Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Shmoos Will Get Us All Killed

Y’all get around more than we do, so no doubt you’ve seen this video. The first time I saw it was when someone sent it with a notice that Campus Reform is outing it as a genuine promotion by the academianoids at the University of Minnesota-Duluth (unfortunately, when all those Scandinavians resettled in Minnesota they brought their shmoo culture with them).

This “ad campaign” is merely one more sad example of the eternally childish Left’s holy refrain, “No Fair!” They are determined to undermine the evil white “privilege” you see on their faces:

What prompted me to show you the video is what I discovered as I read the comments on YouTube. This excrescence cannot be flagged as racial hatred because it does not attack a “protected” group — “Protected”? That’s You Tube’s word for those it has been conned into thinking are Underdogs.

A reasonable person might infer that You Tube believes not all human groups are worth treating with dignity, and that inference would be correct. White people seem to lead the category of humans not worth “protecting” — hatred expressed against them, even by members of their own group, appears to be within the rules of discourse on You Tube. Are there any other unprotected groups? I don’t think so. Oh, wait: men are another group who can do nothing right.

Don’t ponder this too hard or you’ll get lost in the labyrinth of recursive illogic captured here. Go with the flow man, person. Get with the program.

While I’m sure no beings of color were harmed in the making of the video, I’m equally certain no one with half a brain had anything to do with creating this newest tumor on the body politic.

Anyhow, bear in mind that these painted, lettered folk are Leftists, or perhaps cognitively challenged. They haven’t a clue as to the evil they do, or the trouble they generate by their odious propaganda. But what do you want to bet they still drive furtively through “troubled areas” with their doors locked? And are so deeply ashamed of this desire for survival that no one knows about their despicable behavior. They’re ignorant, but surely they have some sense of self-survival. Or maybe not.

Buncha shmoos.

I was going to post this with comments closed since I’m not up to monitoring them, but the Baron offered to do that for me. Please, y’all, keep it courteous. I know: make your comments part of a larger anthropological investigation — that’ll do it!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this.

I sent a courteously dissenting letter to the email address provided at the Campus Watch site.

I noticed the anti-white campaign appears similar to this program the BBC aired in 2008; so not only are the Duluth Archimagos preposterously racist, they are fatuously redundant as well.

Governmental persecution of whites swells each year, but, as another useless white man wrote,

"If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?"

Anonymous said...

These darlings have their counterparts in Oakland,CA. The Occupy Whatever group in Oakland sent forth some outraged protesters to condemn a conference aimed at suppressing sex trafficking, yep, sex trafficking. These shmoos, these immoral relativists, assert that this conference is repressive toward 'sex workers.'
In my wildest nightmares of the complete degradation of my fellow travelers have I ever apportioned space for their like. For that small gift, I am grateful. Brave New World indeed.

Shudderingly yours,

Westward Ho said...

Anyhow, bear in mind that these painted, lettered folk are Leftists, or perhaps cognitively challenged.

I think these are folks who feel a dread burden of over-privilege unworthiness, of the postmodern “original sin." The video is about groping for the remedy to their sin.

Could it be that this has replaced guilt for original sin for the post-Christians? Some parallel mental tracks live on in new clothes, clothes woven from some current secular values? This clamoring for morality, pain of feeling morally bereft, seeking redemption, expiation, reminds me of that. But I’m not sure, it may be a reach. What I am sure of is that there is extensive expiation-seeking.

How do they seek expiation?

1) Confessing amid breast beating, as in the video. (To peers and youtube, instead of God.)
2) Loudly condemning some others for their sin. As in most leftist polemic and activism.

In #2 – condemnation – there is redemption, and it’s the much more comfortable one – condemnation allows one to aggressively seize the irreproachable power role of the parent scolding the child, the preacher scolding the worthless sinner. Think how relieving that must feel to anyone college-indoctrinated in the madness that divides the world into bad oppressors and good victims (plus the angelic supporters/protectors of the good victims). Some #1 is prerequisite to #2, a necessary qualification. Also, there always to me feels like there’s a huge parent/child role presence in this framework, that it speaks to that part of the person as they buy in. People are encouraged to strive to be declarable as “good”, which meaning having good intentions (evidenced by “concern,” guilt). I always feel there’s a strong underlying “you’re a good boy” approval or “you’re a bad girl” scold dynamic beneath the striving for moral acceptability. Children do this (we train them to), but adults are more interested in results of things than mere intentions and recognition of such. It’s significant in childhood, because we're training kids for adulthood when their results will matter. For this reason, this mental pattern of privilege guilt feels like it falls short of engaging adulthood, due to the quality of judgment of self, and whether one is good or bad, the striving to be a container of good intentions.

Relief from this sin – the yearned-for grail of our time (well, for some) – comes from role playing. playing the redemptive role of scolding the privileged. Making this video conferred some of that on its makers. And from playing the role of protector of the oppressed, whom are like innocent wronged children. That’s the template.

But I believe any relief is always short-lived. They are hungry ghosts. Their stain from their sin will soon prick them again. It’s a difficult path.

Adult experience may break this spell, though.

Anonymous said...

Typical college educated self-loathing White Lefties. Years back when I was a regular reader at DKOS I found the same sort of anti-White racism coming from a bunch of White Lefties. These punks and traitors truly hate their own race and do everything they can to destroy it via open borders, importing violent and backward 3rd worlders, propagandizing our youth with what amounts to a 'hate Whitey' campaign. You can't walk on a college campus today without there being a class on how all the world's ills are the fault of the "White man" being promoted by Marxist professors that infest our humanities departments like so much vermin.

And they don't even realize how stupid they are. You don't see Muslims, Hispanics or Blacks selling out their own race. IOW they still have a survival instinct. Whereas all the college educated Leftist white kids have is a Dhimmi mentality in overdrive.

Anonymous said...

That bunch will know their "anti-theist" philosophers, right? If they hate their own skin so much, then ...

"To the despisers of the body will I speak my word. I wish them neither to learn afresh, or teach anew, but only to bid farewell to their own bodies - and thus be dumb."

PatriotUSA said...

I stole, er ah 'borrowed' this one for PC.

I linked to your post inmy short intro as I love what you say in yor own special way.

I call this 'reverse plantation syndrome.'

'Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

Does this privilege extend to white farmers in south Africa and Zimbabwe? I think the definitions of privilege might need a tweak depending on the audience.