Friday, May 25, 2012

Esposito Visits Utopia

I just received this email from a reader in the southern Swedish city of Lund:

John L. Esposito is visiting our city right now, and I just listened to a ten-minute interview with him. He did not mention you, but talked about Robert Spencer and his latest hostile book about fictitious Mo. And The American Thinker — the USA’s most racist blog — he also talked about.

His task is, as usual, to pour rose-scented oil over Islamophobia.

He quoted Breivik’s Manifesto several times, and acknowledged that he was proud, as a Breivik-enemy, to have had a whole page of the manifesto dedicated to him.

After the University of Lund, he travels southwards to Rome in order to enlighten politicians there.

He is 72 and still well-kicking.


Anonymous said...

Eskil's arrogance is just confirming and underlining Breivik's motif, whether Eskil likes it or not