Thursday, June 07, 2012

Rape, Murder, and Revenge in Burma

When a young girl is raped and murdered by Muslims in the West — say, in Blackpool, in northern England — her neighbors may become angry, and they may demonstrate in public to express their outrage. Some of them may even throw bottles and get themselves arrested. All of them will be demonized as “racists” and “right-wing extremists” by public officials and the press.

But no Muslims will be hurt in the making of such a demo. Some of the protesters may wish they could inflict violence on the perpetrator(s). But Muslims in their local community will generally remain unharmed.

Not so in Burma (I’m old-fashioned, and refuse to use “Myanmar”). After a Burmese woman was raped and killed by a gang of Muslim youths, Buddhists in Taunggoke in the western Burmese state of Rakhine attacked a busload of Muslims and beat ten of the passengers to death.

If Muslims have to be in the minority, they are definitely better off being a minority in a Western country.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below are excerpts from news stories about the same incident. First, from AFP:

Distrust Fuels Anti-Muslim Violence in Myanmar

SITTWE, Myanmar - An eruption in religious tensions in Myanmar has exposed the deep divisions between the majority Buddhists and the country’s Muslims, considered foreigners despite a decades-long presence. The violence threatens to overshadow reconciliation efforts in the country formerly known as Burma, where there has been a series of dramatic political reforms since almost half a century of military rule ended last year. The trigger for the latest surge in sectarian tensions was the rape and murder of a woman in western Rakhine state, which borders Bangladesh, for which three Muslim men have been detained, according to state media. On Sunday a mob of hundreds of people attacked a bus, believing the perpetrators were on board, and beat 10 Muslims to death.

And from Daily Star:
Myanmar Muslims Protest Over Mob Killings

YANGON, Myanmar: Scores of Myanmar Muslims held a rare protest in the country’s biggest city on Tuesday to demand justice for nine pilgrims killed by a Buddhist mob in an attack that has stirred communal tension. The demonstration at a mosque in central Yangon was peaceful and ended by early evening, but at least six trucks loaded with police close by.

Some demonstrators showed pictures of the bloodied and beaten bodies of the nine Muslims who were killed on Sunday in Taunggoke in western Rakhine state, when anger erupted over the reported rape and murder of a Buddhist woman by a gang of young Muslims.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Islam does not understand the language of love and tolerance. When others express love and tolerance towards Islamic doctrine of hatred, Muslims take it as 'submission' to their might. Islam only understands when other cultures talk its language of violence and hatred.

History tells us that only those cultures that stood up to Islam survived. This includes the West - but only in the past. In the present, West refuses to stand up to Islam and it will have grave consequences for the West.

Burmese have stood up to Islam, and I hope they do in the future as well. That is the only guarantee for the survival of their culture from being overtaken by Islam.

Brock Townsend said...

Not so in Burma (I’m old-fashioned, and refuse to use “Myanmar”).

Me too.:) Posted.

Salome said...

I remember a time on the radio when it was 'Myanmar formerly Burma' and then became 'Burma formerly Myanmar formerly Burma'. So now it's 'Myanmar formerly Burma formerly Myanmar formerly Burma', is it?

Robbo the Yobbo said...

Burma is the correct name in English, no matter what the regime may wish. The capital of this unhappy country is Rangoon.

Anonymous said...

Buddhists are pretty much like the English for temprament. For them to do this is pretty way out.
Anyway, I'm going into trance mode, I'm imagining I'm in Blackpool and seeing this happening but something keeps telling me, twice not once, twice not once, twice not once. What can that mean?

Anonymous said...

Secretarian? Ignorance abounds.

Brock Townsend said...

Posted with comment.

Interesting, in that I have always said in reply to those who state Buddhists are not violent, that I wouldn't count on it if you do the wrong thing to a Buddhist family in Vietnam.

u.l. said...

On the name issue: this seems to me a political game, however insignificant the issue appears to be. Munich, Vienna, Venice, Prague and many more places have English names that do not match those in the local languages. Nobody would demand to change these English words to suit local 'sensitivities'. Such demands come only from non western nations that hold a grudge against their former colonial powers. We should just use the proper English words for Peking, Bombay, Calcutta and so on, it is no more offensive than using Vienna for Wien.

u.l. said...
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Anonymous said...

it is our backward thinking here in the west that you can not avenge against people who are out to harm you.

Anonymous said...

brock townsend is right. if you think buddists and hindu's in that part of the world are all peace loving your in for a big surprise.

Anonymous said...

Jihadists Islamic bigots are even linked to recent "sectarian" bloodshed in Burma


Myanmar claims 'Jamaat link'
Dipu Moni tells JS
Staff Correspondent
Friday, June 15, 2012
The Myanmar government has conveyed its anxiety to the Bangladesh mission there that the Jamaat-e-Islami had been helping the Rohingya groups in Bangladesh with arms to incite sectarian clashes in Myanmar.