Saturday, June 23, 2012

Twenty-Five to One

That was the ratio of counter-demonstrators to demonstrators today at an anti-Islamization demonstration in Norway.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer didn’t have time to translate the full news report on what happened, but he sent this summary:

The Norwegian Defence League (NDL) and Stop Islamisation of Norway (SIAN) held a demonstration in Stavanger (west coast of Norway) on Saturday.

Approximately a hundred police officers in riot gear had to protect the meeting out of fear that ‘anti-racists’ would ‘disrupt’ the demo.

NDL and SIAN were cordoned off in a designated area and no one was allowed in once it kicked off, which kept the anti-NDL crowd at bay, but it also stopped ordinary people from entering the area and listening to the message of the demonstrators.

There were approximately forty people from NDL and SIAN present, and approximately a thousand counter-demonstrators. At lot of people who are sympathetic to the NDL and SIAN probably stayed away, fearing violent confrontations. The Left in Norway is renowned for physically attacking conservatives at demos.

See the article in Aftenbladet for the full story.


babs said...

I absolutely understand the fear of violence when attending an event that the left will disrupt.
From 2001-2004 I was a member of a group here in the states called Protest Warrior.
I watched a clearly pregnant woman get shoved to the ground, a man get strangled to his knees and, a young man young enough to be my son, told me he wanted to put a bullet in my head. We had a retired Army medic with us and he was needed...
At one march a man came up to my then 14 year old son, ripped his sign out of his hands and then started shouting that my son had assaulted him and should be arrested!
After the "bullet in my head" incident I reflected that I was the mother of two school age children and a wife. The risk of something adverse happening to me was real and for the sake of my family I had to stop attending these events.

Anonymous said...

It's rather a sad commentary on the state of Norway where a bunch of militant Marxists dominate society. Then again these sorts can only thrive in societies where the welfare state is preeminent. IOW these aren't the sorts that have jobs in order to survive.

In the U.S. the closet parallel is the ethnic demonstrations you see for people like Treyvon Martin or the La Raza sponsored immigration rallies where all the people on the dole show up.

IOW people who work for a living don't have the time to take to protest and commit violence in the name of some b.s. ideology or racist demagogue like Sharpton.

gsw said...

I have often said - advertise a huge (thousands expected) demonstration and then make sure no one actually turns up.
Leave the media to cope with reporting about the no doubt thousands of frustrated 'anti-fa's. Hard to talk about a clash when only one side turns up for the war.