Friday, January 27, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/27/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/27/2012The Dutch cabinet has now approved a burka ban, and as soon as Parliament gives its final approval the ban will become law. The Netherlands thus becomes the third European country to ban the burka, after Belgium and France.

In other news, Treasury Secretary says that the United States is willing to back increased funding for the IMF’s euro-rescue capability, provided that Brussels goes first, and bolsters its own emergency bailout fund.

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Gas said...

Here's something you'll probably never see on TV: french-congolese demonstrating nearby Eiffel tower to support Marine Le Pen.

Although it's in French, the beginning should be pretty clear. The following explanation sums up to: stop Tower of Babel politics, in France as in Africa. Throwing lots of "unrooted", different people together in cities where no one knows his neighbour can only lead to "sparks", sooner or later.

It seems that they have had more than their share of over-exploitation by shady lobbies and multinationals, in both countries.

They also say: "we've got to go back there and rebuild Congo, because no one will do it for us".

Take it as you like. I see it as hope!

Anonymous said...

Popular British TV-series
- too British

"Brian True-May, was suspended after making remarks perceived as racist. Mr True–May said the show was “the last bastion of Englishness” and “wouldn’t work” if ethnic minorities appeared on screen.

Anthony Horowitz, the award–winning writer who helped create the show, later defended Mr True-May, saying that it made perfect sense that villages in the fictional county of Midsomer should have no black faces. Mr True-May left his job at the end of the last series."