous Englishman, attempted to emigrate to Pakistan or India then l'd be refused. Cliff Richard,Joanna Lumley, Freddie Mercury - ALL born in the Indian sub-continent - would be refused. WHY is it all one way and WHY are we so stupid?
Just saying