Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jihad! Jihad! We ♥ Jihad!

It’s hard to do justice to this video. “Amateurish” doesn’t quite capture its essence.

Let’s just say that these two attractive young people could not have been more effective if they had been EDL moles infiltrated into some British Muslim youth organization.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this, um, production:

Altogether now:




Jewish Odysseus said...


Reminds me of the ol', funny Saturday Night Live parodies, w/Mike Myers. Esp. that "OUR BOYS" riff...

I'd like to see these 2 w/their own broadcast network, to all of Europa...They really know how to make friends & influence people.

The WWZC (Worldwide Zionist Conspiracy) wd never be gutsy enough to put on a duo so crude & unappealing.

Keep the faith, baby!

Findalis said...

I have a couple of words these idiots should learn:

Crusades Gun to the head Pig's blood Atomic Bomb and We are cutting off all welfare programs to Muslims

If you do the latter, they will run back to the Hellholes they come from.

BTW isn't that girl very old to be single? I wonder if she is to be married off to an older cousin?

Vince said...

I have watched a few videos of this girl on youtube. On the first one my comment was top rated until she removed it. I think in a way she's a classic paradoxical example of young Muslims in Britain. Clearly educated, clearly enjoying the benefits of freedom, which includes free speech, freedom to wear what she wants and the freedom as an unmarried female to interact with males.

Indeed in her first video she claimed to be more British than the edl yet then In her other videos talks about Muslims rising up, and refers to herself as a lioness of Allah. The hypocrisy of her message is on the face amusing but the scary thing is there a thousands like her out there. I think these are the frontline naive tools the islamists love. In a sense they are used as a more public moderate face only to be discarded once they get there way.

Throughout history whenever tyrants or tyrannical regimes seize power, it is usually those that weren't 100% committed to the ideology or subordinance of the tyrant or regime that are first to be purged.

What is even more disturbing is the continual blame on
The Jews. Somehow they orchestrate everything. It would not surprise me that they won't start saying the Jews orchestrated the holocaust. Now I'm not saying israel has not killed civilians because they have. And I honestly believe in a two state solution. But what the girl fails to realise that Israel is the only somewhat normal functioning country in the entire region. The only leader in technological and medicinal advances, and despite it being the only non Muslim nation in the region, has become the flocking ground for muslim Sudanese refugees.

Indeed if the west itself was so bad why did her family decide to move here? It's what perplexes me. You move from your home country for a better life, but then want your host country to become like your home country?

Again the flawed logic would be comical, if it were not so scary. Final point is the little bearded kid seriously irritates me. Despite being educated and supposedly more British than anyone else, he still maintains that ghetto slang accent that many of the Pakistani youth have. Is it to hard to ask that after three or four generations, one might actually be able to speak proper English? Or perhaps it might be to imperialistic, innit bruv?

Anonymous said...

This is what I hear from all of these
retards, 'Islam is perfect'. Really
they all believe it, that is the
extent of the problem we are up against.

Anonymous said...

Antsemitism aside, it would appear that the incantation by the woman featured in the video, of the word "Jihad", elicits something akin to sexual gratification in her.
Other than that, obviously, the clip is loathsome. Surely such incitement ought to be prosecuted?

wheatington said...

Inbred. Alien. Liars.

Anonymous said...

That's it I'm out. I've lived in the UK all my life, and I can trace my family tree back in every direction to this country, but if this really is the way of things now (convert or be an outcast in my own home) that forget it. Anyone know any country I can go to that won't ram islam down my throat?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Anonymous, the wee beggars seem to have invaded every nation - unless you have igloo-making skills?

Dymphna said...


The Baron gets up earlier than I or your comment wouldn't have made it thru.

@ Anon 8:22

All the Anglosphere is in the same leaky peecee boat. Might as well stay and push back. The EDL comes close to being the kind of voluntary grassroots groups we have in the US - e.g., the Tea Parties - small, NOT centrally organized, with a clear mission.

Will you be villified if you join the EDL? Sure. That's how those in charge keep ppl in line. The Tea Parties here are mocked while the nihilistic far left "Occupiers" are lionized. But for every jeer, you know there are 10 ppl hoping the EDL will bring about change.

The pushback is slow and time-consuming but it WILL eventually win out in the long run. Be a part of it if you can. If it doesn't make you lose your job, etc., go for it.

Vince said...

Anonymous: were will you run? Before I began reading these blog sites I thought the problem was limited to the uk. I kept thinking when I'm older I will get out. It would however seem to be afflicting every half decent country in the world to varying degrees. Now I personally do still want to leave the uk but for many other reasons. Some scenic county in small town USA sounds good to me. And if I have the opportunity when I'm older I may take it.

For me now it's actually the same reason you wish to leave that makes me want to stay, I think to myself why should I be bullied out of my own country not only from our dear friends but also the countless scumbags ie chavs that seem to be becoming the majority of the populace, well in the city anyway.

I honestly don't know, will it get to the stage were it's simply safer just to leave? Did the Jews in Germany that left before the horrors do the right thing or those that remained to be put in camps? One has to think carefully about such things.

Running is certainly not a solution. But if you are planning to raise kids in London or Birmingham, you have to seriously consider what's best for them. And from
What I've seen of the USA, small town Christian community's seem a better place children.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she has had her cliterectomy?

