Friday, June 15, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/15/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/15/2012The military government of Egypt formally dissolved parliament today, and ordered security forces to surround the parliament building to keep lawmakers from entering the premises. The Muslim Brotherhood decried the dissolution as illegitimate, but some observers maintain that the Ikhwan has cut a secret power-sharing deal with the government.

In other news, police in Italy seized more than 1,700 tons of soya falsely labeled as “organic”.

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YIH said...

I have a question for you Baron and Dymphna;
I do understand your focus on Europe, it's what you've gotten used to.
But what about the good 'ol USof A? Specifically, Virginia?
I recently saw a map of counties broken down by origin and 2/3 of VA is african.
I hope you are safe, but I'd advise you go as west as you possibly can in VA.
If you ignore what is happening where you live, there is no way you can help anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the post above me, @YIH, can we please prevent this otherwise excellent blog from sliding down the mud-pit of racism?