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How To Destroy A Country — Part 1

Paul Weston’s latest essay is the first of a three-part series about the deliberate destruction of British culture, and of Western Civilization itself.

How To Destroy A Country — Part 1
by Paul Weston

“There is a revolution coming. It will not be like the revolutions of the past. It will originate with the individual and with culture, and will change the political structure only as its final act. It will not require violence to succeed, and it cannot be successfully resisted by violence. This is the revolution of the new generation.”

— Charles Reich. “The Greening of America.” 1970.

Paul WestonEvery generation bemoans the slippage of standards and the “going to the dogs” of society, but history shows that civilisations and peoples really do collapse utterly. Some even become extinct. Great Britain, needless to say, is no longer as great as it once was, but has the degradation we see around us on a daily basis been caused by well-intentioned liberal stupidity, or by brilliantly-planned leftist malevolence?

Perhaps it is a mixture of both. It has long been known that the hard Left wished to transform the traditional Britain (and West) I was born into. Via a protracted campaign of brainwashing and propaganda they were able to recruit well intentioned liberals into an unknowing alliance. This was not particularly difficult, of course; liberals are easily duped by propagandised platitudes and fall very easily into Lenin’s denouncement of them as Useful Idiots.

But first, let us deal with some facts. During and after WWII the Soviet Communists gobbled up as much of Europe as they could. Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia disappeared behind the Iron Curtain, followed by Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and East Germany. In essence, any country within Moscow’s military strike capability fell into its clutches and became part of the Soviet empire.

The Communists really did have global aspirations, so countries outside their military sphere were not simply ignored and written off, they were earmarked for destabilisation and subversion, to be taken over at a later date. The Kremlin office assigned this task was the Department of Agitation and Propaganda, which worked with Western Communist parties, including the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB).

Karl MarxAdded to this subversive mix was what became known as the Frankfurt School, which wielded enormous social pressure — initially in America and subsequently in Britain — in the decades after the Second World War. It was established in Frankfurt in 1923 by the Hungarian Communist Georg Lukacs, and was known in those days as the Institution for Marxism.

Lukacs was an agent of The Communist International (Comintern) which had been established in Moscow in 1919 in order to “fight by all available means, including armed force, for the overthrow of the international bourgeoisie for the creation of an international Soviet republic.”

Karl Marx wrote of the anarchy necessary as a precursor to outright revolution, in which he would “stand astride the wreckage a colossus.” Lukacs, whose reputation in the revolutionary world was almost on a par with Marx himself, said: “I saw the revolutionary destruction of society as the one and only solution. A worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of the old values and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries.”

Theodore AdornoIn the 1930s Lukacs was joined by two other Marxists, Max Horkheimer and Theodore Adorno, but the rise of Hitler made it impossible for them to stay in Germany, so they moved to New York City, where the institute became known as the Frankfurt School. In the 1950s they were joined by a new recruit Herbert Marcuse, and between them they started to write the Marxist future of the democratic West.

The Frankfurt School was the birthplace of Critical Theory, which may be described as the destructive criticism of Western culture, including Christianity, capitalism, authority, the family, patriarchy, morality, tradition, sexual restraint, loyalty, patriotism, nationalism, heredity, ethno-centrism, and conservatism — whilst the basic tenets of Western evil are repeated over and over again: Racism, sexism, colonialism, nationalism, homophobia, fascism, xenophobia and imperialism.

Herbert MarcuseHerbert Marcuse is probably the most infamous person that most people today have never heard of. His book Eros and Civilization promoted Free Love and the Pleasure Principle. His counter-cultural ideologies gradually transformed American and Western society from that which built Western Civilisation into that which exists only to tear it down. The greying politicians who now run the West and the majority of its institutions are the same fresh-faced students of the 1970s who once sang the Marcuse-inspired “Hey hey, ho ho, Western Civ [civilisation] has got to go.”

