Saturday, January 28, 2012

When is a Swede Not a Swede?

A reader in Sweden just sent us this brief essay about the bias and dishonesty of the Swedish media:

There was an article yesterday in the Swedish newspaper Vestmanlands Läns Tidning by the Migration minister Erik Ullehag. It made the claim that hatred and violence against Jews are increasing among Swedish youth.

This is, of course, true — if you buy the politically correct idea that you are Swedish from the moment you get a Swedish passport. The migrants and the left-wing media and politicians stick to that definition when crimes such as murder, rape, harassing Jews, theft and burglary are committed.

The media don’t employ that definition, however, when there is a case of ‘hate crime’ or discrimination, such as Muhammad cartoons or pork for lunch at a school. Those events are racism.

There is always the option to use expressions such as “white”, “Aryan”, “Caucasian” or “Swedish ethnicity”, but those are not part of the politically correct vocabulary. The media and politicians use accurate descriptions when the purpose is to whitewash Islam.

Foreign news items are selected in a similar manner. Attacks on Israel get little or no coverage in the media, but an action like the ship to Gaza is described as if Israel were trying to starve the Palestinian population and force them to leave their ‘homeland’.

Jan Lewenhagen wrote in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter about Germany: “One in five Germans is anti-Semitic”. And then he rants about a case of neo-Nazis committing ten murders. He doesn’t suggest that the new anti-Semitism might be the result of the Muslim population that is growing rapidly in Germany.

Freedom of speech means anything may be left out, and you may pick the news you like. But the print media and television cover everything about Anders Behring Breivik, and don’t say anything about the 18,360 killings carried out by Muslims since 9/11.

The Swedish language is not widely spoken, so there is no chance for us to have a competing TV channel like FOX News, but there is a blog that’s ranked in 58th place that covers news that the mainstream media ignores.

This has opened the eyes and the minds of many Swedes.

There is also a political party in Parliament that polls at 6%, and that isn’t hostile to Israel.

Based on all the people I know, I drew the conclusion that (ethnic) Swedes don’t hate Jews. But our media and most of our politicians do.

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George Pal said...

So Islam's muslims are muslims, Britain's are Asians, and Sweden's Swedes. I think I finally capisce 'multicultural' and 'diversity'.

Anonymous said...

This is an article from Norwegian Defence League, exposing how media report on muslims in Norway... or lack of it...

Anonymous said...

On the topic of my homecountry. Here´s some interesting recent moving pictures from the infamous city of Malmö.