Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On the Power of Immigrants and the Upcoming Revolts

“When the euro collapses, the social service system for immigrants will fall apart. Then the old ethnic, religious, national and other prejudices will burst out so vividly that each population group will think first and foremost of itself.”

In an interview with Kopp Online, the German author and journalist Udo Ulfkotte discusses the grim times that lie ahead for Germany and the rest of Europe.

Many thanks to JLH and Hermes, who undertook the translation of this interview as a joint effort:

Ulfkotte: On the power of immigrants and the upcoming revolts

The journalist and writer Udo Ulfkotte was clearly right to have feared for years upcoming revolts between natives and immigrants refusing to integrate, and of criminal immigrants in Germany and Europe.

Dangerous clashes, in which the strength of the immigrants becomes more and more blatant, are on the rise. Meanwhile their numerous families and clans issue unscrupulous and open threats against state organs, journalists and victims. Is the situation in Germany already hopeless? An interview with Udo Ulfkotte.

Kopp: Mr. Ulfkotte, a recent case in North Germany is currently driving many people mad: three dangerous immigrant criminals attacked, beat and robbed a pensioner. However, the old man shot one of the criminals dead in self-defense. Then the numerous family members of the dead criminal put pressure on the government to prosecute the pensioner for manslaughter. The state attorney’s office from the town of Stade really has prosecuted him, reversing its original decision. How influential are these populous immigrant families, and where do they get their strength from?
Ulfkotte: This is not the only case. Some weeks earlier the whole of Berlin trembled because the immigrant Youssef El-A. was stabbed, also in self-defense. It was the biggest Islamic funeral Berlin has ever seen. And thousands of demonstrators demanded that victims of crimes who act in self-defense be imprisoned. The criminal was turned into a hero. Same happened in Sittensen. And the extended family always stands behind the criminals. In cities such as Bremen, journalists and police have been extorted for years to pay protection money for families such as that of the “Miris”. In Essen and other cities of the Ruhr, police were no longer allowed to intervene when these families offered children for sex in the backrooms of cultural associations. One was not allowed to talk about that. It’s this damned political correctness which has brought all of this on us.
Kopp: Journalists were also threatened in Uelzen in March while reporting about a process involving immigrants, as were many from Die Welt, Tagesspiegel and the Frankfurter Rundschau, who had to endure massive threats from Salafists in April because of having reported critically on the Koran-distribution campaign. What has suddenly happened here? Does it not sounds like extortion? And what do the judicial organs do to counteract this?
Ulfkotte: What should they do? They do nothing. They fear these groups. They have been giving way to them for years just like at the anti-authoritarian education. Always giving in to them. And now they are surprised that the grown-up pupils make fools of them. They laugh at us, and nothing more.
Kopp: Is this perhaps a reason why, in virtually all MSM reports on murder and killing committed by immigrants, for years we have not read nor heard names and countries of origin? Is this the fear of the journalists of being put under pressure? Or are these politically correct requirements from Berlin?
Ulfkotte: Again, it is this damned political correctness. Every year in Germany Immigrants commit more than 16,000 crimes involving physical injury. And what do we do? We constantly ask ourselves whether this is the product of their bad social situation, and we open our wallets (to give more money for integration). We pay the criminals. And we protect them. Yes, we journalists, politicians and judges have to protect the criminals. We no longer know how to describe the criminal groups, in order not to speak clearly. Police reports sometimes describe gypsies as “itinerant Europeans”, sometimes as “a mobile ethnic minority”, or “errant travelers”, “Sinti and Roma”, or simply “Bulgarians”, or “Romanians”, but never “Gypsies”. This is the somehow funny politically correct way.
