Sunday, January 29, 2012

Breivik: Al Qaeda’s Man in Oslo?

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends a translation of the latest news on Anders Behring Breivik from the Norwegian media. The translator includes this note:

This is an important story, because it shows us that Breivik was taking advantage of various Al Qaeda methods, and that he was thinking along the same lines as other Al Qaeda operatives.

The translated article from today’s VG Nett:

Breivik behaves in accordance with Al Qaeda manuals

During his six-month prison stay, Anders Behring Breivik has behaved in accordance to his own manifesto — which was clearly inspired by Al Qaeda.

Several of the chapters in Breivik’s manifesto resemble the manuals of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network.

According to Knut Bjarkeid, the chief warden at Ila Prison, Breivik behaves exactly like he described he would in his 1500-page manifesto.

“Yes, exactly to the letter,” the Ila warden says.

Meeting ban

He recognizes Breivik’s behavior from the Al Qaeda manual on how to behave in captivity, and he believes Breivik is inspired by it.

“Breivik is friendly, he’s interested in other people and he tries to establish relationships,” says Bjarkeid.

As a consequence the prison has issued instructions to its staff not to spend any time alone with him.

“Our staff never spends any time on a one-to-one basis with Breivik. There are always several guards present. All communication with Breivik is recorded, logged and analyzed.”

Breivik’s stay at Ila is regulated by basic rules for high-security prisoners, plus an additional 130 individual rules that the prison has chosen to implement.

CCTV surveillance is one of those security measures. Breivik is, however not kept under CCTV surveillance inside his cell, Bjarkeid emphasizes.

“All contact with Breivik is governed by strict rules. We have decided to set aside normal procedures that would have allowed the staff to use their own judgment. There are procedures that dictate how many guards need to be present outside his cell door whenever he’s let out, and where these guards are to be positioned. There are also procedures that dictate what Breivik can and cannot see in relation to these measures. There are written procedures that we follow when he’s having showers, and when his lawyers are visiting,” the warden says.

“In order to look after our employees’ best interests, we facilitated frequent conversations with the prisons own psychologists in the initial stages.

“The psychologists advised them on how to address Breivik, how to interrupt him and how to end a conversation,” Bjarkeid says.

Uses the network

Franck Orban, a researcher employed by the Correctional Education System, believes that Breivik must have had access to Al Qaeda manuals available on the internet.

“It is difficult to say with a hundred percent certainty whether he has read the manuals for imprisoned jihadists, but several elements of Breivik’s manifesto bears semblance to the Al Qaeda rhetoric.”

“This suggests that he has had access to them,” Orban says.

“As a result, his perception of prisons may have been influenced by that of militant Islamists, which is a paradox, since Breivik’s image of reality is completely different from theirs.”

In his manifesto Breivik describes how to use the time in prison to build an organization and how to recruit fellow prisoners for the “cause”.

This is a well-known strategy used by Al Qaeda all over the world.

“Prison plays an important part in Breivik manifesto. It is an arena where new followers can be recruited. Maybe he envisions a type of community within the prison, but there are no guarantees that he will get to spend that much time with the other inmates,” Orban says.

Two Al Qaeda manuals have been translated into English and posted on the internet.

Both are featured on websites that are hostile to Islam, and which Breivik has visited.

The well-known terrorist researcher Magnus Ranstorp also sees several similarities between Breivik’s manifesto and the strategy employed by Al Qaeda.

“It is highly likely that he has come across these manuals. We can at least conclude that there are several striking similarities,” Ranstorp says to VG.

The Al Qaeda manuals

There are several similarities between the Al Qaeda manuals and Breivik’s own manifesto, and what Breivik has told police in interrogations:

  • Breivik expected to be tortured in prison, and in his manifesto he describes how to mentally prepare for this. This is also outlined in great detail by Al Qaeda.
  • In his first court appearance he complained that the isolation felt like “torture.”
  • An Al Qaeda manual found in Manchester in 2005 included descriptions of how terrorist members should act in court. According to the manual it is imperative to claim that tortured is being administered.
  • The 32-year-old outlines the qualities of a “perfect knight” who carries out a terrorist attack, and he stresses that one must expect to become a martyr. Al Qaeda also lists several requirements for their own terrorists, including the willingness to sacrifice their own lives.
  • Breivik describes numerous safety measures in the planning and implementation phase. These measures are very similar to the instructions found in the Al Qaeda manuals.

