Friday, January 27, 2012

Norway Renames Itself

Cultural Enrichment News

Can you guess the most popular name for newborn “Norwegian” boys in Oslo and environs?

Hint: It’s not “Erik” or “Bjørn”.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends his translation of an article about the latest trend in baby names. The translator includes this note:

Here’s some more statistical data that confirms what most of us have known for a long time: Norway is undergoing demographic change at breakneck speed.

Some people apparently find this fact very pleasing.

The translation from Human Rights Service:

Mohammed now also the most popular name in Romeriket

27.01.12: According to SSB’s annual statistics of names, Mohammed in various spellings has for several years been the most popular name in Oslo. Now two other municipalities in Romeriket [traditional district located north-east of Oslo], Nittedal and Lørenskog have caught up with Oslo. This fact pleases the mayor of Lørenskog.

By Hege Storhaug, HRS

According to SSB’s [Statistisk sentralbyrå, the Central Statistics Bureau] yearly statistics of names, Mohammed in various spellings is yet again the most popular name in Oslo. On a national basis the name comes in at number 38. What’s new this year however is that two of Oslo’s neighbouring municipalities, Lørenskog and Nittedal have caught up with the capital and the name Mohammed is now also the most popular name among newborn baby boys in these two municipalities. This is something that the mayor of Lørenskog finds very pleasing, according to the local newspaper Romerikets Blad:

“How excellent. This is great. Lørenskog is the third biggest immigrant municipality in Norway, only by surpassed Oslo and Drammen on a per-capita basis. There are people from all over Norway and the rest of the world living here in Lørenskog, so it’s not strange that many people called Mohammed live here. It is extremely exciting,” says Tovan to

He considers Mohammed to be a completely ordinary name.

“The name Mohammed is found all over the world, and we are a part of the world. Some people are called Mohammed and some people are called Åge. My name is Åge,” says Åge Tovan.

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Anonymous said...

The elites are obviously well insulated from the consequences of their own actions. If they had to live with the average folk they would likely have a much different perspective.

Anonymous said...

Many of the papers in the UK used to publish these lists,generally in the new year. mohammed was racing up the charts but all of a sudden dropped. I'm guessing thats down to the various spellings,and the MSM's willingness to cover up this dreadful news,rather than a change is muslim habits.

Anonymous said...

Romerike - Area North-East of Oslo
Romerriket - The Roman Empire

Anonymous said...

Stoltenberg's/Labor's motto has been "Alle skal med", "All in"

As time goes by, it becomes clear, that it means, as many muslims as possible paid by Norwegian taxpayers.

One can also wonder about the choice of words, as 'alle' is very close to 'allah', and the motto could sound fine in muslim ears, as an acknowledgement of their allah. Even to those who don't speak Norwegian.

Dingo Hammer said...

The mayors comments illustrate that the politicians the MMS allows to be elected are some of the most stupid and malleable people in existence.

Vortac said...

This has to be one of the most servient submissions to Islam ever recorded in history, docile even according to PC/MC standards. I hope Åge does not commit suicide, just to make name Mohammed even more ordinary.

Anonymous said...

It's weird. Some of these politicians need to be living and working in multicultural-land, and be either a marginalised white or a poor white to really understand the realities of all of this.

I find that people in power or with power experience multiculturalism and diversity very differently. Minorities will pander to them.

I did Asian studies at uni and went to Korea to study where I was immediately the target of predators and any Asian American national who wanted a white person to 'pay back' for all the racism they'd experienced in the States.

I found that because I was a white woman the treatment meted out to me was harsher than the white males. Someone said it was because the men had the power so there was a tendency not to harass or attack them as much.

I notice a lot off white men seem to be comfortable with Asianising Australia, but I don't think they really understand the consequences. I believe once the power balance changes and more Asians have control white men will start to experience things very differently.

Asians aren't pandering them because they like them, but because 'you catch more bees with honey'.

Anonymous said...

its called "White Genocide" and is occuring in all the previous White majority nations.
Please join "Native White Australians" on Facebook, or form your own National White Group if you reside in another country.

Dymphna said...

to Asian Anonymous--

It would be helpful if you'd supply a nic on any given comment thread. It doesn't have to remain the same past that thread; you can switch to another name for another topic.

When y'all fail to do that, no matter how often we've asked, then in order to reply to you we have to christen (heh) you anyway.

Your end statement is intriguing:

Asians aren't pandering [to] them (I presume "them" is white ppl) because they like them, but because 'you catch more bees with honey'.

Pardon the stereotype I infer from your assertion, to wit: "Asians are generally more polite than other races/cultures". I have always presumed this came about thru the conjunction of a variety of environmental influences -- one of them being extreme crowding.

Doesn't make Chinese or Japanese or Korean history any less bloody and cruel, but it certainly explains the usual public courtesy we've come to expect. So if my lily-white culture is going to be subsumed under another, I'd prefer Asian, thankyouverymuch.

"Please" and "thank you" beat the heck out of a cold scimitar on my neck.

Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

We MUST avoid romanticizing our fate under conquering armies!!!