Kopp: Has the so-called “looking away when it comes to immigrants” reinforced itself in the criminal justice system, or is there a visible rethinking in the settled practices of the judges?
Ulfkotte: A rethinking? I do not see that. Neither the judge Kirsten Heisig in Berlin nor Thilo Sarrazin have had any effect. Now we have sentences in which immigrants who have deviously obtained welfare payments can retain the money for themselves, because for them (what they have done) is an alleged cultural peculiarity. And we have sentences in which immigrant pedophiles go away without being punished because what they do is to be seen as something cultural. We are open to everything and strict against nothing.
Kopp: Which are the typical and most common criminal acts of immigrants and why do they commit them far more frequently than Europeans?
Ulfkotte: To this type belong all crimes involving brutal force. And of course rapes. Alice Schwarzer reported that in Koelln more than 70% of rapists are Turks. Of course, this has something to do with culture. And even more with respect. They show not even the slightest shade of respect towards us. We must give them welfare payments, asylum, housing, clothes, warm meals and leisure activities, but we should not expect any reciprocity from them. We are seen by immigrants as not deserving all this, as the ones to be ripped off and exploited.
Kopp: What is the state of morale of the police forces, in view of the continuously escalating attacks against police officers when, as not long ago happened in Berlin, a police car with agents inside is attacked at a traffic lamp with stones and set on fire?
Ulfkotte: All agents I know are fed up with this. The gas for the vehicles is rationed and the number of police units is being reduced. They have to endure insults and aggression every single day. And oh! they dare raise their voices, and immediately they have to undergo a disciplinary proceeding. For many young migrants police are the symbol of a society they hate and reject.
Kopp: Are migrant strongholds, and not only in big cities, to be called lost zones, so-called no-go areas?
Ulfkotte: Yes, the UN has already assessed this status for many European conurbations. This is not only a German phenomenon. In Brussels, the capital of the European Union, where more than a third of the population is Muslim and more than half of the pupils in the schools come from eastern countries, Islam is not allowed to be criticized. An Islamic ghetto stands all around the European (EU) District. It’s interesting that the European parliament is the only one in the world which has to operate a police station, where the delegates and their colleagues can report assaults against them. Of course, they have to go through the ghettos and are more and more frequently robbed. There are two possibilities: to build walls around the district or to clean it up. Things cannot go on like this for long. And this is not exclusive to Brussels. What about Duisburg-Marxloh? Politicians presented it to us as a model of integration. And now police patrols go there in fear.
Kopp: Gang rapes committed by immigrants against non-Muslims have become more common in the last two to three years, specially in the United Kingdom. While the British MSM are not able to report about the real identity of the perpetrators, German “quality media” seems to show an even stronger censorship. Are there similar precedents in Germany about the way jurisprudence looks in such cases?
Ulfkotte: I know many cases like that, but none in which the perpetrator would have got more that a suspended sentence. But as already said, we know what the situation is, and it was the same in UK. The gang rapes were known by the police as far back as 2002, I repeat, as far back as 2002. But nobody from the police wanted to help the raped white children, because that was of course not politically correct. Nowadays the majority of the Brits feel shame for having looked away in such a degree. We are now where the Brits were ten years ago concerning this issue.