“There are many aspects of the manifesto which are inspired by Al Qaeda. Among other things, how to avoid being detected by the security services and how to implement safety measures,” Ranstorp says.

Wanted to film

In his manifesto Breivik expresses great admiration for Al Qaeda and the methods they use, which he sees as highly successful.

In police conversations, Breivik has also drawn parallels between Islamists and the Templar organization he claims to be a member of.

Among other things he wanted to film the killings of his “primary targets” on Utøya, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Jonas Gahr Støre and Marte Michelet.

He wanted to send these tapes to various news agencies, thus creating fear.

“The main goal, as is the case with Al Qaeda, is to get the message out. An organization with limited funds needs to make use of psychological warfare,” Breivik stated in police interrogations.

Al Qaeda has not been a subject in the interrogations, according to defense lawyer Geir Lippestad.

The lawyer says that he has never spoken to Breivik about Al Qaeda.

“I can confirm that he behaves politely and follows all the rules in prison, but why he acts this way and whether it has something to with Al Qaeda are only speculations, Lippestad says.

Hat tip: Fjordman.


Robert Pinkerton said...

Al Q's man in Oslo? Actually it is quite credible; although, unless evidence to the contrary should surface, one can doubt that acting as such was his intention. Here in the West, political assassination often makes martyrs of the decedents, who are to be "honored" by carrying forth what the decedent stood for. If anything, his deed seriously splattered many people -- e.g.: (including but not limited to) your Fjordman -- and cast negative publicity on their common line pf advocacy. In sum, the recoil effect of his deed has damaged your cause.


Who is he?hannibal lector?whatare the "authorities" afraid of?This is very close to "degrading and inhuman treatment"so much for the declaration of human rights,or rather you only have the rights that we allow you.the definition of his mental state speaks volumes,anyone who dis agrees with "multi-cult"race replacement must be insane,since self anihilation ,and that of your nation, race,according to the slavering liberal can only be beneficial.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, positively pure nonsense. The manuals from terrorist groups all contain very much the same information; the basic strategy and tactics of guerilla warfare. To think that Breivik is somehow connected to Al-Quaida is a paranoid fantasy - at best.

Anonymous said...

The man really is an evil genius.

The cultural self-hating elite has allowed Muslim terrorists to use prisons as recruiting groups with no consequences for 30 years but will finally have to do something now a white man is using the same tactics.

That's very clever considering political correctness was used as a tool to prohibit anything being done previously against Islamist stealth jihad in prisons.

goethechosemercy said...

Whether or not he was AQ's man, Breivik has served AQ's agenda admirably.
He has also served the multiculturalists admirably.
As I've suggested before, liberals should award this man the brightest medal they can find. Thanks to him, their paranoia about the counterjihad movement has taken on the cast of reason, even if it is, to its very core, irrational.
So much for him being a right-wing, nationalist guy!
He's the best thing to come the liberals' way in such a long time.

Siegetower said...

Three words on Breivik.

False flag operation.

Friends of mine debated this when it happened. This is more evidence of that being the case.

Kafir Harby said...

Why surprised? Timothy McVeigh was empowered by Hezbollah (strike on the FBI building)...

Anonymous said...


Not impossible this paranoic was manipulated by some - now disappeared - "Knight Templars" who carefully stimulated his self aggrandizing tendencies, his plans of mass murder etc.

Not impossible that some "Knight Templar members"in reality secret agents really met him and awarded him the sham insignia, medals etc he is seen to wear on some photos.

Such an opperation is well within the reach of some secret service. And the effect - vistimizing Mohameddans, tarnishing the few remains of he European Right - are so predictable that indeed, al Qaeda arm i s not so unlikely playing here. In the end, among ABB's victims are mostly the pork-eating infidels.

Anonymous said...

Or, maybe these three?

Sentenced to prison for terror plans in Norway

Will appeal, though

Chiu ChunLing said...

The possibility that Breivik has delusional tendencies that were manipulated by a covert operation masquerading as the "Knights Templar" does deserve to be considered. Have there been any serious efforts to examine Breivik's statements about this organization to see if there are any real persons that may have persuaded and assisted him in his plans?

