Monday, January 30, 2012

Diana West: The C-SPAN Interview

Last week Diana West, the author of The Death of the Grown-Up, was interviewed by Brian Lamb on C-SPAN. During their hour-long conversation they discussed Hollywood, the Left, the growing threat of Islamization, the American military’s counterinsurgency strategy, and “nation-building” in the Middle East.

Near the end of the interview you’ll hear a particularly interesting exchange in which Diana points out how neatly the infantilized and politically correct culture of 21st-century America dovetails with the Islamic institution of dhimmitude:

A full transcript of the above interview is available at


Anonymous said...

Just a bit OT:

Brian Lamb--C-SPAN, there's a blast from the past. My wife and I were trying to recall at what point in time when C-SPAN morphed from being a somewhat neutral source of talk-t.v. to a definitely leftist one? We used to watch it a lot, and don't remember it being biased.

I seem to remember that on call-in shows in the late 80's the caller line was just that, an open line, and about 65% or so of the callers proffered viewpoints--what I would characterize as those of 'decent America', of common sense, conservative values. Then, they shifted to the rationed thought format, with a democrat line, Republican line and a line for 'Independents". They took one call from each. That effectively shifted the opinions that got 'on air' to the left. I can't remember exactly what set of issues prompted this shift.

Any thoughts?

Juniper in the Desert said...

Brian, how about the possibility you have moved to the right and now see C-span for what it really is?
I know for sure that is what informs my clarified vision of today!!

Chiu ChunLing said...

No...C-span has definitely moved to the left. Of course, the basic premise of "progressive" ideology is that the standards of society are continually "evolving" to become more 'liberal'. So it is not a surprise that, just by holding firm to your existing ideas about right and wrong, you will see progressive influence moving the cultural standards to the left.

But C-span did used to lean slightly towards the conservative side, and that has changed. It is not just absolute movement in their standards, but relative movement as well, now they lean quite far to the progressive side.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful word: "infantilized". And the accompanying usage in a sentence (no joke) that reads: "seeing yourself as a victim infantilizes you".

This occurred to me as well. That this "politically correct" culture is ripe for dhimmitude. It's a culture that tells only certain types of people they can't be for themselves, they must be for the "other". Any sane person eventually must ask in response "If I am not for myself...what am I?" If you never ask yourself that question then eventually someone (Islam) is going to show up at your door and in their version of "charity" give you a purpose, which, is to be subservient to them. When you see that it's only "your kind" that this expectation to worship and defer to the "other" is put to...well, that's when things get "interesting." I still think "liberalism" is nothing in itself. It is an insane critique of Christian morality that literally defines itself and its purpose as being the blind antithesis to Christianity. How many of these "infants" have you seen assert that they are still, at this late hour, and complete sociological victory of Marxism in the public sphere, that they are being "victimized" by a Christianity that isn't even there. It's all such utter Bee Ess. RoR

Dymphna said...

@RoR --

If you haven't read Diana West's "The Death of the Grown-Up" I urge you to do so. She details the many characteristics of our child-adults, from their clothing to their pasttimes:
The Death of the Grown-Up

I wish they'd put it on Kindle because for sure no liberal-land library is ever going to carry it.

A statistic from some years back stuck with me: 17% of librarians identify themselves as conservatives. I'll bet it's an even smaller percentage now. The chattering consensus uses shunning quite efficiently to drive conservatives from the public square.

BTW, the remark about Brian Lamb wasn't OT at all.