Kopp: Have you and your family already been threatened?
Ulfkotte: I have a separate mail address for death threats, which forwards directly to state security. A while ago it was pretty fierce. But these death threats no longer interest me. There are many other people like me who regularly receive, or have received this kind of thing. I have been much occupied with who the perpetrators are. When they could be uncovered, they were imbeciles who could not be brought to justice because of their low IQ. There was even an easterner in Freiburg who was making comprehensible and rather brutal death threats to Freiburg citizens. He was fined €100. At any rate, no one has been convicted for a long time.
Kopp: Where do you find the courage to report on such unpleasant annoyances?
Ulfkotte: It gives me strength. Today, it builds me up, because then I can prepare for developments. And that is good. I have moved out of a heavily populated area and made preparations so that it will not hit my family as brutally as those who are still naïvely cheering on the Easterners.
Kopp: Do you believe that people in this country will still wake up and want to change things, or has that train already left the station, as for instance in Belgium, where the Muslims by their numbers will soon be in charge?
Ulfkotte: People will not wake up until the usual care systems break down. As long as there is still total care financed by debt, the majority will not wake up. I can understand that. No one is responsible for himself anymore. But I look at all this optimistically. Previously, I thought that sometime there would be a takeover by the Muslims. I was wrong. When the euro collapses, the social service system for immigrants will fall apart. Then the old ethnic, religious, national and other prejudices will burst out so vividly that each population group will think first and foremost of itself. The optimistic assumption is that then many Muslims will go home of their own accord. Turkish president Erdogan not long ago told Armenian guest-workers in Turkey that they were no longer needed and would be deported at anytime. What Erdogan is saying in Turkey will certainly be demanded of the Turks here by German ethnic groups. At least, when the whole social security system here starts falling apart piece by piece.
Kopp: In your recent book , Give us Back our D-Mark!, you warn of unrest similar to civil war in the event the euro crashes. How do you come to this conclusion?
Ulfkotte: In recent decades, in German-speaking territory, we have used money to calm all the factors contributing to unrest. Money we have stolen from our yet-to-be-born children. If the euro collapses country by country, you have to be really naïve to think this will happen without tension. When the citizens’ claims on pensions dissolve because money is just gone, when the life insurance policies become wobbly, when savings is threatened — then what do the citizens do? Rejoice? Certainly not. We can see that in Greece. And they regularly receive billions from us. We are financing a rescue package for everyone. We just have nothing for ourselves.
Kopp: How are European member states, including Germany, preparing for such unrest? Are there special units being formed for that?
Ulfkotte: There is the Eurogendfor, which is based in Vicenza, Italy. It is intended to knock down unrest in all EU states. Our preparations in Germany are pretty idiotic. We are increasing surveillance immensely and collecting data on people who in case of unrest will have a travel ban placed on them. There are many and varied plans. At the same time, we are stupidly emasculating the police, instituting a police reform in Baden-Württemberg and closing more than half of the garrisons. That is to save personnel. Any school kid can tell what that means in a crisis. Nothing works any more. You can’t count on the police. More and more often nowadays, police must retreat when youth gangs appear. In Greece, the youth gangs are arming themselves with Kalashnikovs. Anyone who believes it to be different here no doubt still believes in the Easter Bunny.
Kopp: How can citizens protect themselves or how can they prepare appropriately?
Ulfkotte: Everyone must decide that himself. Years ago, I traded my small, very expensive place in Taurus for a plot of land in a rural area and I am provisioning it thoroughly myself. I am not depending on the state, I depend on friends and acquaintances. But everyone must figure that out for himself.
Kopp: What signs should we look out for, and when do you expect a euro crash?
Ulfkotte: When Greece falls, there will be a domino effect. After that will come countries like Spain. And then the money from the rescue packages will be burned through. Our politicians’ gamble will be over.
Kopp: What currency will we have in Germany after the euro crash?
Ulfkotte: A national currency, whatever it is called. Most Germans do not want the euro and want the D-Mark back.
Kopp: How can a person safeguard his money?
Ulfkotte: That depends on how much you have and how long you want to preserve that value. If I want to leave my children something, stands of trees, pond systems and arable land are better than a savings account. We are not talking about return on income but pure retention of value, where there is no complete loss. And right now I am happy about the low gold rate. If you don’t have to sell gold in the next few years, then gold is certainly more to be recommended than Greek or Spanish bonds.
Kopp: What is your opinion of the next five years in Germany?
Ulfkotte: To be cautious, let us say ten years. Many social services will no longer exist. We will be working off other countries’ debts. In fact, into our old age. There will be an extreme division of society into great poverty and great wealth — as has long been the case in the USA. The welfare state can no longer be financed. And many who believe today that they are well-to-do because they annually receive a report from an insurance plan or a bank with attractive numbers will have lost everything.
Kopp: How do you gauge the mood of the people in the country? What is the basic tenor of the messages you get about your articles and books?
Ulfkotte: I am very conflicted. Half of the people agree with me and half think it is all nonsense. Surprisingly, there is nothing in between. So there are people who are calmly preparing for a possible development and others who do not. I am sure that those who have prepared have, at any rate, not made a mistake,
Kopp: Mr. Ulfkotte, thank you for the interview.

Book titles:

  • Caution, Civil War!
    What has been fomenting for a long time will finally become rage
  • Give Us Back Our D-Mark!
    Five experts answer the most important questions about the coming national bankruptcy
  • My Field, My Woods, My Pond
    Handbook on traditional provision for crises


Anonymous said...

Police reports sometimes describe gypsies as “itinerant Europeans”, sometimes as “a mobile ethnic minority”, or “errant travelers”, “Sinti and Roma”, or simply “Bulgarians”, or “Romanians”, but never “Gypsies”.

This is quite like the recent case in France, in which a 13-year-old French boy, Kylian, was strangled by a 16-year-old Chechen Muslim, Souleymane.

When reporting the homicide, Le Monde decided the best pseudonym to use for the underaged murderer was "Vladimir."

This cartoon from FdeSouche illustrates the establishment's deadly buffoonery well.

[Translation: Usually my name's Karim. But sometimes it becomes Michel.]

James Boom said...

Keep you friends close and your powder dry.
I too believe the welfare states are unsustainable. It's just a matter of time.
Ned Kelly once said "when the white man becomes desperate there will be desperate times".

Nemesis said...

A most depressing but realistic assessment of all of our futures. I've been telling anyone who will listen, most of all my family and friends, to stock up, arm themselves if they are not already armed and have as much ammunition available so that they can afford to cover any eventuallity.

Tarbock said...

‘'They show not even the slightest shade of respect towards us. We must give them welfare payments, asylum, housing, clothes, warm meals and leisure activities but we should not expect any reciprocity from them. We are seen by immigrants as not deserving all this, as the ones to be ripped off and exploited’’

A depressing,graphic description of islamic supremacy at work.Islam teaches that muslims have a divine right to extort the jizya, the financial tribute payable by infidels to muslims to demonstrate the submission of inferior infidels to superior muslims.

The attitude of entitlement stems from a divinely inspired expectation of a transfer of wealth from infidels to muslims. Islamic ideology teaches muslims to regard these welfare payments as their natural entitlement simply because they are muslims.

From that perspective, why should muslims feel any gratitude to the infidel for paying the jizya when it is their right to expect such payments?

Western countries need to expose this mentality and fight against it, perhaps by limiting access to welfare for immigrants who haven't paid into the system.

Anonymous said...

Lets see if i get this right, Europe has immigrants who tryes to enforce their belifes upon europeans, immigrants who is behind soring rape statistic, immigrants who floks the streets for mass prayer.
And the only group Ulfkotte singles out are the gypsies ? only becouse using terms as Sinti or Romani to describe them instead of calling them gypsies.
stop being political correct and call these immigrants for what they really are.

Anonymous said...

The sooner the Welfare state collapses the better off Europe will be. Also it's people are going to have to throw off their corrupt political ruling class that has brought ruin to Europe.

The same thing gonna happen here in the U.S. Our cities are full of 3rd world immigrants who only want to suckle off the dole and commit crimes. Our Blacks are hostile as can be towards the White majority, no matter what we do for them all they want to do is "hate Whitey". Whites dare not publicly condemn the crime these groups cause lest the news media and all sorts of Leftist groups pound on them.

Politically there is no one to help us. All the public can do at this point is arm themselves, get good at shooting and find like minded people and help each other.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that things were as bad on the continent (apart from Sweden and, perhaps, Norway) as they are in the UK. I thought it was only our dim-witted politicians who refuse to see the dire situation for what it is and do something about it. At least in the US, you are allowed to bear arms - something we are not able to do here. I just hope the paintball sessions will pay dividends when the pot boils over.

Anonymous said...

ChristianInfidel says:

Thank you, Tarbock @6:10 a.m.
Once one understands the core shape of Islam as Muhammad proclaimed and lived it, so much becomes obvious. I hope someone will educate Udo Ulfkotte about Islam. I applaud his courage, intellect, and work, but it would help us all if he knew more about Islam.

Anonymous said...

If your right to bear arms was taken
away what would you then rely on?
If Soetoro is put in for a second term he may well do this. He cares not whose is the hand out of which he eats.

Anestos Canelidis said...

It is sad to see this happen to what is really the ancestral homeland of white Americans but it is liberalism, the mental disorder, that brought this disease called multi-culturalism onto Europe.