A cult developed around Marcuse during the 1960s and 1970s, and the student-hippie generation was the Marcuse generation. He was held in such esteem that everything he penned was taken seriously, resulting in the students’ absorption of not just Marcuse’s most famous expression, “Make Love not War”, but also the rest of the Frankfurt School’s anti-Western, counter-cultural propaganda. Never had Lenin’s useful idiots been more abundant.

Che GuevaraBut Marcuse was an evil man. He genuinely wanted to overthrow the traditional West. When asked who would play the part of the Russian proletariat in the Western revolution, he replied it would be all the marginalised groups, including black militants, feminists, homosexual militants, the asocial, the alienated and third world revolutionaries represented by the mass murderer Che Guevara.

The destructive policies of the Frankfurt school were known collectively as Cultural Terrorism. Today, they are simply referred to as Political Correctness, an ideology people are aware of, although very few know of its anti-Western, destructive and revolutionary roots. Doubters should ask why the victims of the politically correct lobby are overwhelmingly white, Christian, capitalist, heterosexual and male, or DWEMs as they are crudely referred to in America, short for Dead White European Males.

The simple answer is that these men and the qualities they embodied laid the foundations, erected the props, and over many centuries built the various layers of intertwined ideology and structure that formed Western Civilisation. If our memory of them can be destroyed, if the ideology can be destroyed, and if the race of people who currently represent that ideology can be destroyed, then Western Civilisation can itself be destroyed.

Only when we understand this harsh reality does the modern world make any sense. Western society has not suddenly become insane. We do not live in a society of political correctness gone mad. It is not that we are old and just don’t get it. The terrifying truth is that we are being set up for deliberately engineered control by a well-planned Socialist operation that has been decades in the making. Partial proof of this fact is the typical white liberal/leftist who denounces the historical European colonisation of foreign lands as imperialistic and oppressive, yet celebrates the current foreign colonisation of Europe. This tells us it is not colonialism with which the liberal/left have a problem, but Western Civilisation itself.

This article is the first part of a three-part series. It serves to outline the background of the leftist assault on Britain and Western Civilisation as a whole.

In Part Two I will write in detail of the dedicated campaign waged against our traditions and our society.

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

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Nemesis said...

Looking forward to the next instalment. A good article that will easily explain the sabotage of our great civilization to those who do not yet, 'get it'.

Merlin said...

Many of us are gradually awakening to the terrible conditions we find our nations in. Rampant crime, a growing economically dependent underclass, an ever increasing entanglement with Islam, the importation of alien and hostile cultures within our borders, and the gradual corrosion of Western civilisation.

A nation can survive war, famine, economic disaster, disease, and a multitude of hardships, save one; racial dissolution.

The world's greatest civilizations arose and fell in accordance with their racial homogeneity.

There is nothing mysterious about this. It says nothing about one race being superior to another. It is mere fact based on the human condition.

Read on...

If the West is to survive then we must rethink our immigration policies before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Nice article, Paul. Shame it won't appear in the sunday papers.

Anonymous said...


Do check out John Loeffler @ khouse. He's done some good stuff, which you might find interesting.


Anonymous said...

Here's an essay of Loeffler's.

One thing which Loeffler does explain very well is found in his Worldview Wars talks, which you can get on mp3 at the khouse website for a few dollars. It is how people on the ground, the hands-on "agents of change" go about their business: the strategies they use at meetings etc. Very interesting indeed! (And very useful to know.)

Anonymous said...

Its horrible and unpleasent to read. But at the same time I release it is true. A little part of me wants to just point the finger at immigration and Jihadists and blame it on them. The facts say other wise. It is clear how our culture has been subverted, compare 1912 music to 2012 music. Bach or rap. If you do read this, i'd appreciate it if you posted some of your sources.

Vortac said...

Great article, a real eye-opener, it reminds me of Fjordman and his analytical skills.

