Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hard at Work

Ironworkers #1

I had an interesting piece about Tariq Ramadan planned for today, but database programming intervened, and took up almost the entire day. Which is good for Dymphna and me, since it is actual paid labor, but bad for you, the readers of Gates of Vienna.

If it’s any consolation, my contract is a temporary one, and work on it will be intermittent. So I’ll be posting normally much of the time, and then eventually all of the time — back to normal.

In the meantime, below are a few sites that can keep you up-to-date on the same sorts of “right-wing extremist” and “Islamophobic” news and opinion that you would expect to find here at our blog:

Check these folks out — some of them are among our best tipsters.


YoelB said...

Work is the curse of the blogging classes.

Corkonian said...

I think you should also include Irish Savant on that list.

Anonymous said...

Why not add
They are similar to fdesouche.