Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pulling the Plug on Airport “Safety”

Cultural Enrichment News

Under normal circumstances I would have left this story from The New York Post for the news feed. However, interested readers should take a look at the text and note the name of the TSA employee whose job skills do so much to enrich the security of the American homeland.

JFK is not the only airport on which the benefits of cultural enrichment have been so amply bestowed. Do a little “profiling” of TSA employees the next time you pass through Dulles, Philly, Logan, or any number of other major international airports. And if you think it’s bad here, try flying into Heathrow.

Unplugged Metal Detector Triggers JFK Chaos

These fools are keeping us safe?!?

The TSA’s bungling reached a new low yesterday when a JFK Airport terminal had to be evacuated and hundreds of passengers marched back through security screening all because one dimwitted agent failed to realize his metal detector had been unplugged, sources told The Post.

The stunning error led to hours of delays, two planes called back from the runway and infinite frustration for furious passengers.

“The truth is, this is the failure of the most basic level of diligence,” a law-enforcement source said.

“How can you expect the public to feel confident of the mission of the TSA if they don’t even know if the lights are turned on?”

The chaos at Terminal 7 was caused by screener Alija Abdul Majed, who had manned Lane No. 1 during the morning shift with no idea his metal detector had no juice, sources said.

Amazingly, he failed to realize that alert lights never flashed once as streams of passengers filed through the dead detector, the sources said.

Majed was so clueless that he couldn’t even tell police how long the machine had been shut off or how it happened, the sources said. “It was simply an unplugged machine — the TSA doing its best,” another source said.

Higher-ups at the Transportation Security Administration finally discovered the security boondoggle at 9:44 a.m. — leaving the Port Authority with no choice but to call for a complete evacuation of the international terminal that is home to British Airways, Cathay Pacific, United Airlines and others.

The extraordinary measure meant that two jumbo jets — including a San Francisco-bound United flight — had to return to the gate so passengers could be rescreened at a metal detector that was actually turned on.

The TSA would not confirm or deny that its detector had been unplugged, releasing a statement saying only that a metal detector suffered a “malfunction.”…

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Nomadic100 said...

Perhaps Abdul's machine was unplugged on purpose for nefarious intentions.

Anonymous said...

The TSA isn't meant to insure safety or inspire confidence but to mete out indignity at the hands of the culturally and socially disordered – and, as noted by Nomadic 100, to roll the dice with the differently nefarious. The touchers, fondlers, gropers, and sniffers, are the deviants contribution to diversity. Comply or assent to irradiation – your choice. The continued existence of the TSA and the continued placability of Americans does not bode well for the continued existence of America.

George Pal

Anonymous said...

Why in God's name would they train
[badly?] a Moslem to do such an
important security job. Is the
whole World mad ?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a dry run from where I'm standing..

Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous to go through this kabuki theater. Everybody is treated as if terrorism was a virus and we were all potential unwilling carriers. We're not fighting bottles of water, shampoo or perfume, toothpaste or juice. We're not even fighting knives, guns or bombs. We're fighting the ideology that brings these items into airplanes with nefarius intent.
Only muslims are doing this. They should be squeezed, shamed and discriminated senseless at airports for their co-religionist's antics. Why does everybody else must be shamed, trespassed on his personal privacy, delayed in pointless "security" checks, as if we were all potential terrorists?

Robert Marchenoir said...

Fire the lot.

Have the Israelis draw new screening rules. Then let them recruit and train a fresh batch of employees.

Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Mr. kabuki, you asked why we must all be treated as potential terrorists. The answer is fairly simple: names, skin color, and accent are not reliable touchstones for who's a threat. Even if you had a guarantee that only Muslims are terrorists (and what, then, of Aum Shinrikyu, Baader Meinhof, etc.?), you would be wide open to attack going by looks and names and accents. Names can be changed. Native English speakers can be recruited.

Anonymous said...

No. No. No. Forbid Muslims from ALL sensitive jobs. Non-Muslims then screen ALL obvious Muslims, and randomly profile everyone else.

Two lines. Muslim line and non-Muslim line.

This is what we're already doing in insane reverse - hiring Muslim 'security' to screen non-Muslims while burqa-clad Muslimas breeze through airport security without a backward glance at the Western dhimmis behind them.

Identify Muslims by country of origin, complete names, languages spoken, dress, luggage items, and behavior (Muslim prayer time in the lobby, foot washing in the restroom), etc.


Anonymous said...

This was deliberate. The Muzzie TSA worker knows nothing will happen as a result. We should never employ Muslims in any state or federal job given who and what they are. This is like letting a Nazi inside the Pentagon during WWII.

As for the TSA, it's useless and intrusive and never caught a single terrorist.

As for airline security. Simply profile the Muzzies and those that look like them. Even if one manages to get on a plane, the passengers know full well they'll have to stop the Muzzie or they'll die. This is why after 9/11 all Muzzie attempts failed miserably at the hands of the passengers.