When I think about it now, it's probably not a coincidence that the rise of the so called Frankfurt School occurs at the same time as the rise of Stalin. Although often described as mediocre, all historians agree that Stalin was the ultimate subversion strategist and some of his plots are really mind-bogglingly devious. Consider just the General Tukhachevsky plot when Stalin deliberately leaked some false informations to the Nazi Germany, so that the Gestapo could in time leak it back to the USSR where Stalin used it as an "evidence" that the high-ranking officers of the Red Army are in fact spies and traitors, creating a strong pretext for the most brutal purge in Soviet history and executing all his real and imaginary opponents in the military. Stalin was the kind of person who was prepared to wait for a decade, if necessary, for his plots to bring results and in my opinion this whole massive subversion operation bears his signature - even if we don't consider the fact that during his government, every move communist parties made on the international level needed his explicit or implicit approval.

Green Infidel said...

In 1983, ex-KGB agent and defector talked about this in a seven-part video. Touching on Sun-Tzu and methods used in martial arts, he explains how only 15% of the KGB's resources were directed towards traditional sabotage and espionage, and 85% directed towards subversion - via academics and lobby groups.

At 0:38 in the 2nd part, one can see the subversion process, and how it various areas of life and society.

I would highly recommend all seven parts (links on the side). Personally-speaking, they are probably the biggest factor in convincing me of what's happening in the Western world today.

Anonymous said...

They not only denounce the historical European colonisation as evil, but depict Muslim colonisation (like Andalus) as beneficial, rarely mention arab slave trade and their raids of european shores, etc.

Siobhan said...

In the spiritual realm, I believe that God is about to chastise the world and in fact, it is already happening. Read about Our Lady of Fatima and other approved prophecies of the Church. “Trial, Tribulation & Triumph” by Desmond A. Birch is a good start. Right now I believe what is happening to the West can be found in Jeremiah 17:

“Your wealth and your treasures I will give for spoil as the price of your sin throughout all your territory.”

I believe what is happening to America and the West is because of the sins of contraception, abortion and homosexuality which we promote all over the world. But what I think may be the ULTIMATE outcome after the chastisement is completed is Psalm 37. It’s too long to write here – you’ll have to pull out your bibles and read it. Our Lord will bring the West back to its Christian roots, but we’re going to pay an enormous price.

Merlin said...

@anon 12:31am

Please do not miss the point. What Paul is writing in his article is true. I am simply pointing to a byproduct of this cultural subversion. You should not just point at immigration and Jihadists and blame them. You should point at our elected leaders and the organised Left and blame them. They are the ones who are creating and sustaining the environment in which we find ourselves.

Part of their misguided, if not evil, agenda is significant population replacement under the guise of "diversity" and cultural enrichment. This is what gives rise to the point I made - the consequences of massive immigration.

Notice that countries like Japan are not having to deal with Jihadists nor ethnic riots and crime that we are. Why? Because they carefully control their borders. They have had no massive influx of Muslims that Europeans are being forced to deal with.

Columnist said...


Christianity commands having a large family, but forbids wars of conquest. This explains the confusion of the West; constantly following a cycle of expansion and guilt. Christianity is inherently unstable.

Christian monogamy means that conquered people are wiped out. Not only men, but also women and children are killed.

So basically all pathologies of the West, both the atrocities AND the guilt about it, are inherited from Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Christian monogamy means that conquered people are wiped out.

plygamists are pedophiles.

Anonymous said...

It is important to remember that race (and therefore "racial homogeneity") is a construct. National populations are in a constant state of genetic flux, even when a given national population is isolated, the existing genetic diversity is sufficient for cultural shifts that affect the fertility of one group (for example, by pushing females of that group out of public employments and thus into homemaking, or making successful cuckoldry by some types of men more likely) to rapidly change the overall genetic complexion of a nation.

Ethnicity, though widely considered a less rigorously defined aspect of humanity, is a more accurate term to describe human population dynamics. The difference between precision and accuracy is important to all debates about facts, an illustration would be giving the value of pi as "a bit more than three" or "15.984619846499684"...the latter answer is far more precise but far less accurate.

