Sunday, January 15, 2012

Creating a Sane Society

The video below is drawn from a SUN TV news report about the Shafia trial in Ontario. The newscaster interviews an imam from Kingston named Sikander Hashmi, who maintains that honor violence has nothing to do with religion, and is not condoned by Islam.

Vlad Tepes has combined the TV footage with appropriate texts from the Koran and the hadith to expose the blatant taqiyya of the Kingston imam. He has also added some revealing footage of another imam being interviewed by Radio-Canada, which is the Quebec-based French version of the CBC — very lefty, very anti-Israel, and very Islamophilic.

Many thanks to Bear for translating the French portion:

For Vlad’s commentary and additional links, see this post.


Anonymous said...

"Violence against women predates religion"...this makes no sense at all for any genuine believer in God. Religion, the relationship between God (however you conceptualize or name such a being) and humanity, would have to exist from the first creation of humans, including women.

Either the relationship of God to humanity permits violence against women or it forbids it. Either your religion claims to be an attempt to understand and participate in the real relationship of humans to their Creator or it does not. If you claim that your religion is invented after the fact, then you admit that your religion is false. If you claim that your religion is true, then you must try and make it a true and practical description of what the relationship between humanity and God requires, permits, and forbids.

This is the central problem with "moderate" isn't submission to Allah as a God, but submission to the impossibility of finding a meaningfully true religion. It sees Muhammad not as "essentially perfect, but too humble to say so" but as "the best a man can be, despite being actually quite bad".

There isn't, in principle, any objection to tolerating such a 'religion' of existential despair (though I don't quite see the point of anyone actually subscribing to it). But such a lack of faith can never produce the strength of moral conviction necessary to do what is "right" when it involves the risk of harm to oneself.

Atheists can be "moral" up until the point that they see they would have to suffer for it. Then they let themselves off the hook. Moderate Muslims are exactly the same. Such people are useless in a real battle.

Even pacifists and death-cultists are more worthwhile when it comes to the genuine struggle to maintain civilization against its enemies.

Chiu Chun-Ling.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chiu Chun-Ling, I can see that you are a very wise man. May God bless you, and your family, and your children's children forever.

Aeons said...

Quebec also takes in and gives succor to a great number of our released pedophiles / pedo-killers.

It is a weird place of Catholicism, strippers, immigration from the Francophonie, liberal-urban insanity, and immigrant-dislike amoungst the separatists.

The CBC almost perfectly captures its insanity.

Anonymous said...

The interviewer knows his job: He refers to newcomers being 'indoctrinated' into western ways. So it is not Muslims who indocrinate their children but westerners into whose country these Muslims bring their kids.

Aeons said...

Congratulations Denmark! You have some of this family. The elder Shafia's younger sister came from Denmark to testify.