Friday, January 13, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/13/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/13/2012The European Union is unhappy with Hungary’s recent constitutional changes, and is threatening legal action if Hungary does not roll them back. Perhaps coincidentally, the debt rating agencies have just reduced Hungarian government bonds to junk status.

In other financial news, S&P downgraded the AAA debt rating of France, Austria, and several other EU countries. Germany and the Netherlands were spared, but Portugal’s bonds have been reduced to junk status.

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Anonymous said...

Leftist press in West European countries are trying to establish an opinion that Hungary has become a fascist state.

Anonymous said...

Jens Stoltenberg gets parents' seaside house in much sought after area, at remarkably low price

What is the real value of the estate, on the market?

1,6 million USD? Or, just 1,25 million USD, like Stoltenberg's broker claims?

Did Jens Stoltenberg pay the correct taxes? Would any Norwegian get away with the same estimated estate value?

Anonymous said...

Pakistani big time taxi fraudster on his way back to Oslo
- expelled from Pakistan

Express decision in Islamabad High Court to expell Mohammed Aslam, based on alleged falsely produced Pakistani ID-card.

Anonymous said...

New decision about political symbols in Swedish schools

Niqab is fine, if the teacher says so

- A victory for the fundamentalists, says Aje Carlbom, Swedish social anthropologist, about leaving it up to the teacher to allow the niqab in the classroom.

What political symbols of other extreme ideologies are you allowed to wear in Swedish schools? The nazi-symbol?

- We must not close our eyes!

From a Stockholm demonstration in 2009

Anonymous said...

This is how Jens Stoltenberg inherits this summer residence for just NOK 93 151 ,-

or, just 15 525 USD.

- Easy!

Jens is inheriting with his two sisters, Camilla and Ninni.

Anonymous said...

Swede caught in Thailand on suspicion of terror
- Really such a nice and sweet person!

Hussein was in Sweden only a few years ago to renew his passport, and he was arrested in Thailand last Friday.

It was only ten years ago that he had brought his family back home, to Lebanon, after he had been running a hair salon in Göteborg, explains his friend, who was very surprised to hear about the arrest.