Monday, January 30, 2012

The Dream of Islam

A few days ago Tundra Tabloids posted about a young man in England who was attacked by an angry Kuwaiti at an “Israel Apartheid Week” event. The assailant was evidently attempting to bite the man’s ear off, but missed (go to TT to see the photo; Vlad has the video). The incident occurred almost a year ago, but is in the news again after the acquittal of the biter.

In discussing the story with a fellow Counterjihad activist earlier today, I asked him, “Are ears halal? Especially infidel ears?”

He replied, “I would think if you are trying to hurt them, it’s OK. If you are trying to eat them, it’s not. Sharia is all about intentions, you know.”

Actually, that’s not true.

Islam is only concerned with what’s on the surface, with publicly visible behavior. As long as a Muslim is seen to obey Allah’s law, and fulfills his express public duties, Islam is satisfied.

Sharia is actually about what serves the interests of Islam. Anything that serves the interests of Islam is halal, “permitted”. Sometimes it’s even mandatory.

One of the most important meta-rules in Islam is that any commands in the Koran may be overridden temporarily, provided that doing so helps expand the territory governed by sharia. The interests of the entire Ummah trump any particular Islamic rule of behavior.

That’s what taqiyya is all about. That’s why slaughtering innocents is fine, as long as it helps expand the reach of Islam.

Once the world is fully Islamic, all the rules will be fully enforced.

On everyone.

With no exceptions.


That’s the dream of Islam.


Anonymous said...

Islam views those who refuse to worship Allah as less than human.

Per Islam, only practicing Muslims are humans with human rights.

Islam completely condemns those who refuse to worship Allah and summarily sentences them to be violently tortured and murdered at will by any Muslim at any time by any method anywhere in the world.

Per Islam, non-Muslim infidels are born to Islam and must revert back.

Per Islam, there are NO innocent non-Muslim infidels - only sinful non-human non-Muslim infidels who willfully refuse to worship Allah.

Islam is utterly unconcerned with non-Muslim or Muslim innocence - except where innocence may be corrupted in the service of Satan.

Islam is utterly concerned with violence, torture, murder, mayhem, and sexual sadism.


Siegetower said...

A boot on a human face, forever.

Anonymous said...

Opposing a muslim demonstration a few years back, between the threats from them that they had knifes and would "gut you where you stand", the charming and civilised people said "when Israel no longer has any allies my people will invade Israel and eat every man, woman and child". I guess that shows that in the muslim mind, cannibalism is certainly halal.

Unknown said...

Anything that serves the interests of Islam is halal, “permitted”, or even mandatory

There is no virtue in islam, no good or evil. Maybe that´s one more reason why it appeals to leftists so much - post modernists hate notions of good or evil. After all, they are still smashing eggs to bake this famous omelette they´ve been promising us for a century now..