Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Conversation With A Liberal

An anonymous Gates of Vienna reader in England sent us the following transcript of a conversation in a pub.

Ummah Jack

A Conversation With A Liberal

Something rather strange happened last night. Firstly, I was in a pub, which is in itself unusual. Secondly, I found myself in conversation with some rather earnest liberal types. The conversation turned to politics, which led eventually to a rather silly looking woman (RSLW) saying that she hated the BNP.

PW: Really, why is that?
RSLW: Because they are horrible, fascist, skinhead brutes.
PW: I see. And what is your opinion of Muslim fundamentalists? Do you hate them also?
RSLW: No, why would I hate them?
PW: You don’t think of them as horrible, fascist, bearded brutes?
RSLW: No, certainly not. What are you trying to say? Are you a racist?
PW: How many foreign people have the BNP murdered? That you are aware of?
RSLW: Well, I’m not sure, but they must have murdered someone. That’s what they are like.
PW: I am not aware of any foreign people murdered in the name of the BNP, but I am aware of the 52 people murdered in the name of the of Islam in London in 2005, and the 2,973 murdered in the name of Islam in America on 9/11, and over 1,000,000 murdered in the name of Islam in the Sudan. Historically there have been hundreds of millions murdered in the name of Islam across the world, as every year there are hundreds of thousands murdered in the name of Islam. Are you prepared to admit therefore, that Islam is a murderous religion?
RSLW: No, Islam is a religion of peace.
PW: But the BNP is a violent sect? Filled with murderous racists? Even though you cannot name a single murder carried out in their name?
RSLW: Yes, that’s right. Even if they don’t murder people, we all know they would like to.
PW: Would you say that the BNP, whatever you may think about them, believe that their country is under threat?
RSLW: No, they are just a bunch of thugs, looking for any excuse to hate.
PW: Would you say that the fundamentalist Muslims, who murder your fellow countrymen in the name of Islam, were intent on eventually taking control of your country and running it as an Islamic state?
RSLW: What! Oh my God, you really are a racist aren’t you?
PW: But is not a fact that the BNP claim they are acting in defence of your country; and is not a fact that the fundamentalist Muslims claim they want to take over your country?
RSLW: Look, you are just trying to put words into my mouth, you are obviously a racist who.....
PW: Sorry to interrupt you, but I just want to get something straight here. On the one hand we have followers of a religion called Islam, who murder us in the name of that religion and inform us that their ultimate ambition is to conquer us, whilst on the other hand we have a group of people who have murdered no-one, and who wish to defend your country, yet you think the BNP is filled with murderous haters and that Islam is a religion of peace?
RSLW: Yes, absolutely. Only a racist would think otherwise.
PW: Have you read George Orwell’s 1984?

RSLW: Of course I have! I have a second-class degree in English Literature from the University of Leeds!
PW: How admirable. A veritable achievement indeed. One assumes therefore you are familiar with the daily Two Minute Hate, carried out by Big Brother’s state propagandists, aimed at rousing the passionate hatred of the populace against Emmanuel Goldstein?
RSLW: Yes! Absolutely! Overt propaganda utilised as a means of empowering the state at the expense of the common man in the street! Margaret Thatch…
PW: My dear, you must excuse my interrupting you again, but do you not think that you yourself might be a victim of State propagandist and brainwashing techniques?
RSLW: Me? Absolutely not! I just happen to be a senior advertising account executive; there is little I do not know about propagandist techniques.
PW: Fascinating, but is not a fact that the British State, via the media, relentlessly portrays Islam as a religion of peace and the BNP as a party of violent racists?
RSLW: Yes, but...
PW: You say you are not the victim of propaganda, yet you defend Islam as a religion of peace, even whilst you admit they commit mass murder in the name of their religion and have a stated ambition of taking over your country; yet you denounce the BNP, who you admit have murdered no-one, and act only in the defence of your country, as murderous racist thugs?
RSLW: You are deliberately confusing me, and you are deliberately putting words into my mouth again, I...
PW: My dear lady, I fear the confusion resides only within you. Whilst it has been most enlightening talking to you, I regret that I must now away. Alternative hostelries within the near vicinity beckon, with an ever-growing sense of urgency.

PW exits stage left. The earnest liberals continue drinking half-pints of fizzy beer and small measures of Cuvee Napa Brut — all of them uniformly appalled that such an ignorant and racist individual had so recently been within their fragrant and enlightened midst.


Anonymous said...

Wow! We're pretty close to that here in America.

All whites are wanna-be race-ists who continue to benefit from white societal race-ism.

All blacks are victims cheated out of 'anything blacks want but don't have' by white race-ists. Here's a question for the angry 'Obamas' of the world, do black people ever consider what is 'fair' to white people?

All Asians - even the foreign born Asians - are geniuses cheated out of Ivy League schools by less smart white race-ists. Here's a question: if Asians are that smart, why do Asians want to attend 'white' American schools instead of the inverse?! Hmmm.

