Friday, January 13, 2012

Delivering Their Own Mail in Malmö

Cultural Enrichment News

Our Swedish correspondent Freedom Fighter sends his translation of an article about the latest escalation in the “no-go” status of certain culturally enriched neighborhoods in the southern Swedish city of Malmö. He includes this note:

First the police and fire department were unable to enter the Seved area without extra protection. Now even the postal delivery is threatened. Local residents will have to deal with the post, as the postmen are fearful of entering the area.

The translated article from Svenska Dagbladet:

Gothenburg: Seved residents deliver their own mail

January 13, 2012

Since postal workers in the troubled Malmö district of Seved are fearful after recent threats, the residents themselves have taken over the responsibility for delivering the post.

Starting February 1, two residents of the area will help by delivering the mail to the approximately 500 affected households. The Post Office and the City of Malmö are collaborating on the project, which will be reviewed in six months, writes Skanska Dagbladet.

Here’s the most revealing part of the story: the postal authorities are spinning their surrender as a job-training opportunity neighborhood “youths”:
The city’s area chief Anders Malmquist is satisfied. “Young adults get an insight into and understanding of what it’s like to work as postmen,” he says.

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Anestis canelidis said...

As we continue to allow greater Muslim immigration into the USA I can see this happening here. I know they want to built mega mosques throughout the USA as a way to encourage Muslims in settle in that given area or really colonize and take over.

At least we have, unlike Sweden, the right to own guns to defend ourselves if the need arrives.

Vortac said...

Sweden 2019.
Young adults get an insight into and understanding of what it’s like to work as militiamen

Sweden 2024.
Young adults get an insight into and understanding of what it’s like to be in civil war

General P. Malaise said...

they do not tell you that the youths will be muslims ...another surrender.

Juniper in the Desert said...

Vortac, from the complete satisfaction of the Swedish gov. to events in Malmo, I respectfully change your second sentence to:

"Sweden 2024,
Young adults get an insight into and understanding of - what it's like to be a mozlem."

This is what I was actually expecting the ending to be.

Anonymous said...

Same exact thing is happening in France.

Either this shows the incredibly universal strength of the evil jihadist mindset, producing similar effects all over the place down to incredible detail, or it's proof of a deliberate, underground plot, instructing Muslims to apply similar tactics all over Europe.

I can't believe Swedish yoofs have just independantly picked up the idea from the French media -- which anyway don't shout such reports from rooftops.

The list of such tactics being replicated all over Europe is stunning.

Take, for instance, the irritating habit of Muslims to deliberately block traffic by stopping their cars in the middle of the road, in order to chat up at length a "brother" in the street, ignoring bona fide motorists piling up behind, taking care to annoy local people as much as possible and making a clear statement that they own the roads.

You'd really think there are foreign operatives hopping from one country to another, grooming local Muslims into such techniques.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite sure this is totally well orchestrated from the top brother via the different brotherhood organizations. Then spread down all levels to the imams and the local mosques

Herman said...

What about the sanctity of the mail, which is protected in most constitutions of the Western world? Nobody is allowed to read other peoples mails; a postman of a state post or a private mail company would be immediately fired if he were caught opening letters and reading what's inside. But who can garantee the sanctity of mail if delivery is in the hands of a ramshackle collection of "youths"?

Anonymous said...

"A postman of a state post or a private mail company would be immediately fired if he were caught opening letters and reading what's inside." (Herman)

Really ? Just reading letters ?

What if thick letters or parcels delivered to some areas were systematically ripped open and poked through by postal workers, in order to look for any valuables worthy of theft ? And were then shamelessly and openly put back together with post-office branded tape ? And were then delivered without so much as a word of excuse ?

And what if that occurred also to registered letters ? And any complaints were dismissed as irrelevant ?

That's what happening in France. Right now. No signs of mass firings yet.

Anonymous said...

"Open letter

To journalists and politicians
in Sweden

Knowing you are following Avpixlat, I would like to demand a response in a matter", a commenter at Avpixlat (Depixeled) starts out, regarding the violence in Malmö, now stopping postmen from delivering the post, as the postmen are threatened in particular.

"Can't you, politicians and journalists, see how society has given up? How can you, blinded, go on with your wishful thinking about multiculture? Now, that multiculture is showing it true selv - parallel societies?"

Signed VL

Anonymous said...

"Now, that multiculture is showing its true self - parallel societies?"

(Ooops...sorry about that!)

babs said...

If letter carriers cannot get through for fear of their well being then the answer is that all mail to th effected areas be held in the central sorting facility for pick up.
I wonder how long the businessmen in Malmo would put up with that until they did something about their community? After all, it is their sons, daughters and neighbors that are causing this havoc.

Anonymous said...

islamic thieves.

Anonymous said...

ChristianInfidel says:

re: "islamic thieves"

Yes, and the worst of the thefts they are committing is the theft of other people's freedom. Islam, Religion of Domination and Control.

Thanks to all Counterjihad contributors! Without Gates of Vienna and similar web sites, we would not even see the erosion.