Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Political Voice Box… For the Facts

BF meeting, July 21 2012

On Thursday July 21 local members of the British Freedom Party gathered in Somerset to greet their chairman, Paul Weston, and two new members of the Executive Committee, Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll.

Here’s a report on the event from the British Freedom website:

On Thursday night British Freedom held its first regional meeting in Somerset, chaired by the Local Party Organiser Hamilton Chant. The meeting was extremely positive and well attended by 80+ British Freedom and EDL members, most of whom were from the South West region.

Speakers included the joint Vice Chairmen Stephen Lennon and Kevin Carroll, as well as Party Chairman Paul Weston.

Stephen and Kevin both spoke about the advantages British Freedom can bring to the EDL, whilst Paul outlined the violent thousand-year Jihad Islam has waged against Europe.

Videos of the speakers can be viewed below — please share them far and wide and help us to spread the good word of Freedom.

I’ll do just as BF suggests. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading these videos and improving the audio.

First, here’s Kevin Carroll opening the event:

Next, Tommy Robinson:

Finally, Paul Weston:


Anonymous said...

Paul asserts that there has been brainwashing in the UK since 65, 70. Slightly worrying since I was born in 65 and would have been just starting school in 1970!

Seriously though, I think I managed to eavade most of it during my school years, being in a non-English part of the UK.

However when I signed up to do a degree with the Open University, a decade ago now, one of the subjects I studied was the history of the English language - and there were some strange views contained in the textbooks, I can tell you. You can imagine.

And nowadays it's just undeniable that the world has changed - and not for the better - since my childhood. We are less free, the politicians are less capable, less honest, and the doctrines which are being driven into everyone are so crazy any five year old would laugh at them and not even take them seriously.

Well, a five year old back in 1970 anyway ... if a five year old now says the wrong thing we all know what can happen ..

What a disaster area our country is nowadays.

Well done Paul, "Tommy" and Kevin!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous (9:11 AM)

Any examples of the strange views in your textbooks you can recall?


Anonymous said...

Well let's put it this way: I never knew that the English language was a tool used by the white race in their efforts to colonise the entire world and deny non-white races their own cultures, etc.

You get the idea ...

Anonymous said...

Thats the narrative they push indeed. Quite gutsy to actually paint that picture in student textbooks.


thehawkreturns said...

Well done Paul, Tommy and Kevin.
Yes join up work together and bring that change.
You are all our only hope. Otherwise Islamists will murder us all.