Friday, June 22, 2012

Motive? Unknown!

In Texas last Friday, a man originally from Lebanon attempted to kill his daughter, her boyfriend, and his estranged wife. He told police that he didn’t like the fact that his daughter was dating a non-Muslim.

Yet the police and the media are certain there must have been a different motive that doesn’t involve Islam; they are determined that the gunman’s “religious beliefs will not be taken into account.”

Of course they won’t be. He obviously must have done it for some other reason. We must ignore the poor man’s statement about his own motivations; he was under stress when he said that, and is clearly not in his right mind.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below is the accompanying article from the local TV news site:

Mission triple shooting not being classified as attempted “honor killing”

by Rafael Carranza

Authorities are saying that they are not treating the shooting of three people in Mission as an attempted “honor killing.”

The suspect Talal Nimer is facing attempted murder charges after shooting his estranged wife, their daughter and their daughter’s boyfriend.

Mission police the gunman’s Muslim faith did not play a role in their investigation.

But when quizzed on why he did it, the Lebanese man admitted that he didn’t like that his daughter was dating someone who’s not Muslim.

He also felt his daughter’s boyfriend was taking over as the man of the house.


According to Mission Police Chief Martin Garza, Nimer’s religious beliefs will not be taken into account.

Garza said police will they’ll focus on several other factors.

The first is that Nimer and his estranged wife were going through a divorce after he admitted to cheating on her.

The second factor are statements from the family saying Nimer had previously threatened to kill them.

Currently, both the mom and the daughter’s boyfriend are out of the hospital after undergoing surgeries.

The daughter remains hospitalized in stable condition.

She was shot in the neck and must undergo another surgery.

The comments at the bottom of this journalistic hack job are worth a look; they’re much more interesting than the article itself.


Nemesis said...

Amazing isn't it? How some who should know better, would rather blindly thrash around for any motive other than the real one! Can't be the perps religion because Islam is a religion of peace!

wheatington said...

If he had said I shoot in the name of Jesus, the media and the cops would have understood the motive immediately.

Sheila said...

This will disappear down the rabbit hole, just as have all the other honor killings in America. Remember that Nuslima in California, killed by her family, who claimed they had been targeted by evil, racist, Whites who hated peaceful Islamists? As soon as the police started noting all the holes in their story, it disappeared. Muslims and blacks never commit violence - the Ministry of Truth (mainstream and respectable conservative media) has so decreed.