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Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/14/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/14/2012Egypt’s highest court has ruled that the country’s recent parliamentary election was unconstitutional, and that parliament must be dissolved. In a further move to sideline the Muslim Brotherhood, it ruled that a former Mubarak crony may run in the upcoming presidential election.

In other news, Cyprus may follow the PIGS and require a bailout. It was originally thought that its fiscal salvation would come from the EU, but now it seems that Nicosia may ask the Russians for financial assistance.

Meanwhile, despite a continuing decrease in student test scores and a high dropout rate, teachers in Chicago are demanding a 30% pay raise.

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LN said...

Hello Baron,
You must take part of this!
Aftonbladet News
Published: 2012-06-14

The coup against Princess Christina - robbed by her friend, the asylum pageant. The thief found the princess's secret compartment - stole jewelry - for more than SEK 850 000

Princess Christina and the 'alone-coming bearded child'- probabely of aphghanistanic etnicity - who stole the jewelry are close friends. Among the stolen goods was a tiara from Princess Sibylla. that Christina wore the latest on the Nobel banquet last year.
Royal jewelry for 850 000 was stolen from the Princess Christina and her husband's apartment next to the Royal Palace.
A 19-year-old friend of the couple admits that he sold Gustaf VI Adolf's cufflinks to criminals and had thrown the princess Sibylla diadem in the Stockholm stream. Now he is prosecuted for grand larceny. When Princess Christina's husband, Tord Magnuson, should open the safe at home in the bedroom for the evening party, he received a shock. Several jewelry that Christina had inherited from her mother, Princess Sibylla, and the old King Gustav VI Adolf, were missing.
The theft was reported to the police and soon it was discovered that even the diadem of Christina worn in the recent Nobel banquet was gone. Only the tiara valued at SEK 350 000. A total of jewelry with a value of 855 000.
In addition to the spouses themselves and their son, it was just cleaning staff and the 19-year-old good friend to Tord Magnuson who had had access to the apartment. When the couple confronted the 19-year-old he admitted that he found the keys to the safe and then not could stop himself.
- There was a plan in the brain, he says in interviews.
The 19-year-old arrived in Sweden as unaccompanied refugee child in 2010 and Tord Magnuson served as his mentor. In police interview Tord says they became very close friends, and Christina says the 19-year-old is regarded "as a child in the house." In a period he lived also in their apartment at the Royal Palace.
At one point in April this year when the 19-year-old was alone in the apartment, he went into the Princess Christina and her husband's bedroom to look for cigarettes. By chance, he discovered the secret compartment - a secret storage compartment - where the keys to the strongbox was hidden. In questioning the 19-year-old tells how he decided to steal jewelry from the cabinet and then blame the cleaning lady who often spent time alone in the apartment. The change was two rings and cufflinks in gold and a bracelet of gold thread that Christina had got as gift from the Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie at a state visit 1956.

LN said...

After the theft, he sold everything on for 9000 crowns to two men he came met when trying to buy marijuana. In interviews he says that the men would melt down the gold to make new jewelry. The 19-year-old has left a detailed description of the two buyers and through contacts with the county criminal police in Gothenburg, the Stockholm police tried to locate them. But so far without success.
On May 18th the Princess Christina and Tord Magnuson had a big party in a banquet room in the house on Castle Hill where they have their apartment. The 19-year-old was there and helped serve. When he changed clothes for the late evening up in the apartment, he took the opportunity to steal with a wrench. When the entire party company then went on a tour of the castle, he went up the apartment and stole the crown as part of the legacy of Christina's mother, Princess Sibylla.
After the party, he went into town to party. In interviews he tells how he stops at the National Bridge, after the Parliamenthouse and throws the bag with the diadem into the Stockholm stream. Then he continued to Stureplan and partied.
Both the National Action Force divers and Aftonbladet has sought in vain through a large area of the water outside the Parliament building.
After the theft the 19-year old was very remorseful. When everything came to light, he threw himself around Tord Magnusons legs and apologized in the middle of the Central Station. In police interviews, he acknowledged, but could not explain why he stole the jewelry. To the police, he says that he has stolen before, but that he now has only destroyed because he had finally got real and royal friends.
Aftonbladet yesterday contacted Princess Christina, who do not want to comment on the theft. But she announces that she and her husband think that what has happened is very sad.
Martin Ekelund

- Gift from - an emperor
A tiara of Princess Christina weared at the Nobel Banquet December 10, 2011. Labeled Rib Hagen. Heirlooms. Should have been in a cloth bag labeled Sennheiser when it was thrown in Stockholm stream. Value: 350 000.
- A gold ring with an aqua marine stone the size of a thumbnail, surrounded by smaller white stones. Inherited from Princess Sibylla. Which in turn inherited it from his grandmother, Helena of Waldeck and Pyrmont.
Value: 25 000.
- A ring in white gold with a large diamond of unknown carats. The diamond is mounted in white gold and antique cut. Although it is heirlooms that have gone the Princess Christina's family for a long time. Value: 450 000.
- Two large cufflinks in gold, a little less than one Euro coin. Engraved with the number 40. Belonged formerly Sweden's former King Gustaf VI Adolf.
Value: 30 000.
- A rigid braided bracelet in gold thread and a black wire, possibly elefanthår. About two centimeters wide. The bracelet is a medallion / coin with a likeness of Emperor Haile Selassie wearing a crown on her head. A gift from the Emperor during a state visit 1956th Value: Unknown.
Total: At least 855 000 SEK.