Monday, January 30, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/30/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/30/2012The worsening financial situation in Greece dominated today’s EU summit in Brussels. German Chancellor Angela Merkel backed down from her original proposal for a “budget czar” to oversee Greece and help it meet IMF requirements for a new bailout. Greece’s creditors are expected to have to write down even more of the country’s debt.

Meanwhile, Spain seems to be entering a new recession: newly-released figures show that growth for the final quarter of 2011 slipped below zero.

In other news, a plague of pythons is wiping out the small mammal population in the Florida Everglades. The pythons are not native to Florida, but are descended from pets that either were released by their owners or escaped during some of the big hurricanes of the 1990s.

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Anonymous said...

Another two killed in Norwegian Telenor shop in Karachi, Pakistan, Tuesday morning

Bookie said...

Replace "budget czar" by "trustee in bankruptcy" and I will agree.

Anonymous said...


Nine out of ten burglaries in private homes not solved!

Anonymous said...

The destructive consequences of the python in Florida should serve as stern caveat to what happens to a civilization when it allows and encourages a deleterious ideology to operate with impunity. The snakes have breached the gates by slithering through the cracks, now the nobel inhabitants are slowly being strangled to death thanks to the quisling indegenous vipers that allowed them in.

Anonymous said...


Qatar to finance mega-mosque near historic site in Sicilia?

It is the art critic/historian Vittorio Sgarbi who proposes to offer a
location near historic site in the city of Salemi, for the Qatari emir, Sheik Hamad Ben Kaliffa Al Thani, to finance a grand mosque
which would gather all Arabs under one roof in Sicilia, making Salemi an islamic center , as Sgarbi enthusiastically points out.