Monday, May 14, 2012

Two Types of Extremism: The Left and the Middle

Below is an account of the vicious and violent behavior of left-wing extremists (the local equivalent of our “Occupiers”) in Berlin. Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Leftist Extremists Attack Police with Acid

BERLIN — The series of left extremist attacks on police officers in Berlin has not stopped. Suspected members of the leftist scene on Wednesday evening attacked two officers near Rigaer Strasse in Friedrichshain and sprayed them with acid. Both officers were injured in the face and on the upper body and were unable to continue on duty.

The situation had escalated after the two police officers briefly detained a 26-year-old man and a group of 15 persons took his side. During the course of the exchanges, there were threats and insults directed at the officers. Ultimately, both of them were sprayed with a caustic liquid by two women from the crowd. The perpetrators were able to escape. Security forces have begun investigations.

Police Union Mentions Terror

As recently as last weekend, hooded perpetrators threw an incendiary device into a two-person police cruiser. It was further learned that security forces found three pipe bombs near the parade route of the left-extremist “Revolutionary May First Demonstration,” during which 124 police officers were injured.

The Berlin regional head of the police union, Klaus Eisenreich, spoke of a “new quality” of violence against the police that had been observed in recent days. “We must see these incidents in context. Especially the incendiary attack on police on Sunday and the pipe bombs on May First definitely have terrorist dimensions,” Eisenreich told Junge Freiheit. But the acid attack on the crew of the radio car on Wednesday also showed the unscrupulous violence that is being directed at the police in the capital city now.

Stronghold of the Leftist Scene

Rigaer Strasse is considered the traditional stronghold of the leftist scene. Since the police there cleared out two illegally occupied houses, the new occupants have been terrorized, attacked, insulted and threatened. Just in the last year, a roof was set on fire. In recent weeks, there have been attacks from ambush on police officers by members of the leftist scene.

On a lighter note, below is an exposé of middle-of-the-road extremism in Germany. Once again, thanks to JLH for translating this piece from Politically Incorrect:

The Extremism of the Middle

(A correctly political analysis by Carsten Mabank)

We hear repeatedly about the so-called extremism of the middle. But who are these Middle Extremists really? How dangerous are they, and how do I recognize them? Middle extremism is one form of political extremism which has recently become increasingly significant. The danger emanating from them must not be underestimated, especially since its adherents are present in all levels of society. There is a proximity to rightist extremism, so its adherents are as meticulous as possible in distancing themselves from right extremism. Unlike right extremists, they are more difficult to recognize, so I will mention a few points here by which they may be identified.

  • They show their dissatisfaction with established parties and tend to vote for splinter parties.
  • They refer frequently to the constitution and insist that it applies to everyone.
  • They distance themselves from violence and point out that violence comes from others.
  • They often speak out against “every form of extremism,” continuously insist there is a danger from left extremism in Germany, and even maintain that the incidence of violent crimes by so-called left-extremists is higher than by right-extremists, which attests their closeness to the latter.
  • They are often adherents of biological theories, like the ridiculous theory of inherited intelligence (see Sarrazin).
  • They eschew the unrestricted war against the Right and insist on loyalty to the constitution from anti-fascists and our Muslim fellow citizens.
  • They maintain there are differences between diverse cultures and value the so-called “Western culture” more highly than for example, the “Islamic culture.”
  • They often speak against the European Union and demand the retention of national sovereignty or even of racist “sovereignty of the people.”
  • They demand more direct democracy and insist that politicians represent the “interests of the people.”
  • They are climate-change skeptics who claim that the discussion about man-made climate change is “unscientific” or “ideological.”
  • They distinguish between nationalism and “healthy patriotism.”
  • They show solidarity with Israel and even with Zionism, and claim that they are not anti-Semites. They frequently relativize the injuries to people and persons by the Israelis and blame the Palestinians or “Hamas” for the violence.
  • They distance themselves from National Socialism, but sometimes equate it with Communism or what they all “International Socialism.”
  • They often criticize Islam, speak of a “fascist ideology” and refuse to accept the fact that Islam undeniably belongs in Germany.
  • They stir up fear of an alleged Islamization of Germany or Europe and often speak against an alleged “mass immigration,” especially from “non-Western cultures.”
  • They resist the fact that Germany is an immigration destination. Sometimes they even doubt that Germany needs skilled foreign workers,
  • They speak of a dictatorship of opinion by the MSM and claim that news is interpreted or even manipulated according to political viewpoints.