We indigenous white women need to be extremely clear that both we and our minor daughters will be violently raped and prostituted under any foreign rule.

Politeness is the characteristic of 'peaceful' societies and is abandoned in times of war when aggressive men who are far from home revert to highly uncivilized rapacious instincts and actions.

If you think that Asians - and I do mean true Asians - will treat white women politely, then you need to remember the 20,000 to 410,000 'comfort women' of World War II enslaved by the Japanese.

In a world where Chinese men are deprived of an equivalent amount of women, we are at GREAT risk of being conquered MAINLY so that Chinese men may 'marry' white women and girls.

Comfort Women


Honey said...

Dymphna - I've added a name as requested.

True I'm throwing a few stereotypes out there, but to make people think.

I think having, say, the Chinese as a group in power in Australia as opposed to the Islamists would be like switching the witch for the bitch.

I've met heaps of great Asians who are polite, personable, kind and great company.

It's the dark side that is ignored, and I've seen the dark side.

As Egghead has pointed out, the Japanese invented the Comfort Women, sexual servitude to service their armies fighting on the front. Some of these 'women' were 12 year old Korean girls who were basically kidnapped.

Do some research as to how the Chinese treat the Tibetans; tow the line and things are sweet, object to your culture being obliterated and the penalties are harsh, for you and your family.

It's my own personal experiences which have revealed another attitude and perspective. This is why I think people should learn more about Asian societies, not so much for world peace but so you can protect yourselves. You may want to one day.

Honey said...

Egghead - I agree with you. I found the perspective held by a variety of Asians and Muslims to white Australian women very negative and highly racist.

It does scare me what will happen to future generations of white girls in Australia as they are currently seen as lazy, promisicious and crass; and no good as wives or mothers.

And yes, what on earth is China going to do with all those bachelors (how many 20 or 30 million)? And do we need to ask what India is going to do with all its bachelors as well?

Pym Purnell said...

I recall Mohammed being high in the British list too. I wonder how high it ranks throughout Europe as a whole.

Throughout the world.

Chiu ChunLing said...

The Chinese are almost certain to attempt to solve their demographic problem by resort to a combination of external rapine and imported concubinage. European and American women are unlikely to be much more vulnerable to this problem than they already are...nations subject to direct conquest are the likely targets. The economic warfare China plans against the Western nations do not include troop commitments for invasion.

Indeed, military invasion would undermine the entire point of the economic warfare, which is to force a disengagement of the Western nations (which China cannot hope to match militarily) from those areas that are of interest as targets for conquest. Of course, the economic collapse of Western nations will increase existing sex-trafficking in and from those nations quite dramatically, and it is likely that the high-end market will draw heavily towards Asia (where the buyers will be demanding far more than the sellers thought they agreed to). But this is a manageable risk for informed persons, just don't sell yourself even if the price seems really good.

In regards to standards of polite behavior, it is worth remembering that Western "neighborliness" and the tiers of respect common in Asian cultures are founded on completely different ideas. In Asia, you are not supposed to be polite to your social equals, it is actually unfriendly and "distant" to treat your peers with the same respect you would show to someone in a position of power over you. When America and Europe are no longer regarded as militarily powerful, the attitude of 'respect' cultures like Japan are likely to be very different towards Westerners.

Chiu Chun-Ling.

Anonymous said...

"The economic warfare China plans against the Western nations do not include troop commitments for invasion."

Really?! The Chinese already have a good dent in California - and now plan to build a 50 square foot mile city in Idaho staffed with Chinese citizens (realy Red Army members) granted the 'right' to become naturalized Americans - with more states on the short list for Chinese 'development' plans in American 'free enterprise' zones.

Do you think that the Chinese city will contain an airport? Do you think that the Chinese will omit to kidnap American girls and women - probably also Chinese critics - if the desire strikes them - and it will. Why wouldn't it?!

'Polite' North Koreans routinely kidnap useful - or even amusing - South Koreans who disappear into the void of the North.

How much greater is the Chinese threat to indigenous Americans once the 'polite' Chinese are located in the neighborhood?!

Honey said...

Chiu ChunLing - Thanks for your interesting post.

I too believe if the power balance changes people aren't going to find Asians that polite and respectful; this is just an observation from my own experiences.

I was more thinking about the large ethnic communities that are forming in much of the Western World. Australia seems to be proud that it is Asianizing and scant debate is actually given to what that is going to mean. If you try to debate it people view you as racist and xenophobic.

Personally I quite like a lot of Asian people. They are pleasant and good company. But that doesn't mean that I want to have various Asian groups controlling the economy, the food supply, the universities (not that it matters as the left currently control them).

In regards to Western women, I was writing from the perspective of what is going to happen within our own countries. I've had a lot of experiences and comments made that show me the perspective is pretty negative and it seems increasingly like Caucasian men seem to prefer marrying Asian women. I'm curious as to why noone discusses the ramifications of all of this or why it is happening.

Honey said...

