Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Resisting the Islamization of Football in Catalonia

FC Barcelona shirt: before and after
(The original FC Barcelona football shirt, and the improved version)

Platform for Catalonia (PxC) is one of the newest “identitarian”, or nationalist, parties to emerge in Europe. Its primary appeal is to Catalans, obviously, but its unabashed non-PC devotion to its own people has made it the model for the rest of Spain.

Our Spanish correspondent Hermes has translated an article published on June 21 on the Platform for Catalonia website about a controversy over the shirts worn by the Barcelona football club that advertise the Qatar Foundation:

Francesc Gesa: “Nowadays those who buy FC Barcelona football shirt are forced to make propaganda for an Islamic dictatorship”

Press release from PxC

The identitarian youth of Catalonia call the fans of the FCB on to erase the Qatar Foundation advertisement from the FCB football shirt

Vic | Newsroom — The identitarian youth of Catalonia (JIxC) has announced the starting of a campaign to force the FCB to allow anybody buying this football team’s shirt to erase the Qatar Foundation advertisement from it.

The goal of this initiative is to make fans realize what means to display the name of this organization on the shirt of the team they support: “Nowadays those who buy FC Barcelona football shirts are forced to make propaganda for an Islamic dictatorship”.

The identitarian youth of Catalonia have highlighted the viability of this proposal due to the fact that “years ago the club granted the opportunity to erase the number and the name of a player who left the team in order to join the arch-enemy of the club. Now it should do the same regarding this more universal issue.”

The chair of this youth movement, Francesc Gesa, has stated that “Behind this organization there’s the Islamic dictatorship of a country in which there is neither freedom of faith nor gender equality.”

The youth division of Plataforma per Catalunya has appealed to the responsibility of the team followers in joining this initiative and cleansing the shirt of their beloved team from the dirt of wearing the name of Qatar Foundation.

Gesa has called for the right of the fans to rebel against this situation and not to take part in religious fanaticism.

Vic, June 22, 2012


bilbo said...

doesn't the islamisation of football mean that stadiums are mostly used for executing women that might have commited adultery or shown an ankle?

Anonymous said...

They are islamizing clubs in Spain, France (PSG), England and more or less all over Western Europe

Londonistan there is the Emirates Stadium, and Qataris wanted to demolish the Parc des Princes, and build a new - and more fitted to islamic standards - which was refused, though, by Paris authorities

Anonymous said...

European football
on the lower levels

In Oslo, the Polish and the Ukrainian teams played a match on the initiative of the Ukrainian Embassy

Encouragements in foreign languages were heard at the Frogner Stadium

– Ukraina pa rat, Ukraina pa rat (Go Ukraine)!

­– Polska..bialo czwerwany (Poland in red and white)!

And the players all, look European.