Or has the "Breivik is completely out of touch with reality" narrative excluded even this fairly basic investigation?

I do wonder about entrusting an operation of this magnitude to a person of questionable sanity...if Breivik were subject to acting in a delusional manner (or sufficiently convinced of the existence of the Knights Templar to try and prove their existence by revealing particulars that might identify their operatives), it would have been safer to sabotage his bomb to go off the moment he got into position. But covert operations are not always carried out in the most intelligent or safe manner possible.

So I still tend towards the conclusion that absolutely all the information volunteered by Breivik must be regarded as deception with the primary aim (on his part) of making him appear incompetent to be tried for his crimes and the secondary aim of disguising (rather than revealing) any ties to persons that actually helped or influenced him to commit acts of terrorism. But I do think that it is valid to question whether Breivik's delusions might have been inspired or manipulated by some as yet unknown persons.

Chiu Chun-Ling.

Nemesis said...

I think most folk forget that 'modern' terrorist tactics have been around since at least the mid 1960's. The many groups that have taken on 'terrorism' as a means to change the political landscape are well documented and their tactics well known. Today, those tactics are well practised by groups with religious/political ambitions, such as the many Islamic sects.

I think the questions raised by Breivik's ability, and mental capacity to kill as many as he did before being interrupted, are superfluous to the actual acts that he undertook which claimed so many victims.

Does it really matter what his state of mental health was at the time, or now is? Is this issue - which is seemingly driven by a state concerned with declaring Breivik insane so as to absolve the state, and therefore its current crop of Socialist politicians from any blame on current political practises - the real issue here?

When a prison institutes rules for its employees to avoid any contact, particularly the verbal kind with an inmate, one can be very sure that the inmate has been observed to have an above average personality and influence on those the inmate comes into contact with which should be of concern to the prison authorities if they wish to maintain security within the prison walls. However, this kind of concern, as has been highlighted, does not fit the actions as required by the prison authorities if Breivik is suffering some kind of mental incapacity or deficiency. Anyone suffering delusional schizophrenia, as in my experience, is far from being a coherent person and needs to be watched 24/7 if not on medication. That there are no cameras looking into Breivik's cell speaks volumes to me about his mental condition, and in short, I don't believe he is affected in his mental capacity.

Which then leads us to this question; are the prison authorities so concerned about Breiviks ability to communicate effectively with individual prison staff that they have decided to avoid the possibility of Breivik making himself heard and communicating his 'message'by having a number of individuals attend Breivik's cell when required?

I believe we have a lot more to learn about the killer Breivik.

Anonymous said...

Planned attack against Jyllandsposten
together with AQ

AQ's man in Oslo

Green Infidel said...

For some reason, I've been having a similar suspicion to "Anonymous" and Chiu Chun-Ling about who the "Knight's Templar" may actually be... The Norwegian Police is yet to confirm that such a group ever existed, and they are sceptical. However, Breivik has been extremely logical and factual about everything else. So why would he suddenly create an entity out of fantasy?

Notice Breivik's "wild eyes" in some of his photos, especially of a later date. Was he taking drugs? If so, who was supplying them? Someone he "befriended", who then persuaded Breivik he could make himself "special" by carrying out such an attack? Could they have been the "Knight's Templar" Breivik was talking about - agents of a leftist or Jihadi-friendly state who found a vulnerable, easy-to-manipulate individual they could use for their own purposes??

Siegetower said...

"Anonymous", Green Infidel and Chiu Chun-Ling, you're talking about False Flag Operations in all but name.

bilbo said...

only the left benifitted from breivik's actions.
i maintain he was their man, not the right's/far right's.
anti muslim, most certainly and deluded, but also cynicaly used.
just as those children were cynicaly sacrificed.

Anonymous said...

The Knights Templar were heavily involved in Freemasonry and survivors were merged with the Knights Hospitallar... presumably they therefore still exist in some form.

Isn't it strange that I've yet to see an article acknowledging the MA100 Multiculturalist Alliance traitor claim made by Breivik in his Manifesto

Unknown said...

Poor Breivik
The norse authorities are so bowled over by a white man going off at the deep end that they are prepared to believe he is of alien extraction. If even cool norwegians go completely overboard in their treatment of one of their own, the world is really beyond salvation
What hysterical morons..