Thursday, January 26, 2012

Race-Based Gang Attack in Perth

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We’ve featured a number of articles recently about racially-motivated larceny and violence in Britain and Denmark. Other stories about similar events in Norway, France, Germany, and Sweden have been included in the news feed — although in the case of Sweden, one has to read between the lines to detect the ethnic component of most crimes, since the media go to great lengths to avoid giving any clue about the racial or religious background of criminals.

The attackers in all these cases are either immigrants or descendants of immigrants, usually from Africa, the Arab world, or South Asia. Their modus operandi is to converge in groups of five to twenty “youths” on a white native of their host country, choosing their victim for his exposed position and relative helplessness.

In the stories from Denmark, whites are also singled out as targets for burglaries, in preference to the burglars’ more culturally enriched neighbors.

Media reports of these incidents typically describe the attacks as “inexplicable” or “random”. Police spokesmen often tell reporters that the perpetrators’ motive is unknown. Despite the obvious racial animus behind most of the crimes — including the expression of racial epithets while the victim is being beaten or stabbed — there seems to be a widespread reluctance to discuss race when the attackers are “brown” and the victim is white. A cone of silence descends over the press and the authorities. Under those circumstances, from their point of view, race simply doesn’t exist.

The news report below from Perth is refreshingly different. Australia, like the rest of the West, is crippled by Political Correctness, but the disease does not seem to have terminally metastasized to the extent it has in Europe, Canada, and the United States. Notice that the police sergeant speaks frankly about the deliberate targeting of a white kid by the black gang who beat him up.

Here’s the story from Perth Now:

Bashed Teen Speaks of Terror

A PERTH teenager has spoken of his terror after he was violently bashed by a gang of thugs who repeatedly kicked him and stomped on his head after being racially taunted.

Perth detectives are hunting up to 20 youths, believed to be of African descent, who were involved in the attack in the city at 11.30pm last night.

Two males - aged 16 and 17 - have already been charged, but police have not ruled out further charges being laid.

This afternoon, 19-year-old James Claxon told how a night out with mates turned into a nightmare when he was allegedly set upon by the gang, attacked and robbed of his wallet and mobile phone.

Mr Claxon said he and four friends had just got off a train and had been walking through Forrest Place towards a city nightclub when they were confronted by the group.

“They were walking through in the same proximity and they’ve basically started running at us and they caught me and have beaten me up and stolen my things,” he said.

“The only thing I heard before they caught me was: ‘Who are these white c**ts?’ It was totally unprovoked.

“They kicked me in the head a few times, stomped on my head a few times, kicked me in the kidneys and the ribs. It was mostly around the head and the ribs.

“I was probably out cold for two minutes before my mates picked me up and dragged me towards a taxi to get to hospital.”

Mr Claxon sustained facial injuries, including a bruise of shoe tread in the side of his face, and was taken to Royal Perth Hospital for treatment, but discharged yesterday morning.

He said he was stunned by the assault.

“It’s surreal to think that someone could actually do that to me. To think that another person would seek out to hurt me and steal my things is incomprehensible,” he said.

“Mostly I’m just happy I’m still here to be honest. It could have been a lot worse.”

Detective Sergeant Steve Coelho said the gang appeared to have been walking from the McIver train station on a “rampage” last night.

“They have singled out white Australians and for no reason whatsoever, completely unprovoked, they’ve attacked one of the males. That lead to a vicious assault. He’s had severe facial injuries and his head literally stomped on,” Det-Sgt Steve Coelho said.

He called on anyone who may have information about the attack to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, saying it was possible the youths had been involved in other criminal acts on Friday night.

The two charged youths will appear in Perth Magistrates Court tomorrow accused of aggravated assault. A third male was interviewed but released without charge.

Police have not ruled out further charges being laid.

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Hat tip: Anne-Kit.


Anonymous said...

Since 1972.

Malcolm said...

Those of you outside Australia may be unaware of the situation over here. There are very few Africans in Australia but, naturally, they stand out. Most of them have come over in recent years as part of the refugee resettlement program. Needless to say, this has been done without any consultation with, let along consent by, the citizens. For various reasons, they have not integrated well, and many of them have formed gangs in the major centres of population. Interestingly, those who have been settled in country towns have done much better.

Raoul Machal said...

Quite a few of these fellas and their families have been plucked from war-ravaged (Christian) South Sudan.

Why these families have been shipped halfway around the world to be resettled farfar away from their cultural circles in an alien culture, and not in - say - South Africa -- this remains the secret of our neo-Marxist, Gaya worshippers and manic-compulsive do-gooders. Seems if these morons can't import a cuddly dark baby to pose with as true multiculturists, at least a few thousand refugees do nicely to impose on unsuspecting Aussie communities.

Danko said...

“It’s surreal to think that someone could actually do that to me. To think that another person would seek out to hurt me and steal my things is incomprehensible,” he said.

Well, well... welcome to REAL life. This is what we have to be prepared for in the West for the upcoming decades.

Anonymous said...


Kicks to the head, to kidneys etc. If natives had been acting this way, there would have been campaigns against the terrible violence

Now that it is performed by diversity representatives, it's OK by the politics. None of them opposes the violence.

Crusader Gary Aust said...

As part of my business I go to a local court in Sydney and the number of Africans waiting to appear before the court is staggering.
I over heard a lady say to a policeman "this is a big African family" and the policeman smiled and said "no they are all individual crimes"

dondiego said...

Australians have to pay for these thugs to be brought over to predate upon them. They (Australians) were never asked if they wanted the resettlement of "hate-crims".

I pay for similar guerilla racism next door, in New Zealand.

[The violent goons I fund arrived by canoe 4-600yrs before Capt Cook]

Professor L said...

I actually was at school with two Sudanese boys. My school is one of the most prestigious Catholic schools in Sydney. The boys are Anglican (I believe). They were there for the last two years of school and both intend to go home and rebuild their country (South Sudan).

Colloquial, yes, and hardly evidence. But it's less race and more culture that is important, and the fundamental undercurrent of culture is, for better or worse, the religion it is founded on.