Tuesday, June 12, 2012

“They Have no Right to Live!”

Marc Doll: threatening poster

Marc Doll is one of the leaders of the new immigration-critical party Die Freiheit in Germany. Last Friday left-wing agitators put up handbills in his neighborhood threatening him with violence. The posters included Mr. Doll’s address.

JLH has translated an article about the incident, and includes these remarks:

Not only is the violence startling proof of the Left’s methods, Doll’s last sentence confirms a report that appeared in Gates of Vienna more than a year ago, to the effect that Angela Merkel was dragging the CDU precipitately to the left for the sole purpose of appropriating left-leaning voters. Now they are not so concerned with protecting their own citizens from the enemy on the flank they have moved to. Die Freiheit needs to stop being polite and being beaten up for it.

Does this remind anyone of what is happening here in the USA?

The translated article from Journalistenwatch:

Attack on Freedom of the Press: Death Threats Against Journalistenwatch Author, Marc Doll

In the past, Jounralistenwatch author [and vice chair of Die Freiheit party] Marc Doll has often criticized articles in Frankfurter Rundschau, especially the “legendary” columns of Mely Kiyak. Well, yesterday, the watch dogs of the Antifa were after his hide. There is of course no connection here, except an investigation of the level of political discourse in this land.

Here is his report which has also been filed with state security:

Yesterday, June 8, 2012, I arrived home near midnight. There I noticed several DIN-A3 posters pasted up with my picture, name, address and the caption “Caution, Racist Agitator in the Neighborhood.” Naturally I wanted to take them down, when a blond man about 25 years old and casually dressed came from behind me and wanted to stop me. “Hey! What are you up to! Hands off!” he shouted excitedly. At that point, for the first time I noticed other figures in the area. I asked what was going on. He said: “That’s a Nazi who collaborates with the NPD — Hey, wait a minute. Is that you in the picture?” “No.” “OK, that’s good, then. Anyway, he’s a Nazi who slams babies’ heads against the wall, BAM, BAM!” he reinforced it. And also: “If I see him, I will kill him and keep hitting him in the teeth with my brass knuckles until he stops moving.” Since he apparently had not recognized me, although I was standing a meter from the poster, I tried arguing, since it appeared that someone had completely misinformed and purposely incited this gentleman.

“You say he’s a Nazi, but you don’t sound any different. Isn’t there any other way to work out differences?” — “No, those are not human beings. They have no right to live!” he snorted in rage, and that was a signal to me that it was time to go before he called his buddies and made intention into action. There was just one thing left to do. “But why are you so angry about him? Do you live here in the street?” — “Yes, I live at 147.” Then I took leave of him with the promise that I would google all that. At any rate, I googled the address of the perpetrator: the Protestant-sponsored Treberhife Berlin, which engages in “aid to youth,” that is, one of the many typical social projects in Berlin whose products no doubt are criminals like this one.

The case was handed over to security services, which are investigating among other things character assassination, defamation, insult, and death threats.

Apparently we are once again in times when goon squads and terrorizing mobs on the model of the SA [Sturmabteilung, SS predecessor] are out after the lives of people who disagree with them. And governing politicians don’t want to know. So Germany has taken a large step in the direction of mind control, and has shown clearly that it cannot protect its citizens and, in the case of critics of the system, does not want to protect them.

The Berlin minister of the interior, who for years used to travel through the CDU districts and, with his intention to act strongly against leftist extremists and anarchists, collected signatures that first made him Berlin CDU chair and senator — he does nothing. Furthermore, there is no compilation of leftist extremists as there is for rightist extremists. And besides that, the gauge is set for maximum tolerance — the opposite of Henkel’s promised no-tolerance principle. Where Henkel was calling this leftist SA “red-lacquered fascists,” there is now no suggestion of that. It is even possible that Henkel learned from Wowereit that these ideologically hopped-up zombies can be very useful against political opponents. Whether Frank Henkel still has a score to settle with his former CDU colleague, René Stadtkewitz, or me as a former member of his district association, is unclear. At any rate, this shows once again the new image of the CDU as a malleable mass without compass or profile.

Because of the threatening situation, I must now move, and am spending my time until I do so in a secure place. My resolve has only been strengthened by all this, as has always been the case — that force and oppression only strengthen resistance. My respect for the resistance movements in the Third Reich and East Germany has increased and I am sure that history will vindicate me, too.

Perhaps we need to re-think and concern ourselves more with the CDU than with the Leftists. For, while the latter has members and voters who are hardly accessible to us, there are no doubt masses of CDU voters who even now still believe that this party is conservative, or even that it has in mind policies for the good of Germany. Exposing this deception could initiate a great many departures from the party. It would be a service to our country.

Note: Marc Doll’s address appeared on the original poster, but has been redacted from the copy at the top of this post.


Anonymous said...

As an eastern european tourist, when i visited last year Berlin i saw posters on the streets (Antifascist posters) depicting a "brave" antifascists killing one family and ready to kill one blonde girl. The killed family "deserved it".

It was powerful image, and can be seen on the site of Russian ANTIFA

Left-wingers act very similary to the islamists:

- they poison the minds of the young
- instead rational debates they preffer death threats and terrorism while dealing with their opposition

The only way to counter left-wing lunacy and islamofascism is with reason and logic.

Anonymous said...

Good read, although given this is Berlin I'm not exactly shocked. The self-described "Antifa" who are nothing more than, as described by Henkel, red-painted fascists themselves, are everywhere putting up rubbish and "demonstrating", but most people know Berlin is a hotspot. I don't know what will happen in Germany but I hope there will soon be an event that tilts things in our favor.

Anonymous said...

I remember years ago when the Minute Man militia was formed to watch our Southern border. Liberals went nuts, one well known liberal blogger Steve Gilliard went so far as to state he hoped that the drug cartel would kidnap, torture and kill all the Minute men members.

Other liberals held the same opinion.

When Lou Dobbs had his show on CNN and pushing for secure borders. He was vilified and threatened by the Left on a routine basis.

The Left has no tolerance for views that do not coincide with their own. Cross them and you become the enemy.

If you wonder where Stalin got his willing executioners look no further than your typical hard core Leftist.

southwood said...

Marc, if you should read this, I want to say: the authorities might not protect you but God will if you ask him. Anyway, I pray that you will be safe. The creature who approached you was like one of Röhm's SA thugs in his behaviour towards you. How utterly ironic these self righteous leftist Antifa activists are. Their intolerance exactly mirrors that of the Nazis yet they call others Nazis !

Ivan said...

The SA was not the predecessor of the SS. They existed simultaneously.

Anonymous said...

Southwood.... the so-called anti-nazis of today perfom what is called PROJECTION... they project what they actually are onto others in an attempt to fool bystanders of the TRUTH.

Reminds me of the childish game..."YOU ARE"

1st kid, ALWAYS a bully: You are a nazi,

2nd kid-non-bully: NO! You are!


And so it goes.

The actual mental age of the adult liberal is at about 12, this game usually starts about 8. By the mental age of 11 or 12, they are really ready to do physical, and even financial damage to their victims. Since the adult liberal never advance past mental age 12...violence of some sort is their ONLY resource.