Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Say No To German Patriotism (Again)!

Anti-patriotism in Germany is a gift that just keeps on giving. We posted the other nightabout the leftists’ campaign against using the German flag to display enthusiasm for the German soccer team in the European championships. Now comes the same thing from the Greens.

Many thanks to Hermes for translating excerpts from this post at Jürgen Elsässer’s blog:

Germany: agitprop from the Green party against patriotism

Patriotismus? Nein Danke!

Voilà, this is the new sticker of the young Greens. The small anti-nuclear sun with a “banned” German flag. “Patriotism? No thanks!” Can we say that we are fed up with these fellows? Grew up as an anti-authoritarian, undereducated, lacking in writing skills and strong at Denglisch (anglicised German), passionately pro-euro and belligerent. The solar bohemians and their puppets who live on the financial surplus we pay for electric energy…

To abolish Germany and bomb other countries is something that no love parade would allow…

The Greens are really just a 10% party, but they are the avant-garde of unleashed globalism and drive the old parties in front of them. No wonder that Juergen Trittin was invited to the Bilderberg meeting! No wonder, that Joschka Fischer had to/would want to give impulse to the Nabucco war project! No wonder that Cem Özdemir wants Turkey to join the EU! No wonder that Claudia Roth wants to abolish genders! No wonder that Cohn-Bendit “approached” small children!


K. from Germany said...

Emigrating to Mongolia becomes more and more attractive. There you get to command a flock of sheep, not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

Currently there is an article entitled The Asphyxiation of German History at Culture Wars, http://www.culturewars.com/2012/German.htm

--Robert Pinkerton

Anonymous said...

The good news is that the enemies of the German people are finally showing their true colors for all to see. They no longer hide in the shadows or keep their agendas hidden.

Dymphna said...

@ K from Germany -

Well, there's a growing number of young college-educated Italians who are vying to become shepherds in No. Italy - *anything* to have a job. So you may be on to something, hmmm?
Mr. Pinkerton, I read half the essay but as it became more and more larded with accusations about "Jewish money", the more deja vu it sounded...sad & predictable.

Yep. Germany's problems are due to Jewish money, just like they were in the 1930s. Been there, done that.

This particularly unlovely "wash, rinse, repeat" pattern is just another version of BTJ - Blame the Jews. Here in the US, there's a lot of responsibility to be shared regarding our current mess and few Jews - Soros aside - should be in the first row when the Blame crowns are passed around.

Obama gets the first tiara. He even managed to outspend Bush, and that's saying something.

James said...

I agree completely with anonymous in post #3. The more these wackjobs expose themselves as anti-nationalist at the core of their ideology the more people will see they aren't just for 'environmental' causes. This is one of the best things to come out of the more recent radicalization of politics in Germany. Although, to be fair, the greens have always been extremely leftist - if not moreso than the openly communist Linke.

A few years back, we had Thilo Sarrazin release his book "Deustchland Schafft Sich Ab" and it instantly became a best seller. I know there are millions of Germans who are proud of their nation and their culture who will wholeheartedly reject such a radical platform as presented by the greens and Linke. Incidental events such as football tourneys verify this underlying sentiment. The only thing we need now is a viable party through which to channel discontent - at the moment, we have the ineffective and slowly left-shifting CDU/CSU running the show. An alternative to the NPD, which has long been tarred in unpalatable colors, must make itself known. Perhaps an economic collapse will bring about the change we require so that people become politically active.

Tiedar said...

What is "Jewish money"? Something that handles the German guilt in WW II?

Anonymous said...

Everything for the left-nutters is relative. Here is what i mean.

The issues about animal rights = the lefties will ignore the halal butchers who slowly behead the innocent animals, and they will attack McDonalds (where the animals are killed in a fast way by machines. Quick death, no time for pain)

The issue of women rights, the lefties will ignore the honor killing tradition, the brutal treatment of muslims against women... and they will focus on blackmailing and psy terrorising middle-aged bloggers who criticize feminism