Monday, January 23, 2012

“Everyone Knows Why”

The video below uses the recent convictions in the Stephen Lawrence case as a jumping-off point to explore the issue of racially-motivated murder in the UK. It focuses on the enormous disparity between the media coverage of white-on-black violence and the (all but non-existent) coverage of black-on-white violence.

The media are not the only issue. Greater police resources are devoted to investigating and prosecuting the white murderers of “ethnics” than are employed when the races of killer and victim are reversed. It seems that if you are a “person of British background”, and are targeted because of your race, there is no one to speak up for you. The blatant official double standard is something that everyone in Britain recognizes, but is reluctant to discuss.

This informative video takes a good first step towards correcting the deficiency in the media’s reporting of the news:

Hat tip: Gaia.


Anonymous said...

A good example, I think, from Norway

A lot of attention, a march, and constant reference to the murder of a young Benjamin, of African color, who was murdered by Norwegians some years ago.

Not much attention or reference is given to all the Norwegians who have been murdered, wounded or raped, by immigrants of MC close to 100%.

bilbo said...

are we, the people realy racist?
i wonder.

merkur said...

"Greater police resources are devoted to investigating and prosecuting the white murderers of “ethnics” than are employed when the races of killer and victim are reversed.""


kloutlichter said...

Just Read the National Union of Journalist's charter on racism 2007.
Everthing comes to light when you do so.If it doesnt then you are so far down the path of the politically correct that you are too late to save and dont have a brain that you can call your own.

Anonymous said...

european police forces prevent the release of information that might cause europeans to question the wisdom of allowing their countries being colonised by third-world immigrants. this behaviour is imposed on the police by council of europe directives. turkey is part of the council of europe.

the attack by nato on non-muslims in the balkans was led by a turk general.

Anonymous said...

I dont suppose the MSM have reported much about the 57 year old man who was beaten to death in the Polloksheilds district of Glasgow in Scotland, the mudered mans partner witnessed his death and its two perpatrators from her flat window, of course the two perps were of ASIAN aka Indian subcontinental appearance aka Pakistani or Indian, as Polloksheilds is the principal area of Islamic settlement within Glasgow. Polloksheilds was the scene of the brutal RACIST murder of 15 year old Kriss Donald in 2004, when i say scene i mean its where he was abducted by 5 Racist Pakistani muslim men, and bundled nto a stolen merceded car, whilst in the car and under capitulation Kriss was subjected to a sustained period of inhumane torture and beating whilst he was driven some 80 miles from Glasgow to Dundee, and then back over to Glasgow, in this time young Kriss was stabbed repeatedly, had lit cigarettes stubbed out on him, was severley beaten, had his tongue cut out and finally once back in Glasgow was dumped on a peice of wasteground in Glasgow's East end and was set on fire and died, this terrible and frankly shocking and brutal RACIST murder was given the minimum of media attention in Scotland and even less so in the rest of the United kingdom, elswhere in the world it is largely unknown, yet we still never hear the end of the murder of Black murder victim by white murderers Stephen Lawrence who was stabbed once in London in 1993 and died, allegedley by a group of white racists??? How about Charlene downes in Blackpool who is thought to have been put through a mincer and served as kebabs to unsuspecting infidels?? the point is murder is murder, and racist murder is racist murder, no matter who the murderer is, but not in the eyes of the MSM and P.C police and governemnts.

Anonymous said...

As he says -- there are many dangerous precedents at work today and yet we see how that one lady turned tail and ran off. That one woman is representative of "liberal" society and culture, covering their politically expedient rear ends instead of confronting the dangerous precedents. That is the problem. That cowardly woman will go home and watch her grandsons be Army generals in a Playstation game while the muslim invaders move in next door, but she won't grab a newspaper and say "Look at this, lad. Look at this evil square in the face. If you're angry, be angry. If you're outraged, be outraged." Liberal society: Creating hell on earth and then turning tail and running away, leaving it to the "conservatives" to clean up...who they then subject to scorn and demonization in their efforts to preserve a society in which her grandchildren can leave the house without having to worry about getting their heads lopped off merely for being white. 100 lifetimes of shame on such repugnant cowards -- not fit to be reincarnated as mollusks. It'd be a divine insult to those noble, steadfast creatures!

Chiu ChunLing said...

I was slightly disappointed with the fact that none of those interviewed explicitly identified the cause of the unequal treatment as racism. Official bias against any given 'race' is racist. But the only person who said "racist" was talking about how he would be perceived...for being aware of the blatant, pervasive official racism of the media and law-enforcement. Everyone else managed to avoid even using the term.

Is the promotion of racism through officialdom and the media really so successful that the ordinary citizen can no longer even explicitly conceive of it as racist?

Chiu Chun-Ling.

Maturecheese said...

The current situation regarding race murders is a downright travestry but I am still glad that Stephen Lawrences killers have been brought to justice. I would like to see the same drive and energy by the authorities and media put into ALL murders regardless of race but I won't hold my breath. Political Correctness or Cultural Marxism to give it it's correct term, is destroying our communities.

Chiu ChunLing said...

I would agree that I would like to see similar energy put into the pursuit of justice in all cases, but I would be cautious about therefore endorsing the same drive. "Drive", meaning the pursuit of a particular outcome, always has the potential to be fatal to the pursuit of justice, which cannot be reconciled with pre-determined outcomes.

And what we've seen in the pursuit of those accused of killing Stephen Lawrence definitely exhibits at least a portion of that spirit which is more determined to have a particular outcome than with making sure that justice is not perverted in the process.

Of course, understanding this position does depend at least partly on seeing "the authorities" as not being entirely distinct from the body of the citizenry. The attitude currently inculcated in the public of accepting that someone else has more information about the case is something that I would like to see strengthened amongst officials and the media. And a sense of responsibility for the actual procedure of justice is something that I should like to see strengthened among the public.

Chiu Chun-Ling.

Anonymous said...

The obsession with Steven Lawrence is a stick by which white people have been beaten for 18 years.

It is to shut white people up and make them feel collectively guilty.

But there have been more than 140 murders (stabbings and shootings) by black teenagers upon other (mostly black) teenagers in London since 2005 alone.

London is blighted by black shootings and stabbings.

But only the story of Steven Lawrence makes it into the wider public consciousness.

I'm sick of it.

Anonymous said...

Just to shed a little ore light on the Glasgow murders that failed to reach the media in the rest of the world outside Scotland: