Friday, January 20, 2012

Latin American Jihad in Norway?

A Norwegian leftist group has organized a demonstration for today in front of Parliament in Oslo opposing the war in Afghanistan. As we reported on Tuesday, its Facebook page — perhaps to some of its members’ discomfort — had linked approvingly to a jihad video that called for the violent and painful death of Prime Minister Stoltenberg, the Crown Prince, and other Norwegians.

Now the police have arrested a man for allegedly uploading the video. Strangely enough, he turns out to be of “Central American”, rather than “Middle Eastern” background. Since the suspect’s name hasn’t been released, the Mohammed Coefficient of the incident is unknown.

Here’s the story from The Local:

Suspect arrested over Islamist threat video

A 21-year-old man will face a remand hearing on Friday following his arrest on suspicion of having posted a hateful video to the internet calling on Allah to destroy members of the Norwegian government and royal family.

The suspect will appear in front of Skien district court in south-eastern Norway at 1pm on Friday.

The man, a Norwegian citizen with a Central American family background, was arrested at his home in the town at 11pm on Wednesday by officers from the Telemark police service and the domestic police intelligence agency, PTS. [emphasis added]

He faces preliminary charges of threatening state officials and incitement to terrorism.

The suspect’s lawyer, John Christian Elden, said his client admitted to being behind the video but did not believe it contained any threats.

“He was not previously known to police, and he doesn’t think he has done anything illegal, even though he admits that he’s the one who posted the video,” said Elden.

A link to the video was posted in the early hours of Tuesday morning in a Facebook group with 1,600 members called ‘Demonstrasjon: Norske soldater ut av Afghanistan’ [Demonstration: Norwegian soldiers out of Afghanistan]. The group’s aim is to gather protesters for a rally outside the Oslo parliament on Friday.

The number of group members has dropped to below 1,300 since the video appeared there.

In the video, images of Crown Prince Haakon, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre are accompanied by a song in Arabic that contains the words: “Oh Allah, destroy them, and let it be painful”.

The clip, which is just over four minutes long, also features pictures of Norwegian soldiers and injured children. It ends with the sound of an explosion and a picture of a Norwegian vehicle in flames.

The embedded offending video may be seen at Tuesday’s post.

Hat tip: The Observer.


Anonymous said...

Elden, lawyer:

"he doesn’t think he has done anything illegal, even though he admits that he’s the one who posted the video"

But, of course..

If it's not against the koran, then it's not illegal...

Anonymous said...

Four French soldiers were assasinated while out jogging in Afghanistan

Unknown said...

,Strangely enough, he turns out to be a “Central American”

That is not strange - La Raza activism, communist folklore, resentment against the first world plus the absolutist character of islam are ingredients that make the southern states of the continent very hostile to America, Israel and the west.
And a touch of islamic spirituality, gives even more consistency to the revolutionary brew..

Anonymous said...

The convert was born in Latin America, and only converted from Catholicism three years ago.

Anonymous said...

He is only for peace
- My client converted to islam because he wanted to become a more peaceful person, says defending lawyer John Kristian Elden

Mattexian said...

There a was an article recently, that explained the rise in Islamic conversions in Mexico and among Mexican immigrant groups in the US, because they are seeking "to get in touch with their ancestry," apparently going back to the Moorish invasion of Spain. Only thing I can say to that is "SANTIAGO!"

Anonymous said...

The man reportedly works in the mobile phone business, was born in Telemark to parents from South America and was originally Catholic but converted to Islam.

Anonymous said...

Islam is the new communism.

Anonymous said...

One more reason why I want the southern border sealed, and why I want a permanent ban on immigration from Central American nations. LIke Adolph Hitler, they;ve been making clear their intention of ethnically cleansing the U.S. of all whites by rape, extermination and driving us out of our own nation. Islamic prayer rugs have been found in the deserts along the border, alonng with caches of automatic weapons, explosives, body armor and other military weaponry sufficient to equip battalions of soldiers. They and their puppet masters here in Washington are why Norway has a Hispanic and Muslim terrorism problem. Norwegians beware, Central America are full of bestial indians who engage in rape, torture and dismembering each other and whites too as through it's a sport. You must demand their round up, detention and explusion from your land, now!