Monday, January 09, 2012

The Spoiled Brats Occupy Themselves

One of our Danish contacts sent us another video of the Danish version of “Occupy”. There are no subtitles, but much of it is still interesting to hear, and our contact’s explanation of what goes on in the video is below the embed:

I watched Nicolai Sennels’ “Occupy” interview and found it very funny (and a little bit sad).

Here’s another Occupy Copenhagen video:

This is hilarious: Apparently the Occupy Copenhagen camp was cleared by police on 21st December. This clip was probably filmed by one of the “Occupants”. The police are heard at the start saying that the campers will have one minute to leave the area and then the camp will be cleared, and if they do not comply they will be in breach of the law and be arrested.

There is some talk amongst the occupants, which I can summarise here: “We have to delay this”, “Are you going to do a mic check?” (to the police): “I’m sorry I didn’t hear that?” (police): “Oh yes you did!” (then repeats instructions) (This sounds like the “main” guy, unbelievably pompous and full of himself): “We regret that we cannot cooperate. We are free and natural human beings. I personally do not recognise and agree with this legislation!”

What the … ?!!

Now this is the funniest thing ever…

You don’t have to understand every word they say to get the comedic value: “Mic check” — “Mic check” — and here we go; the usual knee-jerk lefty clap trap about capitalism, oppression, “Dear fellow citizens” “The world is trembling in its foundations” etc. etc.

The funniest thing is, of course, that there’s about 3-4 of them IN TOTAL, carrying on this mindless OWS Mic Check sheeple stuff of repeating what our “dear leader” is saying! It goes on and on, and towards the end there’s only one guy repeating the sentences … like this one: “Occupy” “is a non violent popular movement” “that grows day by day!”

Not in Copenhagen, it doesn’t!

Spoilt, overprotected brats the lot of them!


Anonymous said...

This is a good one too from Nov., if you haven't seen it yet:

Occupy twerps in Canada getting emotional about literature, disingenuous crying ensues, observers left feeling that 5 year olds are better at "fake crying" than occupiers. The kid in the "bolshevik" hat is hysterical. -- RoR

Manfred said...

Another great article about OWS:

Crime and Occupy Wall Street

Those crazy people actually tell rape victims to shut up while offering "counceling" to the rapists!

Anonymous said...

Counselling rapists


The same are the do-gooders talking about in Norway.

Their idea is to hold lessons for the potential rapists entering into the country, explaining to them "how Norwegian women behave".

Not one word about the victims and their families.

Anestis canelidis said...

A bunch of smelly Euro hippies that need to grow up!

Anonymous said...

«Occupy Wall Street»

....protesters have been holding mass yoga sessions. Some have been meditating even while being arrested by police. Even Deepak Chopra – a New Age megastar – turned up at Zuccotti Park to lead a meditation. The Huffington Post has also been running stories on spirituality. deny that very many Westerners are now simply “spiritual” or religious in a post-Christian sense (of believing in God, but not Christ) is to deny a significant part of the character of the West.

And to snobbishly condemn those practicing New Age spirituality, Yoga, and so on, is simply to disenfranchise the very people that exhibit much of the energy in the West today,....

A Long History of “Alternative Spirituality”

Despite being absolutely modern, the spirituality of the Occupy movement is the result of a long history. It obviously resembles the 1960s Hippy movement. However, we should not stop there to find its roots.
- brusselsjournal

Anonymous said...

Their idea is to hold lessons for the potential rapists entering into the country, explaining to them "how Norwegian women behave".

send them to jail!

Anonymous said...

Africa has accused Occupiers as impostors! They are the true 99% - it is you, greediest of the top 1%, demanding socialised handouts from your governments who are busy laundering private sectors on top of what you already have got in your mileages / metreages!

Time to give up your goods and cameras to the fickle Africans!