Anonymous at 1/30/2012 1:08am

Incredible. I've heard a little bit about this. No wonder Americans are so paranoid about losing their guns.

We seem to have something similar happening in Australia where Chinese workers will be bought in because of a 'labour shortage' to work in mines.

I'm critical of it. I sometimes feel like we are all being forced to be naive and are being walked along the gang-plank enmass. I believe that people have given up trying to discuss this with anyone because of political correctness. It is just too difficult.

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey,

Anonymous at 1/30/2012 1:08am is me.

I forget to put my name sometimes. :)


Chiu ChunLing said...

Exporting a bit of surplus population is certainly going to happen incidentally with China's rise in relative global status. But Beijing does not have any serious plans for doing this on a really large scale for two reasons.

First, Beijing probably has made their own assessment of the willingness and ability of Western national ethnicities to defend themselves when push comes to shove. They realize that discouraging Westerners from fighting in foreign lands for ill-conceived purposes is much easier than taking them on in their homes. They'll leave that folly to the Islamic nations.

Second, mass exportation of Chinese labor to nations where they have the potential to enjoy a markedly higher standard of living is fraught with difficulties for Beijing. The specific problems are different depending on whether the laborers come from the criminal, dissident, ordinary, or elite classes, but the essential difficulty is that anyone from any of those groups becomes much harder to control if they are in close physical proximity to escape from Beijing's authority.

It is appropriate to object to these sorts of programs on a number of grounds, including national security. But they are not part of an overall strategy to invade the West.

Though the situation in Australia might be slightly different, as China may regard it as touching their regional sphere sufficiently to be subject to pressure.

Among Asian cultures, a lack of good manners is considered something of a sign of moral strength. That doesn't mean crude and insulting behavior towards others (well...not always, anyway). And it doesn't mean that those in power who are threatened by moral strength will feel any hesitation to punish it. It doesn't even say anything about whether a person is moral or not. It just means that Asians who speak their mind have probably faced what can happen as a result, and still do it, so they probably mean it.


Chiu Chun-Ling.

Anonymous said...

1-29-12 Ulsterman Report: Wall Street Insider (with China)


Chiu ChunLing said...

A very alarming article, in more than one way.

The most relevant point to clarify is that America's ability to project military power globally is not remotely tied to the ability of Americans to make direct conventional invasion of the States themselves extremely infeasible. The products of the military-industrial complex do not defend American soil against invasion at all, what they defend is the ability of America to dictate terms to foreign nations.

This has significant consequences with regard to the deteriorating situation in the Middle-East, and has dire implications for the Western economies because of their dependence on imported oil (America is fortunate to have significant untapped reserves, but Europe does not share this advantage). So America's global military strength and capabilities are not insignificant to the direct consequences that Americans will experience as a result of China's machinations.

But it is a mistake to believe that projection of global military power can simply suspend the laws of economics forever. The rare-earth resources needed by America's advanced economy and military (mentioned in the article) are largely controlled by China or other unfriendly governments...America cannot simply take them by force without fighting on desperately unfavorable terms. America's global military power is far superior to China's, but inside the borders of China is a different game entirely.

So that leaves buying them...but that can only continue as long as the dollar doesn't collapse, which it inevitably will even without market manipulation by the Chinese unless the U.S. reigns in government spending dramatically while vastly improving economic output. And hoping that the Chinese will not sell off their vast reserves of U.S. monetary instruments at a moment calculated to cause maximum financial panic is a bit optimistic, given that there is no other conceivable reason for the Chinese to have such a massive hoard of dollars.

Certainly, the global economic status-quo is of immense value to America and to Americans (and far more so to most of Europe). But a military defense of it is simply not tenable. If the Chinese can be persuaded that America will recover relatively quickly (in a decade or two) from a global economic collapse, then they might not instigate one. But increased and unsustainable military spending will only convince them that America is hopelessly dependent on the global economy (which is incorrect, but Beijing lacks a proper understanding of the culture of self-reliance in America and thus cannot see this).

A resurgence of national sovereignty in Europe and of State sovereignty in America might convince Beijing that they have miscalculated, or at least make them more cautious about starting a process they cannot reverse. And if it does not, then decentralization will serve a vital purpose in producing and preserving a degree of viable local economic independence to ride out the global financial crisis. It will also help shut-down the mechanisms that have been importing anti-western culture into the Western nations.

Chiu Chun-Ling.

Anonymous said...

Chiu: Google 1) White House Insider Ulsterman Report and 2) Wall Street Insider Ulsterman Report to read a progression of fascinating articles - and reader comments. None by me. :)


Honey said...

Chui Chung Ling - very interesting.

Do you have a blog we can visit?

Chiu ChunLing said...

I actually have several blogs...but none of them are very much to look at. I tend to respond rather than to initiate, a pattern that carries over to my writing.

For any of the posts where the user name is highlighted as a link next to an orange blogspot icon, you can click on the user name to go to their blogspot ID page, and there find links to any blogs they have on blogspot. I got one because my OpenID stopped working (Egghead has had the same problem, I imagine that others are experiencing it as well). It's pretty short.