Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Multicultural Year, New Norway!

Earlier today an Islamic terror group in Norway posted a video on YouTube threatening the Prime Minister, the Crown Prince, and Norwegians in general with a violent, painful death. The video was linked by a leftist Facebook group set up to publicize Friday’s demonstration in front of Parliament against the war in Afghanistan.

Our Norwegian correspondent Valdemar sends his summary of recent events in his country. Below his account is the threatening video, followed by two news articles about what happened today.

Happy Multicultural Year, New Norway!
by Valdemar

(“New Norway” is the expression that many Multiculturalists, most prominently Norwegian Secretary of Foreign Affairs Støre is using about the new and culturally enriched Norway.)

A summary of the events so far this month serve to show the insane mentality of the Multicultural elites in Norway.

On the 9th of January, the state news agency NRK reported on the story of 21-year-old rape victim Loiza Lohibi being harassed at Facebook by members of The Religion of Peace. Why? She is a convert from Islam to Christianity (and, ironically, a member of AUF, the same social democratic youth organization which was hit by the mass murderer Anders B. Breivik). The messages she received from false Facebook profiles said that she was a dirty infidel who deserved to be raped, and similar sentiments.

A comment by the historian and expert on Islam Kari Vogt explains this behaviour as “frustrated youth in opposition to society”. Harassing rape victims was a rather odd way of expressing frustration in Norway a generation ago, when Norway was boring and monocultural. It is maybe appropriate after some cultural enrichment, when it comes to how to act when “frustrated”?

On the 12th of January, former Norwegian Prime Minister and current Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjørn Jagland, expressed strong discontent in the left-wing newspaper Dagsavisen about several European countries wanting less international legislation and more self-government. He also condemned Hungarian Prime Ministrer Viktor Orban for stating that “Nobody has the right to interfere with which laws we pass”, and anybody else who thinks similarly.

Jagland is the source of an initiative to include the European Declaration of Human Rights in the Norwegian Constitution. In practice this will mean that it will be very hard to deport dangerous individuals and control immigration policy, even if Norwegians were to elect a majority government supporting more restrictive policies than today’s. But politicians like Jagland are at least honest enough to tell people directly that they could not care less about democracy.

Meanwhile, on the 14th of January a music award was handed out to a band, Plumbo, from rural Norway. The two black musicians in the group Madcon were responsible for handing out the award. The front man for Plumbo then made an unfunny, but not particularly rude joke about the black skin colour of Madcon.

This caused an extreme reaction: The audience booed, which is fair enough. Then, the “racist” remarks evoked a sexist response from one of the members of Madcon, calling the Plumbo guy a “p***y”. Even while the Plumbo guy was apologizing, a vocalist in another band, Kaizers, poured beer over him. Other Norwegian celebrities wrote that the unforgivable sinner against the ideology of anti-racism deserves to be physically punished. And of course there were several demands that Plumbo could not, as previously scheduled, represent Norway in the Eurovision song context. These demands were not granted, however, probably due to strong popular sympathy for Plumbo, after the grossly disproportionate treatment they received for their stupid joke. Also, a lot of ordinary people remarked that Madcon had themselves made use of racial slurs against white people in the past (probably with no malicious intent, though).

On the 17th of January (today), the official commission investigating the act of terror committed 22/7/2011 was “briefed” by the self-proclaimed expert on “right-wing extremism” Øyvind Strømmen, himself harboring an globalist agenda and an intense dislike of any support for the national state, however moderate. How reassuring! Luckily, the PST (Politiet sikkerhetstjeneste, the intelligence branch of the Police) held a briefing the same day which concluded that militant Islamism will remain the main threat in 2012, while the threat from people with right-wing sympathies will remain quite low.

The same day a group of Muslims served to illustrate this point: They posted a jihadist video on YouTube showing His Majesty Crown Prince Haakon, PM Jens Stoltenberg and Støre together with wounded Afghan children, coffins with Norwegian soldiers and threats like “Oh Allah destroy them and let it be painful”. The people behind this video are now under investigation by the police. The posters are most likely connected to the Facebook Islamists behind the previous harassment of the rape victim. This group is also organizing a demonstration against the Norwegian presence in Afghanistan this coming Friday, January 20th, in front of Parliament.

According to the police these Muslims include long-time criminal Arfan Q. Bhatti, who was arrested for assisting shooting at the Synagogue of Oslo in September 2006. In the subsequent criminal case, Bhatti was not condemned for terrorism, merely vandalism, by the court. The group also contains Mohyeldeen Mohammad, who threatened Norway with “a new 9/11” during an Islamist demonstration on 12th February 2010. This jihadist has also publicly defended the stoning of a gay man by the Al-Shaabab militia in Somalia. There is an open Facebook group for their demonstration containing several racist comments of Norwegians being dirty pork-eating infidels and calling for the murder of NATO soldiers and Americans.

The irony of this is enormous. The current government, led by Arbeiderpartiet (Labour), which Stoltenberg and Støre represent, has been actively promoting mass immigration of Muslims and “dialogue” with Islamists, even as Muslims were burning down Norwegian embassies in the Middle East during the Mohammed cartoon controversy. The Crown Prince mostly has a ceremonial role in Norwegian politics, but also he has been involved in this bogus dialogue.

This is also same Stoltenberg who in his New Year’s speech said the following, clearly address to Fjordman: “The Internet at its worst is when totalitarian seducers are allowed to remain unchallenged in dark corners of the Net. We have to face this with resolve. We shall drive them out with the light of knowledge. Voicing opposition to extremism is taking responsibility for the future.”