All Mexican, Central and South Americans are victims cheated out of the entire Southwest area of North America by white race-ists. Here's a question: if the Spanish conquered, murdered, and displaced the American Indians of Central and South America, then how are the descendants of those Spanish conquerors any different than the descendants of the British and French conquerors who did the same in North America - besides being less successful in modern times?


Peregrin Took said...

Something tells me that this should be humorous, but this just makes me insanely sad.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the BNP seems to be in terminal decline, however new patriotic parties seems to be gaining ground. This only dilutes the resistance. The vast majority of BNP members I have met have been thouroughly decent partiotic people from all backgrounds, mainly over 50 years of age. One or two friutcakes, one or two "skinheads" .Many of the members were bald, but that was due to their advacing years.
The general theory is that Griffin has gone native (EU)has made too many mistakes, and missed a golden opportunity by not preparing himself for the bear-pit Question Time episode. I did not renew my membership when Griffin announced that the EDL were a "proscribed" organisation.
Interestingly, UKIP have barred membership to ex BNP members, which makes me wonder do UKIP actually want to do anything about our dire situation. I have felt for many a year that all the nationalists/patriots need to unite under one banner, but instead we splinter into varios small, largely irrelavent factions, which must really please the traitors in the liblabcon party.

Anonymous said...

Sounded like pages from Stephen Leather's novel, Rough Justice. Well worth a read btw.

8b2xcc71 said...

I feel like crying... what can we achieve, if people remain so stupid?

Hunyadi said...

Please, swear you didn't make this up!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Gates of Vienna reader in England - being called a racist these days is a signal honour; it is public recognition of the fact that you have a mind of your own and that you now belong to a growing community of the aware.

Or, alternatively, you may view it this way: Racism is a survival trait that evolution has hard wired into your genes for good reason, and for any culture to unilaterally, and I emphasise unilaterally, forego its essential survival function is for that culture to cease to exist.

And, furthermore, whenever this form of ad hominem argument does surface in open debate, you may celebrate for it tells you that the respondent has no constructive counter-argument and most probably either it is unaware of the realities of its environment or is very much aware of them and exists in a state of perpetual fear - the ‘rabbit in the headlights syndrome’.

Seneca III

Anonymous said...

I wish I had your patience and capacity to argue... Well done.

Anonymous said...

To all white liberals of the Year of our Lord 2012; all I want to say is, there is a very wise saying, "There are none so blind as those who will not see."

Chiu ChunLing said...

Someone needs to do this up as one of those xtranormal clips.

Anonymous said...

I find these people simultaneously sad and funny. They pride themselves on rationality. Religion? Don't be absurd, they say. How can anyone believe in God? Where's the evidence for It? It's a superstition fit only for primitives who can't face the world as it is and need to create an imaginary world to cope with it, unlike themselves, the moderns.

And yet what are leftist beliefs such as multiculturalism, the superiority, or at least equality, of islam to Christianity, the evil of Western civilization, socialism, and on and on? They are as much superstitions as, say Christianity. In fact they're even worse. Because while you can't prove or disprove the existence of the Christian God, there is abundant evidence all around us that disproves the truth of these core leftist beliefs, which in fact will lead us straight to our ruin.


Lawrence said...

Liberal ideology believes that through enough effort, work, and intellect, we can right all the wrongs, and put the decaying state of the world and of humanity back on track... that we can indeed create our natural state of Utopia...

... as long as we can all come to agree on the same definitions for right, wrong, and utopia.

Conservatives, on the other hand, understand the concept of Entropy. Wherein the natural state of the world and of humanity is not one of unchanging Utopia, but one tending toward constant changing Chaos. Conservatives also believe we can turn our path away from Chaos, and maintain a sense of order...

... in context that as long as Entropy exists there are differing definitions for right, wrong, and utopia, and therefore no perfect Utopia can be achieved.


Herein enters Religion. In Western culture, Jesus told us that we cannot change the natural state of our mortal world, that we must accept God in a context of Faith to eventually and eternally escape the effects of mortal entropy and eternal chaos.

Does this make Jesus Liberal? No, it actually shows that Jesus takes a very conservative view of our inability to achieve Utopia through or individual and/or collective human efforts.


So it follows closely why liberal ideologies tend to embrace secular philosophies while conservative ideologies tend to be more religious in context.

Also why the secular liberal aspects of Western Culture strive so diligently against the religious conservative aspects.


Now... how does this all apply to the Islamist problem of them taking over the world?

Islamists are striving to enforce their version of Utopia upon the globe... which is very much what Liberals within Western Culture are trying to do.

In the end, the agenda of Western Liberals and Islamists is the same... a global utopia.

Liberals who embrace these utopian ideologies are never ever going to accept a conservative (and what I call realistic) view of things.

And when pushed in debate to address the hypocrisy simply refuse to acknowledge the logic illuminating that hypocrisy.

And the excuse-of-the-day seems to be Racism.

Riviera said...

The thing is that many liberals and lefties have essentially a racist view of the world. They believe white people are the rulers, the oppressors and the potential fascists. They believe people with darker skin colours are the oppressed who must bravely fight against their white oppressors.

