Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/26/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/26/2012Last October a violent incident occurred just before the end of a football game between a Muslim high school and a Christian high school in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. Four of the Muslim players mobbed and assaulted the quarterback of the Christian team, sending him to the hospital with a concussion.

The four young assailants have now been charged with misdemeanor assault and battery. Their attorney says the boys were only charged because they are Arab-Americans, and that the police and prosecutors are motivated by racial animus. The police, however, are sticking by their decision to charge the players.

In other news, two Copts were killed in a village in Upper Egypt for refusing to pay extortion money demanded by a Muslim tough. It seems the extortionist was exacting a sort of unofficial jizya from the Christians, and imposed the relevant sharia penalty when they refused to pay.

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Chiu ChunLing said...

"In the police report, the quarterback for Lutheran was going to “take a knee” on the snap of the last play of the game. Lutheran won the game, 48-6."

This means that the assault was not in the context of a play, as the play was ended by the Lutheran QB. The assault still took place during the clock, costing the 'culturally enriched' team any chance of further plays to improve their score. Of course, they realized that they had no hope of winning the game, so instead they carried out a criminal assault.

American football is a rough sport, and injuries during play are common. But it is important to note that this attack did not take place during a play, but after a play had ended. The 'culturally-enriched' players also used prohibited tactics to break through the offensive line immediately before the end of the play, kicking and kneeing the opposing team to force them out of the way.

The prohibited tactics used during a play (in a game that they were clearly losing badly) are cause for disciplinary actions. The attack on the QB after the play was already over is a criminal assault, it is in no way justified as "part of the game", it is not even an attempt to cheat outrageously (as were the prohibited tactics employed against the opposing team during play). It is no different from hunting down the QB later that night and beating him.

Chiu Chun-Ling.

Anonymous said...

Fair play to the white girl attacked,
she threw the shoe back. The pack mentality and clear racist aspect of the incident make it essential that the authorities pursue the criminals
and hit them with max punishment.
There is a similarity between the way
the pack mentality of Afros and
Moslems works.And it seems that
white seems to be the colour of over 99% of their victims.

Anonymous said...

Diplomat died while working on freeing hostage in Saana