Wednesday, January 25, 2012

“There is Nothing Left for us Danes”

Cultural Enrichment News

Below is a follow-up to last night’s post about burglaries targeting native Danes in Vollsmose, a culturally enriched neighborhood of Odense.

Many thanks to TB for the translation from B.T.:

A victim of the burglary smear campaign in Vollsmose

Rene: "I dare not live here anymore”

Danish resident of Vollsmose

[Photo caption: Rene Larsen has lived in Vollsmose for more than 29 years. Now he has decided to move after having been exposed to both burglary and assault. (Photo: Sonny Monk Carlsen).]

Imagine living a life where you hardly dare open the door when someone knocks on it. A life where you have to change your route to get home in safety, and where the fear of being assaulted constantly fills your thoughts.

Then you know what it is like to be 55-year-old Rene Larsen in Vollsmose in the year 2012.

“Who are you?”

His voice trembles and fear illuminates the eyes of the middle-aged man in Vollsmose who just opened the door a crack when knocked at it. In his right hand he conceals a shovel, which always lies next to the door in the event that he has to defend himself.

“Oh, you’re just reporters,” sounding like relief from the 55-year-old single disabled retiree Rene Larsen. He puts down his ‘weapon’ and invites us inside. Immediately he starts to talk about the life as a Dane in the troubled ghetto.

Vollsmose was amazing.

“I came here 29 years ago. At that time it was a fantastic place where everybody knew each other. People were friendly and invited one another inside. I remember that sometimes it could take several hours just to buy a package of bread in the local shop, as there was always someone you just had to talk to or drink a beer with,” he says.

But this is no longer the case.

“Well, It began about ten years ago when they started to shut down everything out here that was Danish. There is nothing left for us Danes. Today no one says hi to each other. You are almost looked down upon as a Dane, and you do not feel welcome anymore,” he says.

The atmosphere in the neighborhood has also become more brutal, a fact which Rene has experienced on several occasions.

“The first time I was assaulted was eight years ago. They broke my femur. Four months ago I was beaten up on a path while I was driving on my electric scooter. They stole all my money”.

Now Rene always takes different routes home on the scooter, and if anyone crosses his path, he turns around. “The attacks have not forced me out before now.” Like so many other ethnic Danes before him, he has been forced to live the same way.

“For the last ten years my children have said that I should move, but I’m probably a little stubborn. And I have so enjoyed the area out here,” says Rene.

The last joy finally disappeared a few weeks ago when Rene came home after having spent Christmas with his family.

“I came home on Christmas Eve. There had been a burglary. Gone were the television, my computer, and my Playstation. They had overturned everything. Even my hospital bed was overthrown.”

A difficult decision

Rene, in shock, made his way back to his family again, but when he returned the next morning, he could see that the burglars had been there again.

“Now they had smashed more of my stuff, stolen my stereo and a half liter of cola.”.

That day Rene made a difficult decision.

“It annoys me endlessly that I have to live like this. My lights are always on. The music constantly plays, and the curtains are drawn. I always thinks about when they might come, and I have to open the door. So now I have decided to move. Its over.”

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Anonymous said...

TPTB that bring "cultural enrichment" typically forget to bring the protections necessary. A job that they typically do half-arsed.

Anonymous said...

Well, it is sad to say, but Europe will now face one fo two possible futures, neither of them pretty. Either you will deteriorate into an Islamified backwater, and will live out the rest of your days under Islamic tyranny, with your homegrown Muslims taking sustenance and encouragement from the Islamic Fascist regimes in Egypt, Libya, and ultimately the entire Middle East, ...or you will have war.

Anonymous said...

How sad!

What protection do native Danes have not to be persecuted in their own homes, under supranational peoples' rights law?

Are native Danes supposed to be protected by Danish law in their own homes?

Henrik R Clausen said...

I wonder if domestic problems with ethnic cleansing will be addressed with the same means we used against Serbia..=

bilbo said...

its high time vigilantes got organised and kicked off.
then the "authorities" will take notice.

doxRaven said...

If Rene's plight was instead the plight of Raziq, an immigrant from Africa, who had his femur broken by a gang of youths, a gang that can only be described as Neo-nazies. That Raziq was missing the friendliness of his native culture compared to the cold indifference of the Western culture, and that Raziq is now forced to move, his voice trembling as he tells his story. Well THAT would be a cause that the Left would take up with relish and Raziq would become an instant celebrity of the mainstream media, not only in Denmark but in the wider EU media (Der Spiegel or The Guardian would run it in a heart beat).
But hold on, its not Raziq it is only Rene, ah, well then he is a xenophobe, he has it coming, and you are a xenophobic hate monger if you tell his story.

The left proliferates and thrives on the propaganda of fighting racism and hate, but the dark truth is that they are the true purveyors of racism today and they are spewers of hate par excellence.

Anonymous said...

To quote the preacher in "Cowboys and Aliens", "Get a gun and learn how to use it."

Anonymous said...

Arm yourselves. Do not live in fear of thugs, thieves and murderers.

Anonymous said...

It is ugly.

The governments are protecting the muslims at the cost of the natives.

myurbanphilosophy said...

What really upsets me is when things like this happen to old people and women. It makes my blood boil because some people should be regarded as innocents or off limits.

I have noticed on some anti islam sites that all crimes committed by muslims, then get labelled as part of the "stealth Jihad" process. For me this is not right. This is just as bad as the left wing media specifically covering up crimes committed by muslims, by ommitting suspect descriptions etc.

But in this particular case it would seem that they are targeting Danes specifically, and I believe under these parameters this could be classed as "stealth jihad" as they are effectively forcing all the native danes out of the area.

As someone rightly said if this was a group of neo nazis doing this to muslim families, it would be international headlines. Surely condemnation of any kind of crime should be universal? It is racist to only target one group for condemnation. And in letting other groups get away scott free, it surely does you know favours in the future.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this really makes me angry when the elderly, women, and children are assaulted by Third World males who do not even deserve to be in Europe in the first place.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Crimes committed by Muslims in excess of the rate of similar crimes committed by the non-Muslims do have to be viewed as part of the process of Islamization of a society. But certainly they would seem to fall more under the banner of not-so-stealthy Jihad.

Columnist said...

Still not understanding Genghis Khan?

Chiu ChunLing said...

I fail to see the relevance of Genghis Khan to this discussion. Some elucidation might be in order.

Anonymous said...

myurbanphilosophy said...
What really upsets me is when things like this happen to old people and women. It makes my blood boil because some people should be regarded as innocents or off limits.

it's islam.

Karl said...

This is a comment from Denmark. I used to be a very PC, ultra-socialist, see-the-good-in-everyone-and-hope-for-the-best type of person. Slowly my mind has changed. I am concerned for the future of the nation; I do not however, feel that it is too late to turn things around.

My cousin, who happens to be gay, was recently harassed, threatened, and spat upon when he was walking with his fiance in downtown Copenhagen. Who did this to them? It was a gang of Muslim young men. This is not really an isolated event any more nowadays. People are feeling unsafe and the police presence isn't strong enough (or willing enough) to do anything. My cousin and his fiance don't even want to leave their apartment after dusk any more.

It NEVER used to be like this in our country. I cannot accept that we are so open and good to others, to let them come here, and then they threaten our openness and tolerance and spit upon us. I want my country back!