Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/11/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/11/2012A longtime employee of the Glenfiddich Distillery in Scotland committed suicide at his workplace by drowning himself in a vat of his company’s whiskey.

In other news, a director of the uranium enrichment facility at Natanz in Iran was killed today when two motorcyclists attached a “sticky” bomb to his car.

In economic news, there are rumors that Ireland will require another bailout from the ECB, but the Irish finance minister has rejected them as “ludicrous”.

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Anonymous said...

The smugglers then gave the passports to other Iraqis who had looks similar to those of the original passport owners and then used the false passports to fly to Sweden.

I once watched a video in the mid 90s, lasting just a few seconds, of about a dozen Saddam Hussein lookalikes burning or tearing up an American flag in Iraq... If I think of that, such news isn't really surprising to me.

Anonymous said...

Another European door wide open?

Second wife friend with reigning king's daughter

How might this connection influence on the European societies the two opposing worlds?

Anonymous said...

How does a Persian communicate with his Eritrean wife in Scandinavia?

What language do they speak?

His Persian interpretor says the husband was shocked when he got the news that his wife is dead, after being stabbed to death. Devastated.

The man is the suspected killer.

It was he who called the police about the stabbing in Kristiansand Tuesday night.

The 38 year old woman was admitted permit to stay in Norway since 29 October 2011. The 30 year old husband did not have a permit to stay in Norway.

As far as their marital status, police say this is not clear to them yet.

Anonymous said...

Breivik - new legal expert

Could it possibly be a good idea to appoint one of Stoltenberg's personal friends as new legal expert in the Breivik case?

Psychiatrist Finn Skårderud may be appointed new legal expert

According to VG Skårderud has already accepted. The decision will be announced on Friday at lunch.

Jens Stoltenberg here, with his son Axel and good friend Finn Skårderud hunting semi-domsticated reindeer in 2009

Anonymous said...

Foreign robbers hunting gays in Oslo

Foreign criminals are specializing in attacking gays, waiting outside gay bars to attack and rob the them on their way home

- I consider moving from Oslo, one of the victims says

Anonymous said...

The foreign robbers preying on gays, look Arab and East-European, according to source.

Anonymous said...

Jens Stoltenberg's close friend, Finn Skårderud, psychiatrist and author