The point is that while the term "race" implies some definite genetic criteria which are immutable biological characteristics of any given individual of a certain race, there are not and never have been any defined genetic criteria for belonging to a given race other than degree of relation to other persons of that same race. While we can say that the degree of genetic similarity is precisely measurable, ultimately we have to define it in a highly self-referential way, so the precision is meaningless.

Ethnicity depends, not on pure genetics, but on cultural inheritance as a result of being raised within a given human populations set of normative criteria. This means that a person's ethnicity cannot be scientifically established by use of medical technology or determined from mere observation of inherited physical characteristics, and so it seems like it cannot be established with the same degree of precision as their race. But all we can establish scientifically about race is that a person is related genetically to persons that we have decided to identify as belonging to a particular tells us nothing useful except what we knew about that 'race's' ethnic distribution.

As an example, the people of Japan and Korea are very closely related genetically, so that if you take a person from Japan and one from Korea and compare their genetic profile, they are highly likely to be more similar to each other than anyone in China would be to a second person selected from China.

What we imagine we know about "races" is in fact knowledge about ethnicities, human populations passing cultural inheritances down from one generation to the next. Genetics almost certainly plays a significant role in this, but the cultural inheritance is profoundly more important to establishing patterns of behavior and belief typical of a given ethnic population.

A prime example of the importance of this distinction is the spread of Christianity. The fact is that the vast majority of Christians today have no genetic heritage from Christ. This might sound so obvious a point as to be not worth making, but it becomes somewhat clearer as we observe that expansions of Christianity generally involved the conversion of an existing population to become Christians without necessarily receiving much or even any genetic influx from previously Christian ancestors.

Most of the ethnic populations "wiped out" by Christian expansion are still least genetically (and usually enjoying more biological success in terms of population size and health to boot). But the old ethnicity is largely gone (for better or worse) to the degree that the Christian morality and culture displaces the previous cultural heritage.

Which is why it is not very meaningful to talk about "race", since this is not what we ever mean anyway.

Chiu Chun-Ling.

Columnist said...

@ Chiu Chun-Ling

A refreshing article. Maybe it is only the Anglo-Saxon expansion in America and Australia that is genocidal.
And, yes, thanks to Catholicism, Hispanics have large families. Ironically, many return to paganism, and ally with Democrats, undermining the very birthrate that was their great strength.

It would be nice if Christians decided whether the forced conversion of South America was a good or a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Well, from a Christian perspective it is bad. Forced Christians tend to lack the most important attribute a Christian can have...the willingness to die for their beliefs. It may be that this observed quality was what impelled Constantine to adopt Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire (which, ironically, was the single most important event in undermining this quality continuing to be a widespread characteristic of Christians).

The conversion of the northern European peoples, particularly the Scandinavians, was accomplished almost entirely by persuasion rather than force. This development in Europe is probably of critical importance in the development of the strong Western form of Christianity that continually improved and refined itself morally, leading eventually to the modern world. So probably the forced conversions also should be considered bad from other perspectives derived from Western Civilization, since it was voluntary mass conversion that really drove the West forward.

My own perspective as a Taoist is that, even in a predominantly "Christian" culture, there are still going to be plenty of chances for truly committed Christians to stand up for their beliefs (particularly to the degree that the culture is only nominally Christian). So I take no definite moral stance against forced mass conversion other than it being impractical in most cases. Which is not, strictly speaking, really a moral stance.

Chiu Chun-Ling.

Daryl-Hunter said...

I am sure the Cloward–Piven strategy to collapse the USA was born from The Frankfurt School teachings. Francis Fox Piven is a high up lefty who has been photographed with clinton and who Obama admires.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if Christians decided whether the forced conversion of South America was a good or a bad thing.

at least south americans stopped sacrificing people!

Anonymous said...

but depict Muslim colonisation (like Andalus) as beneficial

«al-andalus» was hell.

Columnist said...

@Anonymous 1/24/2012 6:31 PM

Is abortion human sacrifice? Should Christians force Atheists to convert?