Sunday, May 27, 2012

Those Pesky Rape Waves — Now in London

I can’t file this article under “cultural enrichment”, because the Metropolitan Police make no reference to the ethnicity of the perps in their statistics on rapes reported in their jurisdiction. However, given the explosion of Third-World immigration to Britain in the last few years, and given the statistical data on rapes in other major European cities, it’s hard to believe that there is no connection between the celebration of diversity in London and the dramatic rise in reported rapes.

What makes this BBC article interesting is the almost word-for-word correspondence between the explanations given by police in London with those coming out of Oslo — that is, the increase is due to the greater willingness of women to report rapes. It’s as if the Metropolitan Police were reading their script from a playbook translated directly from the Norwegian.

If they continue to follow the Scandinavian script, they may start to cite global warming as a causative factor in the increased incidence of rape in London.

Recorded Rape Up 53% in London

There has been a 53% rise in recorded rape in London over the last four years.

In the financial year 2008-2009, there were 2,177 reports of rape to the Metropolitan Police.

But by 2011-2012, that had jumped to 3,334 cases. Some 667 prosecutions have been completed, 369 of which were successful.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman claimed the rise was due to victims feeling more confident about coming forward.

He said: “We believe this rise in recorded crimes is partly due to an increase in victims coming forward to report rape and sexual assaults.”

The statistics are from the Crown Prosecution Service.

The CPS said a further 661 people have been charged from the year 2011-2012, with court cases yet to be completed.


Yvonne Traynor, chief executive of Rape Crisis South of London, said: “Women feel more confident they are going to be believed.

“There are more support services around and more a culture of doing everything we possibly can to get the bad guys off the streets.”

Meanwhile, a new poll suggests 41% of women in London aged 18-34 have experienced sexual harassment in public spaces over the last year.

The YouGov survey of 523 women, commissioned by the End Violence Against Women Coalition, asked about experiences of unwanted contact or attention, such as wolf-whistling, sexual comments, staring, or exposure of a sexual nature.

Some 21% of women of all ages reported unwanted attention, while 4% had experienced unwanted touching.

Coalition co-chairwoman Prof Liz Kelly said: “Our survey shows that sexual harassment in London is extremely common.

“We need investment in public campaigns on transport and elsewhere saying this behaviour is unacceptable.”

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Green Infidel said...

Most Polish girls I know who've been to London say that they get far more "attention" there than here in Poland. For some reason I can't believe it's all from native Brits, known for being "colder" in their behaviour than other European countries.

But they also seem to enjoy it - many say that London is their "ideal" place to be!

Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile, a new poll suggests 41% of women in London aged 18-34 have experienced sexual harassment in public spaces over the last year."

The above statement is the real tip-off about the immigrant - and specifically Muslim immigrant - identity of the perpetrators.

As a white Western woman, I point out that the 'politically correct police' have thoroughly trained most white Western men such that it is patently unbelievable that Western white men would risk their freedom and livelihoods to harass women in public places.

It is extremely believable that 1) immigrant men fresh off the boat from radically non-feminist countries where sexual harassment, violent rape, and gang rape is a way of life, AND 2) uneducated unemployed polygamous Muslim immigrant men who live off of Western jizya welfare checks generated by multiple wives with many children would feel empowered to harass women in public places.

In Muslim countries, Muslim women report being PHYSICALLY harassed on a daily basis as they walk the streets - despite their veils!

Muslim men feel free to grope the Muslim women through their clothes!

Who would expect that Muslim men would treat Western infidel women better than they treat their own women in their countries of origin?


Qualis Rex said...

As I've stated before, you cannot ride public transport in London after 4pm without smelling the stench of alcohol everywhere. As long as the city's women are immersed in the alcohol culture where it's cute to come into work the next day disheveled and not remembering what you did (or who you went home with) the night before, the rapes will continue, as English women are seen as fair game for men of all stripes (Swedish women too, FYI).

There is just SO much wrong with British society....

Juniper in the Desert said...

Now that the Olympics are coming up and they are set in the mozlem borough of Newham, the authorities will most certainly D-notice the even more increased rapes, stabbings, looting and mugging.

Anonymous said...

On public transport and elsewhere ... like mosques. And areas where "Asian gangs" are likely to be found, i.e. Pakistani Muslim no-go areas.

Anonymous said...

I just got an old book about slavery. Maybe it explains rapes too?

"There is nothing in the Mohammedan religion against the holding of slaves." page 112.

- The Slave Trade, Sean O'Callaghan, 1961

Finnish lurker

laine said...

I can't believe British elites who have made their country such a mess by degrading a large number of the natives into soused yobs and Welfare parasites while importing the most misogynistic and anti-Western culture in the world in the millions are now going to attempt an Olympics in Londonistan of all places. You couldn't make up gross stupidity on this scale in a work of fiction. British "normals" required to compensate for or bandage over the underlying rot must have fallen below critical mass by now, especially in London's environs. Brit elites are sitting on a powder keg of their own making and all the spy cameras in the world and social worker "police" will be impotent against the real dangers while excelling at oppressing the law abiding.