Well, Jens Stoltenberg, now you have violent, totalitarian seducers threatening you, your colleagues, your people and your allies and they are going to show up right outside the Parliament. What are you going to tell them?

Of course, very few politicians have commented on the harassment of the rape victim. None of the musical celebrities has to my knowledge said anything about either this case or the jihadist video. So maybe the Norwegian Multicultural elites are still more concerned about conservative bloggers and rural musicians making stupid jokes about blacks than violent jihadists?

Maybe they know that the former will not harm them so they are safe targets to mock in order to show off their enormous “tolerance” and other supreme attributes?

Below is the video linked by the Facebook group. YouTube kept taking it down, but it has been captured and posted on other video sites. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this copy, and for including the explanatory material. WARNING: Some of the still photos in this clip are graphic:

From The Local:

Security Cops Investigate Islamist Threat Video

On the same day Norway’s intelligence service (PST) said hardline Islamists remained the foremost threat to national security, leading government officials and the royal family have been singled out in a threatening online video. In a Twitter message, PST said it would seek to ascertain if the video, posted on YouTube and linked to from a Facebook group, constituted incitement to commit acts of terrorism.

A link to the video was posted in the early hours of Tuesday morning by a Facebook group with 1,600 members called ‘Demonstrasjon: Norske soldater ut av Afghanistan’ (Demonstration: Norwegian soldiers out of Afghanistan). The group’s aim is to gather protesters for a rally outside the Oslo parliament this Friday.

In the video, images of Crown Prince Haakon, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre are accompanied by a song in Arabic that contains the words: “Oh Allah, destroy them, and let it be painful”. The clip, which is just over four minutes long, also features pictures of Norwegian soldiers and injured children. It ends with the sound of an explosion and a picture of a Norwegian vehicle in flames.

From The Foreigner:

Extremists Glorify Norway Crown Prince Suffering

Muslim extremists have posted a video on Facebook wishing Crown Prince Haakon pain and suffering, reports say.

Using images of HRH and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, the faction says it hopes they “suffer painful revenge”, proclaiming “Oh, Allah, destroy them”. Threats have also been issued against Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre

Moreover, the video shows dramatic pictures of suffering Afghan children and coffins of fallen Norwegian soldiers, with text, “Revenge verily comes from Allah! That’s what is approaching!” According to NRK, the footage also contains dramatic music.

Whilst it is not clear whether members of the group calling themselves ‘Demonstration: Norwegian troops out of Afghanistan’ posted the video, police and the Norwegian Parliament’s administration have granted them permission to hold a demonstration in front of the building on 20th January.

Oslo District Police’s Snorre Haugen tells the broadcaster stopping the demonstration will be extremely difficult, as is holding organisers responsible for everything published on a Facebook page.

“Freedom of speech is very strong in Norway.”

NRK believes a small group of 5 to 15 people, who wish to remain anonymous, are behind the demonstration. Arfan Bhatti is the only member of the group who has published his full identity.

Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies’ (ISF) Anders Romarheim finds the video perturbing because of the link between destruction threats and famous Norwegian heads of society.

“I cannot remember I’ve seen this relating to Norway before,” he says.

The video coincides with today’s unveiling of the Police Security Service’s (PST) terror threat assessment for 2012, where director Janne Kristiansen says they still regard extreme Islam as the biggest threat against Norway. PST head of information, Martin Bernsen, will not comment on the footage.

Norway’s Royal Court, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, and the PST have been appraised of the video, which ends with a picture of a burning white car with a Norwegian flag on it, accompanied by the sound of a powerful explosion.

Hat tips: For The Foreigner, The Observer; for The Local, Fjordman.


Anonymous said...


The name 'møkkamann' is totally inoffensive and quite innocent, close to neutral, almost childish

It can be seen as an almost cute way to avoid dirty words like BS, s..t, and if a little girl would pronounce the word 'møkkamann' about somebody, it would mean she would get the feeling of saying 'a very bad word' to express disagreement.

Immigrants may have difficulties pronouncing this other than 'mokkamann', which may have been the impulse the Plumbo "sinner" had when pronouncing the word on stage

Secondly, it could be interpreted as 'moccamann', which still is quite innocent, especially in the context, on stage at a music award ceremony.

The group Madcon have been - still are, for all I know - living the high on Norwegian diversity gullibility, driving a Ferrari (without a driver's licence), getting invited to all kinds of TV-programs etc.

- Much ado about nothing!

ø - pronounced like the 'i' in 'bird'
o - pronounced like the 'o' in 'mocha'

Anonymous said...

Janne Kristiansen, PST, Norway's Police Security Service

Wednesday morning: Islamists still the main threat to Norway

Wednesday night: Janne Kristiansen resigns

She had revealed that Norway has agents in Pakistan

Anonymous said...

"Well, Jens Stoltenberg, now you have violent, totalitarian seducers threatening you, your colleagues, your people and your allies and they are going to show up right outside the Parliament. What are you going to tell them?"

- Bring some roses to the mosque on Friday, and suggest holding hands?

gsw said...

"The irony of this is enormous. The current government, led by Arbeiderpartiet (Labour)"

Why is this ironic? The "Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei" (NSDAP) joined forces with the islamists in the 1930s, why not the Norske Arbeiderpartiet?