Jay said...

Hello, I am anonymous from 8:22am. To those who suggested joining the EDL, I would love to, but I live in Scotland, and they don't really have a presence up here!!!

I don't know if this comment will be posted, but I'll explain another of my reasons for why this video affected me so. All my life I attended school with an Iranian boy. His parents moved to the UK when he and his brother were in pre-school, and he always landed in the same classes as me. We were good friends and saw each other almost daily from the ages of 4 - 22. I lost touch with him after graduation, and I recently tracked him down again to discover that he had returned to Iran for a brief stint, had himself an arranged marriage, and come back to the UK as a radicalised islamist (despite never having expressed any interest in the religion during the many years I knew him). He throws around statements like "me and my strong islam brothers are going to petrol-bomb this place" and there's no talking to him now without him resorting to lecturing people on the might and superiority of his (new-found) religion.

As sad as it makes me to say this (because I always believed the opposite to be true) I think he just converted me to "nature" rather than "nurture" being the cause of a person's attitude/lifestyle.

alcade said...

At least they said two things that were entirely correct:

"There is no such thing as militant Islam, only Islam."


"Islam will never change."

alcade said...


"The EDL comes close to being the kind of voluntary grassroots groups we have in the US"

GoV had a link to a well written and brilliant article by Paul Weston awhile back posted on the EDL website (if I remember correctly), and I noticed a whole of four people made comments. One of the commenters was an EDL supporter who was defending Britain's bans on scary folding knives to an American commenter.

If an article such as that posted to the EDL's site can only garner that much discussion I'm not sure they even come close to having enough clout to make a difference.

Tiedar said...

Don't think about moving away that's exactly what they want. Be patriotic take part in a moderate movement and show them you're proud of being infidel. Don't be a refugee in your own country show resistance against them otherwise you're a "coward" who hasn't tried to resist.

laine said...

For the Englishman thinking of leaving his home country to the Muslim invaders, a Churchill exhortation bears repeating:

In Rivers of Africa (1893), Winston Churchill observed:
"If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you with only a precarious chance of survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is not hope of victory at all, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."

jimbola said...

I'm not leaving.

I'm English and I wish to stay and defend my homeland, culture and people.

I will not walk away and hand the keys over to these despotic outlanders.

Anonymous said...


Can the English defend their culture when they have surrendered sovereignty to the EU?

They thought they were signing up to a trading bloc, not a multiculti,ongoing social engineering project.

Old man

Vortac said...

Poor devils, their concept of propaganda is Saddam Hussein yelling on the TV and shooting in the air (notice the gunshot sounds in the video)

Anonymous said...

If non-Muslims had produced this video, CAIR would denounce as it as Islamophobic!

Anonymous said...


There's always the Scottish defence league.

Vince said...

Jay: similar experience with one of my Muslim friends. He used to drink go out with girls etc. Then he went to uni in London and got in with a few religious types. Since he's been back he cut himself off from all our English friends. He still speaks to me occasionally because as my grandfather was Muslim in his eyes by some definition that makes me ok to talk to.

But mostly I think he probably wants to convert me perhaps. I've been open with my views with him and he's not a violent or radical person. But becoming more religious immediately cut him off from everyone else.

I have noticed that with converts I have seen. They are usually intelligent people, happy go lucky but obviously inside discontent and searching for something spiritual. Perhaps the unflinching nature of Islam, gives certainty to people who are uncertain. It's a case of "this is the way it is and that's it."

There's no why or room for interpretation, and for people who need that emotional crutch, I guess Islam is the perfect answer. But over time you see these girls cover up more and more and over time become somber and withdrawn particularly if they marry a Muslim man. I have seen at least 3 examples of girls who went one step away from burkha stage to then a few years later not wearing the scarf any more. So in a sense a complete reversal.

It then becomes I'm still a Muslim but i don't need to wear the hijab, search YouTube countless examples of this. I think it's more some kind of rebellion from bored middle class girls that have no direction in life. But it's only because we live in a free society that they can make such a journey. In many other countries Islams not just for eid, it's for life!

Vince said...

Tiedar: it's easy enough to say. Ordinary people don't want trouble. We just want to pay our bills and feed our families. Ideally we want our elected officials to deal with the problem. Look at tommy Robinson for example. He's always been fair in his comments never racist or against Muslims unlike some of the chants the edl have expressed. Yet his family are under threat constantly he can't walk with his family and they can be targeted at anytime.

We had a gang of chavs ruining our area for a period of years, and I can tell you that fear factor is something tough to live with. Now if I was a single man with nothing to lose my outlook may be different even if i actually agreed with everything the edl say (which I don't). But I have a fiancée and hopefully soon children. I don't want to put them in harms way now to protect them from a future that is not a given certainty.

I'm sure many people will agree with me. They would rather protect their family at all costs. Hopefully the choice to vote for and growth of parties such as British freedom and also ukip, will show our elected officials that there is discontent amongst the people.

Tiedar said...

@Vince of course I agree with you because your own and your family's security have to be protected. Here in Germany I haven't heard about such threatenings you've mentioned to avoid something like that you shouldn't appear I public but as u said u participate in voting the right party. Your example shows the "perfection of democracy" where free speech is welcomed and guaranteed AND protect by law....