As may be seen, the border with right extremism is fluid and displays many overlaps. Does this seem familiar? Do you know such individuals in your own circle of acquaintances? Keep your eyes open and report any occurrences directly to your landlord or boss.

Be vigilant!


Hermes said...

The extremist middle? WOW! There's nothing a leftist/marxist can't achieve when it comes to mad theories. This Carsten Mabank is an extremely extreme fellow, an extreme example of extreme insanity.

babs said...

Well then, I must be a "Middle Extremist!"

It is funny but, I went down the laundry list and kept agreeing with each point. It seemed a rather sober list if you ask me. The problem is that one has to actually THINK about these things in order to form such "extremist" opinions. Being spoon fed endless propaganda by the media and politicians that you are a naughty, naughty person for reasoning out things makes most (sorry to say) ignore the situation until it lands smack on their doorstep.


bilbo said...

Italy is also facing leftist and anarchist terrorism, no doubt sponsored in part by islamists.
i wonder when (and if) the police and intelligence agencies of the west will wake up to the threat.

Judenlieber said...

I had no idea I was so dangerous!

Jon V said...

This extremism of the middle does sound very familiar and quite intelligent, if you ask me.

It is amazing to hear these sentiments from Germany, but maybe not so unusual if you think back to the American Revolution and the part in it played by Friedrich Wilhelm August Heinrich Ferdinand von Steuben.

There is precedent for cooperation between American radicals and German republicans.

AliceNorthernLights said...

My mom said i and my brother are dangerous because we aren't happy about how things are doing.

I'm... well, i'm more than a stalker on this site, so it's clear my conservative position.

My brother instead is a leftist. Luckily he is against islam, unfortunately all other his ideas are socialist (he claims to have some anarchist ideas aswell)

Bilbo - sei italiano?

Anonymous said...

Nordlys is your brother equally against Zionism as Islam?
If not, not much of a leftist.

AliceNorthernLights said...

I never asked for zionism, once i saw him watching a program about Breivik's terrorist attack, and they talked about conspiracy. My brother said he believe in that kind of conspiracy, but i don't know if in that program they talked about zionism or americans. I prefer to not know if he is anti-zionist, because there are few things i can't stand, and one is anti-zionism.

bewick said...

A masterpiece of satire. Can say no more.

laine said...

It's a masterpiece of satire that liberals would read literally, i.e. they would agree that the middle (anything to the right of Obama) is dangerous for ideas that were mainstream only a few short decades ago. This has been the grand success of communist propaganda and the one sided Cultural Cold War in which the West was a no show - moving the allowable political spectrum so far left that even the common sense middle become suspect. Political correctness is the far left vise into which allowable public discourse has been compressed. Those brave enough to defy the vise are too few and are brought down one by one by enforcers of the vise, the jackals of academia and the media-entertainment industry while the brainwashing of the masses continues furiously by the same two conspirators.

Boo said...

Wow, I never realised I had such extremist tenancies... So the real danger ISN'T anarchists, Islamists, or communists, it's working, middle class mothers. Well, that makes a world of sense.

southwood said...

On my last visit to Germany I lived in an hotel on Frankfurter Allee the next street parallel to Rigaer Strasse. I saw some anarchist types and some leftish graffiti in the back court from my window. If only they had known that I am a middle extremist. I didn't know that I was either. I know now. These are people after my own heart.