When a totalitarian ideology (Islam) comes from darker skinned people. They cannot process the information. It violates their worldview.

Thankfully not all lefties and liberals are quite so ignorant. The One Law for All group seems to have woken up to the threats to our civilisation from radical Islam.

Harry the Horrible said...

Long ago I reached a point where I will only for individuals who have been condemned as "racist," "sexist," and/or "homophobic."

If a politician has not offended the race pimps, the feminazis and / or the gay mafia, he lacking in either principles or courage, and does not deserve to hold office.

Since 9/11, I also try to look for politicians who are considered "Islamophobic."

Sundancekid said...

Clearly we get the government we deserve.

Anonymous said...

Michael Savage got it right. A liberl mindset is a mental disorder.

stephen said...

There is a fresh alternative to the BNP: the British Freedom party: Paul Weston is our chairman.

Anonymous said...

Great comment, Lawrence. :)


Anonymous said...

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Lawrence said...

My obvious point is that Islam is painted by the Wrong-wing (Left-wing) media as extreme right-wing fundamentalists... and comparing Islam with Christianity accordingly.

When, in truth, the phlosophy of Islam is very much "left-wing" in context. Making Islam extremely left-wing, as opposed to right-wing.

The liberal ideologies of creating a global utopia through force of politics and law, aren't that different from Islamist striving for their Utopia through force of arms, politics, and law.

If liberals in this country could figure a way to use force of arms without looking like jack-booted thugs, I'm sure they would...

... oh, wait, they do have groups of "enforcers" here that do just that... one such organization being the Black Panthers. Otherwise they often work through heavy handed union tactics against industry. Or they just simply refuse to enforce certain laws they find inconvenient.

Anonymous said...

The mere thought that brainless people like that can exercise power over me by their right to vote keeps making me want to puke my guts out. It is so frustrating.

Vortac said...

When the welfare state collapses and RSLW's "senior advertising account executive" job is terminated AND when the angry mob comes to her neighbourhood to rob and steal then she will wisen up or will simply perish. Fire and hunger have always been the worst, but most efficient reality checks.

Vortac said...

Just to add, 20 years ago I have personally deluded myself that my communist, multiethnical, 100% state-controlled country can somehow survive and democratize itself peacefully until the jets of the so called People's Army came to bomb my city. They actually bombed one small airport far outside the urban area and no one was killed, but the resulting blackout, darkened city and sudden atmosphere of fear and psychosis wisened me up almost overnight.

senatortombstone said...

"Chiu ChunLing said Someone needs to do this up as one of those xtranormal clips."

It almost sounds as though it was sourced from one of those clips. Still, I have no problem believing it was a conversation that actually took place.

Whiskey said...

Liberal: icky icky ICKY beta males. With ideas "above their stations." But Muslim Jihadis, now there is dreamy violent dominance! How wonderful they are!

This is typical. Guys will parrot that line because they think women approve of it. But really they don't. The liberalism is all part of the divide between the sexes, if most White women DEPENDED on the welfare of most White guys, rest assured the BNP would be popular, and the Muslims sent home.

After all, you can only play Bad-Boy-palooza if someone else is picking up the tab.

Green Infidel said...

Now why doesn't such a conversation surprise me? A lady at a pub (probably more a trendy-wine-bar or theme pub) starts a conversation, hoping that the other person will agree with everything she says. So she starts by talking about the BNP (because how could anyone disagree that the BNP equals all the evils in the world combined?!) - then gets what might well be one of the shocks of her life (if she lives in an upmarket part of London or country town, she probably won't have many real shocks to deal with, apart from the odd local "chavs").

Then, out come her arguments - "you're racist!", "Islam is a religion of peace", etc etc - which may as well have been pre-recorded or repeated from an article in the Guardian.

And all this from a graduate of English literature, who knows much about Orwell! Looks like they didn't teach her much critical thinking up in Leeds...

Unfortunately I fear this is "par for the course" for conversations in English middle-class "pubs" or wine-bars these days.

Anonymous said...

Liberals live in a plastique reality of their own making.

Anonymous said...

The worst racist is a white liberal who wished death upon his fellow whites like this one. Hundreds of millions have died at the hands of Muslim invaders, including millions of my Slavic ancestors. Today, Russians, Ukrainians, Serbs, Greeks, Bulgarians, Croats, Romanians, Moldvans are very well aware of what Islamic rule means, and that is why many of them despise Islam and Muslims. People like this libatard should be considered enemy collaborators and treated accordingly when the race wars start.

Anonymous said...

No one on earth is more bigoted than a leftists. As Burke saw, the type of approval generated by guilt or contempt is no true beneficence.

WAKE UP said...

The fundamental law of migration is: the country of destination is BY DEFINITION a better place to live; otherwise the migrant flow would be in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION.


The corollary is, of course, that when unassimilated immigrant numbers overwhelm the destination country, that country becomes a facsimile of the inferior countries the migrants came from.

And that's what's happening now in Britain.

Including insane converstaions like the one reported here.