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Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/23/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/23/2012Peter Sutherland, the UN’s special representative for migration, told the House of Lords that the European Union must undermine the national homogeneity of its member states if it is to further the goals of Multiculturalism. He said that demographic decline in Europe requires the importation of more migrants into the EU.

In other news, the Saudi government is reportedly planning to pay the salaries of Syrian rebel soldiers in an attempt to undermine the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

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bewick said...

The Rochdale grooming case (UK). Interesting that Mushtaq Khokhar said "me and my countrymen". He didn't mean British. He meant Pakistani. Even British born "pakistanis". MK has British citizenship unfortunately but Britain clearly isn't his country.

He likely is one of the majority "British" Pakistanis with dual citizenship. Repatriation looks to be an available possibility. Or at least I would so hope. Shan't hold my breath.

He said many other "interesting" things at this point and earlier.
All seemed to indicate that he didn't accept that he, a Muslim, should be subject to inferior British law; that kuffar females, of whatever age, were "uncovered and available meat", to quote on "Aussie" imam. HE did nothing wrong and his hero MO would have done the same. Mo is one to be followed because Allah (aka Mo) said he was the perfect man.

Typical supremacist, and sadly timeless, islamic attitudes to the meaning of life (answer is 42)which make one wonder why exactly this monster ever bothered to migrate to the UK. (don't ask - I DO know and it isn't pretty at any level)

The Rochdale case is far from over. Only about a fifth of the known participants have yet been traced and prosecuted. In the meantime yet other cases surface.

This is clearly just the tip of a very serious iceberg.This particular iceberg has ONE primary theme - Islam. A large secondary theme - Pakistani, with some Afghanistani elements, The tertiary is other mainly muslim participants with the odd "white useful idiot".
There most certainly are indigenous paedophiles, some in group activities, but the Muslims have a far higher proportion of perverts - just as they have a massive disproportion of, costly, birth defects because of cousin marriage (Government official statisics). 13 times normal as I read.
Cousin marriage is legal in the UK but seriously rare amongst the indigenous. Parents seriously counsel against.
The politicians will, I hope eventually wake up. The population is already waking up.
Politicians? Well, much as I hate to admit, it was a Labour (Democrat in the US) politician - one Anne Cryer - who first pointed to the problem in Keighley, near Bradford in Yorkshire rather more than 10 years ago. An area I know well. She was ignored. Says it all.

bewick said...

Oops . confused the judge and the defendant. The defendant was Shabir Ahmed.

Mushtaq Khokhar was the JUDGE. How things change

bewick said...

the rain gives me more time.

regarding Help Pakistanis Help Themselves, And the War on Terror Will Fight Itself
Replying to the comment by oneaminute.
Pakistan's problem is not just Islam but ARABIC islam. Arab muslims do, and always have, occupy "first citizen" status in Islam. They may be illiterate goat herders but they still reign supreme in the muslim world. THEY are superior to anyone else however stupid.
That is not just Pakistan's problem but all non arab muslim states. They will always be 2nd class citizens because they are not pure bred Arab. Mo was an Arab and that is the source of this hierarchy.
Until that changes then nothing will change - until the west finds a means to no longer need oil from muslim states.

Just saying

Anonymous said...

This article lays to rest any doubt about Paul Weston having been on the right track back in 2010. Here is the link to Paul's essay, posted at Gates of Vienna in 2010:


Anonymous said...

Whites are about to be a minority in the US. The EU should open its arms to the 200 million participants in intercontinental white flight that is about to occur.

Anonymous said...

Peter Sutherland's comments are anti-white racism pure and simple. They also demonstrate that multiculturalism is simply an means to achieve it.

His comments, but his intentions in particular, disgust me to the core.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked and ashamed to discover that Suthy and I are alumni of the same institution.

He seems to have missed that lecture where it was explained that, if you push a spring far and long enough, eventually that spring will bounce back at you (and those springs can be pretty sharp, you know). Not that he would have derived much from the lecture; the physics were probably a bit complex for his wee cerebrum.

Still, I would like to dedicate this song to Suthy, just to show there are no hard feelings between alumni. I know it must be hard to grasp the subtext, Suthy, but try a bit.