Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Radio Free Norway Redux

A couple of weeks ago we discussed a process I likened to a 21st-century Radio Free Norway. Since almost all Norwegian mass media are severely skewed in their bias against Islam-critics, and in favor of leftist Multiculturalism, this blog and other prominent sites of the anti-Islamization resistance act as conduits of real information into Norway.

Group of radio listeners

We served that function again early this morning when we published the testimony Fjordman would have given if he had been forced to testify at the trial of Anders Behring Breivik. Breivik’s defense team had sent Fjordman a list of possible questions, so he simply answered them, in both English and Norwegian, as he would have on the stand — assuming, that is, that he had been allowed to complete his intended responses.

It took the Norwegian MSM until after lunch (our time) to pick up on the post, but once they found it, the news spread quickly through most of the major outlets. This time many of them actually linked to the post, perhaps because it was in Norwegian as well as English.

A flood of traffic has come in from the following sites, among others:

A hearty welcome to our new readers from the fjords! Take your time and have a look around.

If you’re interested in reading more of what Fjordman has to say, check out the Fjordman Files.

A number of new commenters have also shown up, and quite a few of those seem to be unfamiliar with our rules. Up until now I have only had to delete a few of the new comments, for one of the following reasons:

1. They were in Norwegian. Even though Fjordman included the Norwegian text of his testimony, we are an English-language blog, and comments are expected to be in English. I make exceptions if the foreign-language text is brief, and the commenter supplies his own translation. Machine translation is often inadequate.
2. They were obscene. We keep what Americans call a “PG-13” blog, and decorum is required.

For newcomers, the guidelines state that comments must be civil, temperate, on-topic, and show decorum. For more details on our rules, follow the link provided on the commenting form.

In closing, I have just six words to say to our Norwegian audience:

The truth shall make you free.


Anonymous said...

The truth is what makes norwegians free! And the truth is not on these pages.

Dymphna said...

Oh, Baron, you didn't the third part of that quote - the non-canonical ending:

You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free - but first it will make you miserable...

It is indeed a misery when an average citizen comes face-to-face with the huge lies governments spin out to fool anyone not on the 'inside' of their crony arrangement.

That's why ALL governments need to be small and their workings transparent to every single person.

How many Norwegians actually had a say into the importation of large numbers of hostile immigrants? How many citizens knew ahead of time what the plan was?

I admire the police chief who spoke the hard truth that parts of Oslo are "lost" - they don't belong to Norway anymore.

He spoke the truth: it is a misery to lose sovereignty and the rule of Norwegian law over part of his country. I hope knowing that fact and being willing to say it out loud made him freer.

Hiding from the truth is always worse.

Anonymous said...

Which truth does the first commenter refer to - the newcomer rape fest being inflicted on native White Norwegian women might be a good place to start, once we've covered that we could move on to the fascist leftwing dictatorship that has Norway firmly in its grasp - just as the fascist socialists grip every other European country, the same fascist socialists that do not allow of open debate - anywhere they rule.

Anonymous said...

There are more truth on these pages than in the Norwegian media/propaganda apparatus. Anonymous 6/12/2012 8:12 already know that of course, but having no arguments, he/she chooses the typical lefty response... a pathetic attempt at witty one-liners.

Anonymous said...

In some respects Breivik is similar to Timothy McVeigh (the one who bombed the government office building in Oklahoma USA several years ago.) McVeigh had an outsized sense of rightousness like Breivik and also like him showed no remorse for his crime. Unlike Breivik, McVeigh had real military experience and was able to recruit at least one follower. McVeigh eventually was executed for his crime. His accomplice is still in prison.